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Marvel Reportedly Has Scripts For Blade Reboot, Captain Marvel Film

captain marvel

Although studio President Kevin Feige indicated Marvel is in no rush to put recently returned properties like Daredevil, Blade, Ghost Rider and the Punisher into development, a new report may suggest otherwise.

In its story about Robert Downey Jr.’s contract negotiations, The Hollywood Reporter contends Marvel already has a script for a Blade reboot — the rights reverted two years ago — as well as a Ms. Marvel (aka Captain Marvel) feature, both products of the studio’s writing program. More pressing, perhaps, are previously discussed projects featuring Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, the Black Panther and the Runaways. The latter, an adaptation of the comic created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, actually made it as far as casting before Marvel abruptly pulled the plug in late 2010.

Now, just because there’s a Blade script doesn’t mean the project will move into production any time soon. Beyond the mere calendar constraints — the studio’s dance card is already filled through 2015, with additional releases penciled in afterward — Marvel’s writing program has served as a concept generator, producing sometimes well-regarded scripts (a Black Widow solo film, for example) that never go forward. So sometimes a script is just a script.

Blade last appeared on the big screen in 2004’s Blade: Trinity, the lackluster final installment of the New Line Cinema franchise that reignited Hollywood’s passion for comic-book movies. Captain Marvel was recently rumored as a possible addition to the lineup of The Avengers sequel.


  • Ken Morris

    Charlize Theron. ‘Nuff said.

  • Vincent Clarke

    While I love Charlize, I think she’s probably a bit too old for the role.

  • Jakev37

    Anna Torv

  • Henry

    Yvonne Strahovski!!!

  • movieartman


  • Greg N

    I think Katee Sackhoff would make a good Carol Danvers

  • Jarrod

    The ORIGINAL CAPTAIN MARVEL. Mar-vell. He deserves his own movie with Carol Danvers as a minro character, She doesn’t deserve her own movie yet. She has to earn it.

  • magruber

    ask yourself, who has been alive the longest, before you say that. I say do both. Start the film with Mar-vell, kill him in the end, end it with Danvers as Captain Marvel.

  • Jay

    Carol Danvers has been her own hero for 36years and carried her own title for fifty issues in the 2000s, as well her current volume as Captain Marvel. She’s been a leader of the Avengers and one of the best super-heroines Marvel has ever had. She has already earned it.

  • Ken Morris

    She was my 2nd choice, and I’d gladly accept her!

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    Actually, Billy Batson is the “original” Captain Marvel. ;-)

    An android named Roger Winkle who could split his body into various functioning parts was the second CM.

    Mar-Vell was third.
    It’s like saying Adam West was the original Batman, when two other actors played the character in movie serials in the 1940s.

  • Mastadge

    If this were 1995 I’d have said Natasha Henstridge.

  • Captain Marvel

    Screw Carol Danvers! There is, has been only one true Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe!

  • Mark

    Blade Begins would be awesome. There is so much potential for the character. The first two films were excellent!

  • Whatever

    Screw Mar- vell he’s always been generic and boring

  • HKA

    My #1 choice! :)

  • darthtigris

    Good God no. Just … no.

  • Whoever

    Only a f*ckhead of monumental proportions would think Mar-vell is boring. At last I’ve met one.

  • Carol’s Crap

    Like f*ck she has. She’s a crap character with a crap costume. And she’s an alco to boot.

  • Lawful Good

    There needs to be a Captain Marvel in one of the Avengers movies (to establish Mar-Vell) and then have a post credits Caol Danver’s gaining powers (to go with more of the recent cartoon’s origins) and then have a Captain Marvel film with both Mar-vell and Ms. Marvel and have her gain the title near the end (after Mar-vell has died) and then post credits has her in the Captain Marvel costume. This would work better then just jumping straight to Carol Danvers and having both in the same “Solo” film works to keep most of the pre-established things intact.

  • Gautam

    Humans have always been experts in making judgements about things they know jack shit about. For example, I’m pretty sure you’re an Aquaman hater who’s only ever seen him on Family Guy and never the comics or the Justice League cartoon.

  • Ian Nash

    Blade 1 classic comic Horror, Blade 2 even better Blade 3 made me cry. A blind security chief and your base in on a boat on my goodness. It comes down another post/moan about the creative process and how stories are developed. It is a balance of reality within Fantasy. I would have let the baby die to kill Dracula:simples

  • your wrong

    Wrong Carol is an awesome
    character, and so what if she was an alcoholic so is Tony Stark. That said they
    both great characters.

  • Mark T

    Michelle Williams? Carey Mulligan? These two are great actresses.

    Well, Maybe Ms. Marvel isn’t their style Lol.

  • cboulanger

    Great pick!!

  • Blake Braden

    Lets get the RZA for Blade!!

  • Joseph

    I want Michael Jai White to play Blade in the reboot movie and Blade action figure and vehicle toys for the movie.

  • Angel

    Too “old”.

  • Angel

    No. Too butch.

  • Angel

    I won’t watch another Superman-lookalike movie. I want to see a hot chick kicking arse. It’s either Danvers or nothing at all.

  • Angel

    Tony Stark is an alcoholic, too. Once an addict always an addict. But we still root for him.

  • Joseph


  • Jammy

    That’s actually a pretty good idea. Setting up a new franchise superhero and killing him at the end of his first film would shock the shit out of the mainstream audience, and shut up all the people – and I’m one of them – who moans about the MCU flicks going too light on significant fatalities.

  • joseph


  • Christopher Godsoe

    Let’s be honest……Carol Danvers is going to end up being the real name of the character Skye in Agents of Shield.

  • Imran

    carol rocks. marvel need to find an actress who can really act well, and be able to pulloff that arrogant, aggressive leader that she is. Also she has to be well built and strong. not like DC getting a stick figure gal gadot for wonder woman. marvel should never make that mistake. here is what carol should look like, or even stronger that this:

  • Imran

    lol. no way. skye is not human. at least that how they are portraying her now with her monster parents and all. also skye is not blond, she is weak, and too short. fan boys will die if she turns out to be carol

  • Join the Discussion

    I think the right way to go would be to have Carol obtain her powers early on in a film from an explosion that involves Captain Marvel. We don’t meet him, however, until he introduces himself to Carol upon finding out her abilities. You could devote the movie to discovering his backstory whilst Carol develops her powers, culminating in an epic duo by the end of the film.