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Warner Bros. Rolls the Dice on Dungeons & Dragons Film

dungeons and dragons dragonlance Warner Bros. is taking a roll of the 12-sided die with a big screen Dungeons & Dragons effort. Deadline reported that the studio acquired the film rights to the massive role-playing game world created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974.

The film is actually based on an existing screenplay written by David Leslie Johnson, who penned Wrath of the Titans, Red Riding Hood and a few episodes of The Walking Dead. Johnson’s original script, called Chainmail, was actually based on a game that Gygax and Arneson created before D&D. Warner Bros. picked up the script, acquired the D&D rights and are working on retrofitting the script to better serve the more popular franchise.

The games have spawned all kinds of related entertainment from novels and comics to an ’80s animated series and a trio of films. New Line tried its hand at a live-action film in 2000 with Jeremy Irons, Damon Wayans and Justin Whalin. That was followed up by a pair of straight-to-video titles called Wrath of the Dragon God and The Book of Vile Darkness.


  • Robbie Lizhini

    12 sided die? So they are rolling damage on a big ass maul? Or would they be rolling the D20 to see if the attack hits?

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    That art is from Dragonlance; I doubt that that setting will be the basis for this movie, somehow.

  • Mitch

    You. I like you.

  • snarfery

    So they cant get some of the DC characters a movie but they can try a 3rd D&D movie??? Nice WB…

  • Roger Means

    dragonlance is part of the d&d universe and the authors of the main dragonlance series wrote the book off their actual dnd experiences loosely.

  • Roger Means

    4th movie btw they had 2 mpvies on scifi

  • Random Flouter

    Only because the 2nd and 3rd movies sucks so hard they barely saw the light of day. :(
    This has potential to actually be something – it was written quite a while back based on something BEFORE everything became all mainstreamy like it is, they’ve had two OFFICIAL screw-ups to learn from (third was an unofficial film in all technicality), and WB is getting behind it.

  • Cuban Linx Si

    Make Venger the villain and include Dungeon master

  • Martin

    It was Marlon Wayans not Damon.

  • demoncat_4

    twelve sided die hope warners is able to take the hit and damages if the movie tanks. though rolling a twelve sides die must be a sign warners is ready to take a chance with some old classic franchises like d&d now