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X-Men: Days of Future Past is Being Shot in Native 3D


It’s official: Bryan Singer is shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past in native 3D. The director took to Twitter — as always — to reveal a photo of his “mission control” set-up for the Fox sequel.

“Shooting native 3D and Simul-cam. Looks like friggin mission control,” he tweeted.

Both Days of Future Past and The Wolverine are being released in 3D, a transition none of their predecessors have ever taken part of. In fact, in an interview with Hey U Guys from 2011, X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn was very candid about how much he dislikes 3D.

“I’m not a big fan of 3D,” he said at the time. “I think Avatar works for 3D, because they really shot and designed it. It just doesn’t feel like they’ve designed every shot to be 3D. … I think Hollywood’s [frick]ing up 3D now as well. They’re cheapening the process so that people don’t care anymore.”

Obviously 3D has changed a lot since then, but it’s still an interesting move to release Days of Future Past in the new format. At least the fact Singer is shooting his movie in 3D should put some detractors’ fears to rest.

Opening July 18, 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past takes its name from the classic 1981 Marvel comics story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne that depicts a timeline created by the X-Men’s failure to prevent the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from assassinating a U.S. senator. In that alternate future, the giant robotic Sentinels have become the de facto rulers of the United States, where mutants are hunted down and placed in internment camps. Kitty Pryde plays a major part in revealing the terrible dystopian future to the young mutants, and presumably she’ll do the same in this movie.

The film stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Peter Dinklage, Daniel Cudmore, Omar Sy, Booboo Stewart, Fan Bingbing and Adan Canto.


  • joe35

    As long as it’s available to see regularly in theaters (because 3D sucks), I’ll be happy.

  • Boiling Man

    Bryan Singer is a hack!

  • Deacon Hagan

    let’s see you make a comic book movie when the sting of “Batman and Robin”, Steel and tank girl made them laughing stocks then have little to no budget with production time cut and two actors walked before shooting. and create a boom for these type of movies that lead to Avengers making over a billion dollars. Then you can call him a hack.

  • Boiling Man

    Just because you’re in love with him doesn’t make my opinion of him invalid.

  • Deacon Hagan

    and the fact you hate him dose not remove the fact that what he did with the x-men made comic book movies marketable again.

  • Boiling Man

    I wasn’t happy with his take on the X-men but it’s okay if you liked it. Clearly the X-men fan base already existed before Bryan “The Hack” Singer put it to film. So I can’t credit him with single handedly creating a market for comic based movies.

    M. Night directed the beloved Avatar cartoon series “The Last Airbender” which almost everyone hated, yet the movie made over $300 million worldwide. Hollywood’s interpretation of a blockbuster is any movie that makes over $100 million. So why did it make so much money if almost everyone hated it? Once again the fan base existed before M. Night directed it so they are bound to see it at least once.

    Anyway, the market existed long before Bryan Singer ever made X-men. And I don’t hate him, I hate people like you that credit him for making comic book films marketable.