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The Walking Dead Season 4 First Look: Rick Grimes Has a Stalker

To mark the start of production this week in Atlanta, AMC has debuted the first image from the upcoming fourth-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

March’s bloody Season 3 finale — as promised, 27 people died — attracted the hit drama’s largest audience to date, with 12.4 million viewers tuning in to see the showdown between the Governor’s Woodbury forces and Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln, above) and the survivors at the Prison. It was the No. 1 show of the night, outperforming the season premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Season 4 will see a new showrunner, with Scott Gimple replacing Glen Mazzara, as well as the return of the Governor himself, David Morrissey, as a series regular. The show also promoted Chad L. Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney to regulars, and added The Wire alum Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey.

The Walking Dead returns in October.

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    Alanis Morissette?

  • SeaDogBoy

    SPOILER? It’s way too soon to introduce Jesus from the comics isn’t it?

  • Gary Freeman

    I think it’s just a walker.

  • Caz

    It’s definitely just a walker. It was a joke saying that he has a “stalker”

  • Tiny

    Looks like Andy Dick to me.

  • Bradley J. Timm

    Rick looks Grimey.

  • Marc Sears

    His wife, just like his buddy from the first season…..can he kill her and will jr see her as well?

  • dregj

    i have given this show three years i dont think ill be back again.I loved the comics but they seem to seriously lack the budget to do a zombie apocalypse properly on screen.Whenever they get attacked it always about a dozen zombies and angles to disguise the fact that there no more (room in the budget).The final battle was a major disappointment it consisted of two minutes of glen and maggie shooting with no real drama or danger.The governor does more damage to his army than the people of the prison .Time to stop pretending i likey when i dont y

  • aimilios

    is his wife ;)

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