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Arrow’s Hits and Misses

With the season finale of Arrow only four days away, we have the perfect opportunity to look back at the previous 22 episodes and assess how well DC Comics’ Emerald Archer has translated to television. Not necessarily how true the show’s creators have stayed to the goateed vigilante — he’s remains a wealthy playboy with a bow — but rather what about the CW drama has worked, and what hasn’t. With that in mind, here are five hits and five misses from Arrow‘s first season.

The season finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

The Hits

The Undertaking

Action sequences
Say what you want about the other aspects of the series — cardboard-cutout Villains of the Week, frequently glacial pacing, illogical plot developments — but Arrow does action really, really well. From Oliver’s impromptu motorcycle pursuit of his mother’s would-be assassin to the Hood’s infiltration of a moving subway car to The Raid: Redemption-style rescue of Walter Steele, the sequences are near-flawlessly choreographed, beautifully shot, and made even more impressive when you take into account the limited television production budget.


Easter eggs
The writers reward longtime comics fans with throwaway references to characters and locations in the DC Universe, the sliest to date being Brion Markov (aka Geo-Force) as the scientist behind Malcolm Merlyn’s earthquake device. We’ve also glimpsed Bludhaven (twice), and heard mention of Ferris Air, Ted Kord, “Ray and Jean” (likely Ray Palmer and Jean Loring), Coast City, and Harbinger as the codename of A.R.G.U.S. Agent Lyla Michaels — and those are only the ones I recall off the top of my head. They’re fun nods to DC devotees that don’t leave casual viewers feeling as if they’ve missed something.

Dead to Rights

The Merlyns
Wealthy businessman Malcolm Merlyn and his playboy son Tommy were depicted for much of the first part of the season as a mustache-twirling villain and a sulking man-child, but with the Feb. 27 episode “Dead to Rights,” the curtain was pulled back on their motivations, and their relationship, revealing them to be the most complex characters on Arrow. That’s due in no small part to John Barrowman and Colin Donnell, who repeatedly prove themselves among the show’s better actors, even when they’re not given the greatest material. (How many times can Donnell look sullen and then storm out of a room?) Sure, Barrowman delights in chewing scenery, and clearly loves delivering sinister monologues, but he’s at his best when he exposes Malcolm as a guilt-ridden man left without a moral compass by the murder of his wife.


Felicity Smoak
Probably the breakout character of Season 1, Felicity Smoak plays two key roles, providing Team Arrow with an informational shortcut — why waste 10 minutes showing Oliver tracking down a crucial clue when tech-wizard Felicity can do it in 10 seconds with product placement her magical computer? — while injecting humor into an otherwise-dark series. But Felicity has demonstrated she’s more than a pretty face with a quirky personality and a Windows Surface Tablet; she’s gone into the field on at least three occasions, most memorably in the wonderful caper in this week’s episode. But more than that, she’s become a physical reminder of the gulf between Oliver’s dual lives: While Felicity is as vital to the Hood’s mission as John Diggle is, Laurel and Ollie’s family are bewildered by her presence; she’s not part of that world.


Slade Wilson
Although he’s faded into the background in recent episodes as the island flashbacks slowed to a snail’s pace and the sexual tension between Ollie and Shado was nudged forward in the Lian Yu storyline, Slade Wilson is a pleasant surprise. That’s in part because of fan expectations — Deathstroke is a villain in the DC Universe — but also due to the performance of Manu Bennett. An Australian Intelligence Service agent, Slade plays the roguish mentor to Ollie’s pampered playboy, providing both a study in contrasts and a reminder of what the Queen heir will become during his five years on the island (regretfully, Oliver only acquires Slade’s combat skills and not his wry sense of humor). We can only hope that with the second season, Slade will get more time in the spotlight.

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The Misses

arrow-love triangle

The love triangle
Smallville was guided (or perhaps bound) by a basic concept, that it was about Clark Kent before he became Superman. As such, there were certain milestones the drama “had” to reach, including his youthful romance with Lana Lang and his adult relationship with Lois Lane. The creators of Arrow, however, aren’t saddled with such constraints, as they stripped DC’s Green Arrow down to his foundation — he’s a Batman with a bow, a wealthy businessman turned vigilante archer — and went from there. As such, there’s nothing dictating that, because Green Arrow and Black Canary were a longtime couple in the comic books, Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance are the One True Pairing on The CW series. Not only do actors Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy lack anything resembling chemistry, but their characters haven’t displayed any traits that would make them destined to be together. What does Laurel see in Oliver, even post-island Oliver, that would make her forgive his unbelievable betrayal of her (he cheated on her with her sister, whom he sneaked away on his family yacht, leading to her death)? And then there’s the brooding Tommy, who removes himself as an obstacle to Laurel’s romantic happiness, despite knowing that Oliver, at least in his thinking, is a “murderer” whose dual identity could endanger the woman he supposedly loves.


The show’s split personality
As I noted with some frustration in the recap of this week’s “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” the writers have toiled to ground Arrow in some semblance of reality, eschewing the more fantastic aspects of the character’s roots in favor of (if you’ll excuse the term) “grittiness.” So, don’t expect a costumed Clock King or a boxing-glove arrow in Season 2. It’s an understandable approach, certainly, but in stripping away those “comic book-y” elements, the writers expose glaring incongruities: Malcolm Merlyn’s plan to destroy the Glades with a vague “earthquake device” rivals the silliest schemes of a classic Bond villain, and Eddie Fyers’ plot to destroy China’s economy by shooting down commercial planes makes absolutely no sense. Even Starling City’s long-forgotten subway system, so key to the Undertaking, strains credulity. Wrapped in a cloak of “comic-book logic,” these issues would barely rate notice, but without it they stand out like sore thumbs.


The Lances
The writers can’t seem to figure out what to do with this family, as the Lances often dance around the edges of the main storyline but rarely become part of it. As a police detective purportedly tasked with bringing the Hood to justice, Detective Quentin Lance would seem integral to the overarching plot, always nipping at the vigilante’s heels. However, he’s been a largely ineffectual pursuer, despite demonstrating a willingness to use his daughter as bait to try to apprehend the Hood (curiously, though, he’s moved at lightning speed to draw a connection between the Dark Archer and Merlyn Global). Mostly, however, he just scowls as Laurel bounces back and forth between the two “bad boys” in her life. Although the introduction of Laurel’s estranged mother seemed like a turning point for the Lance clan — it wasn’t; the “your sister Sara may be a live!” subplot went nowhere — they’ve only ever “worked” in April 25’s “Home Invasion.” After that, unfortunately, it was back to scowling and romantic pinball.


Felicity Smoak
While she provides the technological know-how and lightheartedness the show requires, she’s so far been a largely one-dimensional character, the socially awkward computer nerd whose skills rival the greatest minds of the National Security Agency. She’s Arrow‘s deus ex machina, able to infiltrate most any security system while blurting out accidental double entendres. (Latin and French, in one sentence?) The writers need to drop Felicity’s tongue-tied schoolgirl routine (it’s already getting old), and flesh out her character next season.


The island flashbacks
The glimpses of Oliver’s time Lian Yu often illuminate Oliver’s motivations in the present, but since Feb. 13’s “The Odyssey,” which flipped the script, making the events on the island the primary storyline, the flashbacks have unfolded at such a glacial pace that it’s difficult to remain interested. It’s notable that since that episode, the only time the flashbacks have been effective was in “The Undertaking,” which showed us not only the birth of Malcolm’s scheme but a pre-island Ollie. Season 2 may be better served by more island-centric episodes that move the story more quickly, and additional looks at the show’s central players before the shipwreck. And did I mention Stephen Amell’s horrible wig(s)?


  • Rebecca Martin

    Another Easter Egg — the DA in one of the earliest episodes — back when Laurel used to be a lawyer who actually tried cases, anyone else remember that? — was Kate Spencer. Sadly, this manhunter hasn’t been seen since. Instead we got misfires like the execrable spin on Helena Bertinelli, and the total waste of Alex Kingston (although hearing her say, “I can be in Central City in a flash” was fun).

  • Nick

    No mention of how awful Roy & Thea are on the show? They’re much more of a “miss” than Felicity’s personality quirks.

  • vantheman77

    I agree with the hits and misses as the show’s island flashbacks are holding the show back from its true potential. I’d add another miss and that’s evolving Oliver to the hero we know him to be from the comics. They’re not moving he and Dinah Laurel forward at all and that they’re focusing on the characters around them instead – this was the same problem Smallville had as well.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    I agree with everything except the Felicity thing. She’s a bland character who can’t pull off adorkable well (aside from a few moments), making it feel forced, and her motivation for helping Oliver is so stupid it hurts.

    Regarding the love triangle, I absolutely agree. Amell can barely show any emotion to begin with, and with Laurel, it all feels forced. They both have no chemistry, and honestly, Tommy just seems like a better person overall. And yet, he’s consistently screwed over. If he became a villain, I would not be surprised or unsympathetic.

    The Lances are basically satellite characters. They exist to develop Oliver and Tommy, and do nothing more. Laurel is bland beyond belief, and does very little that doesn’t lead to developing either Oliver or Tommy, and her father is the same. While they have their moments, they are few and far between.

    In fact, I see Tommy as a better Oliver. They’ve both changed from their playboy ways (except with Tommy, we never see any of it…), and Tommy is just much more stable, yet still has to overcome obstacles. In fact, Ollie hardly feels like he’s developed. The development doesn’t feel like it carries over from episode to episode, and that’s a pretty big flaw in a TV show.

    Honestly, Ollie is just not that likeable to me. The episodes with Huntress are prime examples of why. Every time he lectured Helena, I kept saying “hypocrite” in my mind. Aside from her shooting a cop and a lawyer, she hasn’t done anything particularly different from Ollie. The man acts holier than thou but has no right to. He’s a murderous vigilante. There lies another problem – he kills. I admit that the “no kill” policy of Superman and Batman can sometimes feel like it goes too far. But this man outright murders anyone in his way. Even random mooks off the street. And then the show gives us Roy Harper, and plays him as entirely sympathetic. And it’s obvious that Roy would have grown up to BE one of those henchmen if it weren’t for his obsession with the Hood.

    And speaking of Roy Harper, I’ll admit that I love the character. He is much more relatable, has great dialogue (the scene with him saying “It feels like my life is connected to his” is one of my favourites), and we can see his journey to becoming a hero, which is nicely foreshadowed (red hood, holding the fletchet while the lights in a club go read and focus on him, etc.), although only comic fans will get that foreshadowing and/or refrences.

    Honestly, Tommy and Roy are a lot more likeable than Oliver himself. They feel like real people, have great character development, great dialogue, and overall feel like their characters are heading somewhere. Ollie’s journey feels too episodic, he has sometimes painful dialogue, and his journey into becoming a hero is hardly there. His character just doesn’t really feel like a person, just a bunch of ideas of what his character should be. Plus, I really can’t stand Amell’s “acting”. He is like the Kristen Stewart of male actors. Do some facial expressions, man!

    Oh, and minor problem I have – naming the character Slade Wilson. It didn’t do much other than make me watch the episode. It’s just there. He could be named anything else. Of course, since what he did to Cassandra Cain, I have a personal hatred of the character, so it’s just a little annoyance for me.

    Still, the show is enjoyable, and I like certain aspects of it. The characters mentioned above, the fanservice (of which there is much) and the overall more dark tone. Hopefully, the negatives I mentioned get fixed with the second season, because right now, the show doesn’t deserve the hype it gets, and feels like Batman Begins done wrong.

    Oh, and yeah, I laughed when I saw Felicity using a tablet running on Windows 8, I laughed. I refuse to believe that an IT geek would willingly run that Windows 8 and use a tablet for her computer needs.

  • mel

    I hate that they don’t call him Green Arrow.
    They mentioned it in an earlier episode and mocked at how corny it sounded.

  • Harlock999

    THE biggest miss has been the show’s twist on The Huntress…

    Not only is the actress fairly unbelievable in the role, but the costume is ridiculous, the action scenes in those episdoes look like bad wirework, and the plots are STUPID. I mean, why in the name of hell is Oliver lecturing Helena on revenge and murder when that’s been his schtick from the beginning?!? This GA is not the comics GA; this GA regularly kills people who have “failed this city.” Sheesh, other characters even call him a vigilante serial killer!

    For the most part, however, I’ve enjoyed the show. Here are my “misses”…

    – Laurel Lance just sucks.
    – The Huntress episodes were absolutely god-awful.
    – Oliver’s mother’s motivations thus far make zero sense.
    – The Deathstroke mask is way too “rubbery” and stupid-looking.
    – Deadshot survived an arrow to the eye?!?

    My “hits”…

    – The GA costume looks great.
    – The island flashbacks are the best parts of the show each week.
    – The ambient dark “green” atmosphere really works.
    – Harry Dresden’s Detective Lance is awesome.
    – Dig is great.
    – Felicity is sexy. (Can Oliver not see this? Especially in light of her constant stream of Freudian slips?)
    – The music’s effective.
    – The show has yet to devolve into the ridiculous camp of similar shows such as Smallville (although the Huntress episodes come close).
    – Deadshot survived an arrow to the eye.

    Hey, I’m an old-school Suicide Squad fan who digs Deadshot. So I’ll take what I can get. Ha.

    Anyway, glad the show’s been renewed.

  • cboulanger

    Some season 2 episodes completely focused on the island would speed things up, but I don’t mind the pacing of the flashbacks. I expect an ebb and flow to them.

    My biggest beef is Laurel and Oliver. There is no chemistry there and you are right that there is no reason why Laurel should want him at all. I was hoping for a longer arc with the Huntress, but I’d be happy if Oliver was single and miserable for a while.

    One ‘miss’ that you didn’t cover is Diggle. I think he’s very important to Oliver becoming the hero he needs to be. And his background lets them open the world up to more international/higher stakes criminals and issues. I’d like to see him fleshed out more in Season 2.

  • Paul Moses

    Big omission: Diggle is a major HIT. From throwaway sidekick to essential character, he shines in this show.

    I agree that the flashbacks are a miss. I practically groan every time one starts. The best ones were the pre-island scenes with Robert Queen and tacky Oliver.

    Laurel is too bland, but given the right motivation she could improve. Right now she is basically the damsel in distress. IMO she will change next season.

  • Jake

    Felicity should date someone like the Question or some other character that would help Ollie in some investigation. Plus I have to say. She is freaken hot both the actress and character.

  • Phyllis Teresa

    Oh, thank goodness, I’m not the only one who’s noticed the wigs. They make my head hurt.

  • Dalinkwent

    I too find Laurel bland, though she did shine when she pulled the shotgun on Mr Blank. Still her overall character just doesn’t interest me.

  • Kerry Graham

    I can’t stand Oliver’s mother… terrible actress. It’s like watching a daytime soap opera whenever she’s onscreen. Contrast that with the recent flashback episode with Oliver’s father, I wish his character was still alive — he’s a terrific actor.

  • jimcgarr

    Biggest miss by far-Oliver’s mother. Despite the love triangles, weird and sometimes glacial plot development, this is not a soap opera! Hopefully Mommy dearest will be the Sacrifice. Her husband is well rid of her. Now he would be a great villain.

  • Mag101

    Everytime I see Felicity at a computer all I can think of is that she’s like a much hotter Penelope Garcia (From CBS’ Criminal Minds). It’s essentially the same character. Quirky blonde computer hacking master that can access info instantaneously. The two characters might as well be sisters.

  • mel

    She’s basically Chole from Smallville.

  • mel


  • Atropos22

    I can overlook the lack of fleshing out of Felicity Smoak since she wasn’t even supposed to be involved in Season 1. I expect to learn much more about her in Season 2. I like her though. I think she’s the most likeable female on the show, in fact. I agree with almost all the misses for sure. The big win for me with the show is the action. As long as the show entertains me, I can overlook a lot. There’s only one aspect on the show that just bogs it down and makes me wish they’d hurry through it and that’s the Lance Drama and the Triangle mentioned. Worst part of the show ever. Deal with it, build the hate between Tommy and Oliver, and then kill it. Move on. Let it go. Do something better with all the characters because they all deserve something that works for all of them. And if that opens the door to Oliver and Felicity? Fine by me. I love them together.

  • cc1738

    Why would you not name him Slade Wilson? He’s supposed to be their version of Deathstroke. That’s like saying Green Arrow name should be Bob instead of Oliver. I can understand you not liking the character, saying he should have a different name is kinda dumb.

  • Tophman

    Although I don’t hate Roy & Thea, they feel like wasted potential story gold mines. Perhaps if the flashbacks were resolved the writers can take more use of them.
    It’s also apparent that there are way too many supporting characters in the show. They really need to cull the cast & relegate some to occasional recurring roles.

  • TheAverageNerd

    IT “Geek” for over ten years and I am writing this on a computer running Windows 8.

  • Paul Moses

    You realize of course that if Oliver dates Felicity, that is basically the same thing as Smallville’s Green Arrow hooking up with Chloe.

  • Christopher A. Kouse

    I disagree about the island flashbacks. I think those scenes always leave me wanting more of them. I think that most of the story lines set in the present are good, but we know that in the end Green Arrow always wins, captures the bad guy and saves the day. We never know what will happen next in the flashbacks because we already know how he gets off the island; its everything between there that is clouded in mystery (There was also an Easter egg in the beginning with Slade’s mask on a pike). I think it can be argued that in most comic book film adaptations of characters the first film is usually the best because it has an origin of the character and then a villain that fills the second half; what “Arrow” has done is take that origin story and chunk it into every episode that keeps you wanting to know more each week. This origin story is completely original too, which makes me enjoy it even more.

  • kentonindy

    I couldn’t disagree more about the comments criticizing Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen. She’s one of my favorite parts of the show. She elevates the more soap-opera-like moments of dialogue with genuine emotion and realness. She perfectly nails that tone when a mother lectures her adult children. Her transformation in the flashbacks of “The Undertaking” was sublime, showing a less formidable Moira not yet weighed down by the secrets she carries. I just wish the writing on the show always measured up to the quality of the actress.

  • MaskedManAICN

    The Island scene are always borderline lame, because they often try to set-up drama about whether or not he can leave. And we already know(!) he’s not leaving the Island at this point, waste-o-time.

    In general the show is decent. I watch it when I can, when I miss it- don’t care.

  • JohnSmith1993

    I’d be disappointed if the island scenes continued into next season. Assuming that the show lasts for 5 seasons, I hope they’re not going to stretch out Ollie’s 5 years on the island to match.

  • Keith

    The flashbacks are my favorite parts.

  • Keith

    They never called him “Superman” (or boy) on Smallville either. So you’ll have to get over it.

  • Keith

    How can you hate the woman who lesbian kissed Dax on Deep Space 9?

  • Atropos22

    I don’t think what happened on one show should or could dictate what happens on another. I never watched Smallville. I’m going strictly by what I see on Arrow. Period.

  • Lester Romero

    Ollie must have left the island at some point before the rescue. He must have those Russian mob tattoos somehow and I don’t think he got them on that island. Initially I didn’t like the island sequences but they’ve gotten better and better and I think a lot of what’s going to happen there is setting up a lot of future plot points.

  • Katie

    Felicity is a TOTAL HIT! She’s amazing. I agree she needs to be developed. But that is what s2 is for. I wouldn’t want a drop kick change in her personality right now. All the who is Felicity Smoak for the people in Oliver’s life is perfect. It’s like ‘yeah, who is she?’ time to draw back the curtain. Emilly bett rickards is amazingly talented. so they better handle her character development perfectly not the way they crippled laurel lance into being this irritating boring sidelided character. Seriously Felicity Smoak…no no..Felicity SMOKIN’ she’s the female character of the show. Can’t wait for her arc.

    Another HIT is Dig without Dig and Felicity – Oliver’s mission would not have much heart. Dig is strong, loyal and such a heartsy character in a way that is different from Oliver.

    I’d say at times – Oliver, himself is a MISS. Oliver and Laurel are just a MESS. A complete and total mess. Any time he’s in a scene with her. Especially last week “you know me better than anyone” OLIVER YOU LIE! She doesn’t know you. Their love scene was horrendous. I was embarrassed for them. Two ducks kissing. These two have no chemistry whatsoever. In the Oliver and Laurel dictionary the word does not appear – neither does the word, passion, love, OTP, ship – because no-one can truly ship this mess.

    HIT – yes the Merylns. Malcolm is villian perfection. Tommy is stepping out of the sulking and worm of sucking that is the Lances and stepping forward.

    MISS- Thea, I don’t even get what she is about.

    MISS – Dt. Lance, he has such potential. His obsession with stopping the Hood you both hate him and love him for it.

    MISS – Laurel Lance, this girl is nonredeemable. She has flat-lined and cannot be saved. It’s not Cassidy’s fault. She is a good actress e.g Supernatural – she was awesome! But her character has no life. She brings nothing to the show. Besides parting her lips and looking watery eyed.

    BETTER IDEA! Bring back Sarah make her the BLACK CANARY. Seriously Jacqueline M. Woods who plays Steffy Forrester on Bold and The Beautiful has more sass in her pinky finger than Cassidy’s character has in her whole body.

    Time to hit up JMW, rumor has it she’s a good bad girl!

  • Joseph

    I agree 100%. But they do call him “The Hood”, or “The Vigilante”, both of which sound as much like suyperhero names as “Green Arrow”, which makes it even more frustrating. Especially since the most distinguishing characteristic of him is not the fact he wears a hood, it’s the fact that he SHOOTS PEOPLE WITH GREEN ARROWS. This show needs to do a better job of embracing its comic book roots, instead of being embarrassed by them, because it’s not doing itself any favors by awkwardly trying to toe the line (as noted very well in the article by Kevin Melrose).

  • Joseph

    Because he was never either one on that show, really. But Oliver is obviously already Green Arrow, the origin is told in flashback not current time for a decade like they did with Clark.
    In fact, didn’t they actually call the Smallville-Oliver “Green Arrow” on that show?

  • XSpectreGreyX

    Because he has very little in common with the character aside from the name. The same thing happened with Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool. You can call your character whatever you want, but if you’re naming it after a character, at least make them somewhat similar beyond merely using he same equipment.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    But do you actually LIKE it. There are plenty of people who use it, but very few who like it. It’s Vista all over again
    Well, that doesn’t address my other point. The use of a tablet for hacking.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    What’s worse is that that could result in Roy being called “The Red Hood”. As someone who hates Red Hood and the Outlaws, I’ll be pretty pissed if they go that route.
    That said, I wouldn’t mind it just being given an off reference like someone saying “So you’re saying we have some kind of ‘Red Hood’?”

  • XSpectreGreyX

    100% agree regarding Huntress. First, we are seemingly supposed to agree with Ollie, even though he’s being a massive hypocrite. Then they make her become unelievably fetch less in an extremely short time, to make her come off as a villain. It feels incredibly forced to make Ollie in the right. And fans of the Birds of Prey will probably want to punch break the screen.

  • TheAverageNerd

    Actually, I love it. I am using it on an old dell laptop. No touch screen and the resolution does not meet the modern UI requirements for all thw functions. I have found it to be more intuitive than Win7 for a variety of reasons.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    Well, there’s a first for everything I guess. You’re honestly the first person I’ve seen who actually, well, liked Windows 8 on anything that isn’t a phone or tablet.
    Also, again, she’s using it for all her IT needs over a laptop.

  • Joe Rettzo

    I guess there is a first. Honestly if you put your hate on the backburner and focus on the benefits of the system you start liking it more and more. It sometimes seems like it has just gotten popular to bash MS no matter what they do. Either they do not innovate enough or they innovate too much.

  • Nat

    look im the future generation. this is fucking bullshit. the arrow saying’ stay away from the one you love, women aren’t powerful they can’t defend themselves they cant do anything” being a male makes you responsible, makes you powerful oh don’t worry unless you are blonde beautiful, powerful you don’t mean anthing”. fucking tired of this bullshit. stop portraying women as weak assholes cause, we have all had enough. fuck this. i liked this show until this episode. you fuck. grow some balls and stop being a dick about making the “love of peoples life’ being the victim. make them apart of it, or none of it.

  • Nat

    this is such a stupid show now. nothing matters to these guys, even alcohol wouldn’t make it better. this episode is a sad attempt at a good comic book series. try again retards. you suck

  • Nat

    ugh the arrow is such a dick well if your intentionis fr the arrow to be adick wooooo you succeded wont watch this again

  • Nat

    unfortunate cause i watched every episode

  • Nat

    this show didnt have to suck! why do you guys suck so much!

  • Nat

    wont even watch the ending. bullshit

  • Milord Cutter

    Another major miss: Oliver’s shattered leg seems to have miraculously healed in one week. I don’t care how much lidocaine you inject, a fractured leg is not going to hold up to the calisthenics on display in episode 21.

  • bartelbe

    Bit late, but I have to disagree. I actually liked the fact that he was a killer, that the show didn’t pull its punches in that way. That characters questioned his actions as a vigilante and he wasn’t another billionaire hero beating up street level criminals.

    Take the original Spiderman films, the street level crims he goes after are a bad joke. The bank robbers might as well have the word swag written the bags they carry from the heist. To be honest I think the fact they have toned this down in season two, and started sending him after street level thugs, instead of corrupt one percenters is a step backwards.

    I can understand why it has been done, can’t be comfortable if your the exec of the channel watching a character in one your shows beatup corrupt rich guys.

  • vice2vursa .

    Slade Wilson is the villain in season 2

  • Will of the Nerds

    Dude, that comment was obviously posted before the second season started, so what was the point in replying with blatantly obvious info that didn’t exist at the time I posted thqt comment?

  • vice2vursa .

    lol I know, I just wanted to see how you would respond to it.

  • Crashbandicoot


  • b bryan

    I’m almost at the end of season 2 and I honestly don’t know why I keep watching this show, it has so many flaws. The hypocrisy and double standards run rampant, as well as one stupid decision after another from the characters. I love Felicity and look forward to her developing relationship with Oliver. I like the surprises, and that is probably what keeps me watching in spite of its “horrible writing”. Seriously, do any of the writers ever think about what real people would do and say in a situation? I.E. when Moira was on the stand and Laurel was saying she couldn’t possibly be afraid of Malcolm since she had an affair with him. Well that was before…HE KILLED HER HUSBAND! And did her lawyer ‘mention’ that in re-examination? Not that we were let in on. Dumb!!!

  • Steve

    Enough with the flashbacks already. I was watching this show hoping the writers would give up on the retarded flashbacks and start doing some actual work fleshing out the story. But now instead of island flashbacks were are getting Hong Kong flashbacks. Done with this show. Horribly lazy writers.