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NBC Renews Community, CBS Passes on Beverly Hills Cop

community cast

One of the bigger surprises of up front/new TV announcement season has been the renewal of NBC’s beloved but not widely watched Community. According to TVLine, the series created by Dan Harmon who was ousted heading into the current season, will return next season.

Interestingly enough, though, when NBC announced its full fall schedule, Community was not included. You can check out the full line-up here, but there are a few interesting highlights. The limited series Dracula will air on Fridays; after it runs its course the pirate drama Crossbones will take its place. Meanwhile, Parks and Recreation will lead the Thursday comedy block followed by new shows Welcome to the Family, Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show. Meanwhile, the Peacock also announced that Smash and The New Normal would not be returning next season.

Another surprise came out of CBS who decided not to pick up Beverly Hills Cop which was considered by many to be a shoo-in; Sony Television plans to shop the show around to other networks. CBS also canceled Happy Endings, which just might wind up on USA. Meanwhile TVLine reported that Golden Boy, CSI: NY, Vegas and Rules of Engagement also got axed by the Eye.

But when shows are killed, others are planted to grow in their places. The Hollywood Reporter laid out all of CBS’s pick-ups for the new season. Intelligence, starring Josh Holloway, will see the light of day this fall. They’re also adding a string of sitcoms with proven pedigrees. Chuck Lorre (Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly) will be the driving force behind Mom starring Anna Faris, My Name is Earl and Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia‘s The Millers stars Will Arnett as a recent divorcee whose parents move in with him and the father-daughter workplace comedy Crazy Ones starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are all on the schedule for next season.


  • humandivine

    I remember a night that was filled with awesome. NBC had community, the office and park and rec. then i could switch over to FX for Archer, its always sunny and the league. Now NBC sucks, and FX is throwing their shows to a different network and different days. Thursday nights used to be awesome…

  • A. Holland

    I’m really happy that Community got renewed. I regret that I watched as many season four episodes as I did, but now I have an entire fifth season that I can avoid watching! :-D

    Oh, and I guess I’m also happy for the people who are still fans of the show, and get more Community. But that’s a side-effect.

  • dolphineclipse

    I don’t know why everyone was so surprised Community got renewed. I admit it wasn’t a foregone conclusion, but being so close to a syndication-friendly number of episodes and the fact that all the newer NBC comedies were performing so poorly anyway always seemed like good reasons to give it another season. I suspect a sixth season is a good deal less likely, although still not impossible.

  • The One and Only

    I’m surprised by seeing VEGAS getting canceled. I thought that was the top rated new show for the season ?

  • steve

    Golden Boy, CSI: NY, Vegas

    i will miss those shows

  • bill konadu

    Don’t you mean “Sony and Paramount plans to shop the show around to other networks,”?