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Sylvester Stallone Reveals Key Expendables 3 Details


Sylvester Stallone recently took to Twitter to share key information about his plans for his ensemble action sequel The Expendables 3. In addition to confirming that Jackie Chan is still interested in joining the project, Stallone also said he’s looking to grab some stars from The Raid: Redemption.

“Scouting eastern Europe and Asia …we are going all out on this one … Could be a big surprise!!” he tweeted. “What’s the plan? Ask Jackie Chan…. Thinking about Raiding, THE RAID … think about it … We believe we can do better than the RAID, which was an excellent film… Raising the bar…”

He continued, “Mighty Mickey is back………… Talked to WESLEY today … He can not WAIT to fight to the top again !!!!!!! Over…”

“Mighty Mickey” is Mickey Rourke, while “Wesley” is of course Wesley Snipes. Both of those actors had previously been rumored for The Expendables 3, so it sounds like they’re pretty close to done deals. Also starring in the movie are Stallone, Jason Statham and Nicolas Cage. Recurring Expendables actors like Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Terry Crews and Randy Couture are expected to return as well.

It seems like The Expendables 3 is going full speed ahead towards a production start date. It was confirmed in April that Patrick Hughes will direct the feature.


  • Victor Penis

    Mark Dacascos deserves to be in this film

  • JusticeBringer

    Stallone must be on something. He’s not touching The Raid.

  • Alex P.

    I hope Terry Crews and Jet Li come back. I also want Statham, Schwarzenegger and Willis. Wesley Snipes should play Terry Crews’ cousin.
    And if you have time, get Steven Seagal. Plus if you get Mark Dacascos, he should play a bad guy!

  • wmwh

    I hope the old cast is avaible for this expendables 3. but I like jason and stallone. schwarzenegger and bruce wills. crews and couture. lundgren and jet li. they are work like couple. I like it.

  • Torguish

    I hope Mel Gibson would join them in a way he was in Lethal Weapon. He was crazy, funny and really, really well acted.
    But yeah, Mark dacascos & Kurt Russel are must-haves.. :|

  • Torguish

    Imo Wesley should be a whole other character. He does all his roles really well but he plays the best as a villain.. :)