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Arrow Season 2 Promises Two Big Villains, Plus a Super-Team


With Malcolm Merlyn seemingly dead by the hand Oliver Queen in the season finale of Arrow, the door is left open for not one but two major villains in the hit drama’s sophomore outing.

“We made no secret of the fact that we subscribe to the Whedonesque model of having a big bad, and in Season 2, we’ll actually have two big bads,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells “They’ll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We’re really excited about both of them.”

In Malcolm Merlyn, Season 1 effectively had two primary antagonists — the seemingly upstanding businessman who secretly plotted to destroy Starling City’s slums, and the Dark Archer who carried out the dirty work — serving as a shadowy reflection of Ollie’s dual nature. For the second season, Guggenheim says, “we’re going to split them up essentially, and there will be a Malcolm-esque big bad and a Dark Archer-esque big bad.”

That naturally brings to mind Oliver’s island ally Slade Wilson, whom comic fans know is destined to become Deathstroke. To that, Guggenheim replies: “If the question of Season 1 is, ‘What happened to Oliver on that island?’ The question of Season 2 is, ‘What happened to Slade Wilson on that island?'”

However, the DC Comics villains aren’t the only ones who’ll step into the spotlight during the second season. Colton Haynes, who plays Roy Harper, teased to MTV, that “A few of the most important DC characters are going to be coming to Arrow. And quite possibly working in a team together.”

Could he be referring to an ad hoc Justice League, formed by, say, Laurel Lance and the introduction of a few familiar names from the DC Universe? (Hal Jordan has been mentioned, somewhat playfully, in interviews, and Ted Kord received a nod in “The Undertaking.”) Or is he merely acknowledging an expansion of Team Arrow, with Roy assuming the mantle of sidekick/partner, and maybe even Thea Queen giving new meaning to her nickname Speedy?

Don’t discount that last bit, as TVLine reports a “revelatory” moment was axed from following the scene in the season finale  in which Thea helps Roy fend of a group of thugs as the earthquake strikes the Glades. “They cut out an entire scene that would’ve given a lot more away,” Haynes tells the website. “It was a big scene … that might’ve told you the route that Thea is going, or the route that Roy is going. But I think they didn’t want to give too much away.”


  • matt

    Please promise less formulaic episodes and more than 3 sets. Also why your at it call him green arrow.

  • Mr. M

    I’ve always found using bad as a noun kinda stupid. Not earth-shattering, but very odd. That’s all…going back to sleep now.


    I thought it was quite ambiguous whether Malcolm died at the end. Quite the opposite with respect to Tommy.

  • Battlin Arrow

    the introduction of Speedy would be cool, he’s actually referred to as Green Arrow twice in the first season (the second time rather slyly) but otherwise he doesn’t need to be called it by name…given the name of the show and the fans that are supporting it we ALREADY KNOW full well that he’s actually called Green Arrow…maybe an introduction of another archer (Komodo maybe??) would be VERY nice…looking forward to it <3

  • n.kane

    Merlyn (the Magnificent) was injured, not dead. That was confirmed in the climax when Tommy thanked Ollie for not killing his father.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    Unless Ollie was just making him feel good with a lie before he died….

  • fan

    a team would be a good idea to fight against a group that was behind all this that still is working in the shadows

  • Greg Phillips

    Which would be a great touch since Tommy initially split with Ollie because of a lie.

  • Greg Phillips

    To each his own, I guess. The name thing is unimportant and the show is my favorite on TV.

  • Ryan Deadpooln

    I can’t wait, this show has been awesome so far.

  • Kyle Rayner

    Tommy asked Oliver if he killed his father… he said no. Why is there any doubt?

  • Alejandro Arias Novoa

    Tom Welling should come out as Superman on Arrow. Would be the best shit ever! Please!!

  • joe35

    I thought the actor who played Malcolm was announced months ago as being upgraded to a series regular for Season 2? If so, then he’s not dead. A shame they can’t recast Roy Harper over the hiatus. I can’t stand the actor playing him, and I think that’s why I don’t care one bit about the character.

  • Capital_7

    “Why your at it”?

    From your first sentence, I’m inclined to believe you are not writing English as your second language. From your second sentences, I have no idea where you might have learned English.

  • Michael Payton

    Mike Grell went nearly 80 issues without using the name Green Arrow. His run is the definitive GA to this day, and is a massive inspiration for Arrow. Hence Fries and Shadow.

  • Krakenattack

    They could easily establish a realistic Solomon Grundy for an episode or two. Imagine Michael Cudlitz (SouthLAnd) or Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) as a man who in the aftermath of Merlyn’s quake is left homeless, unable to remember who he is or how he got there other than an old nursery rhyme.

  • John Carlisle

    I’m thinking some form of the Titans….. Cyborg could be reintroduced along with Aqualad and Wonder Girl and even a Robin….

  • Kent Horton

    You’re assuming Olliver was telling the truth, instead of lying to put his dying friend’s mind at ease.

  • Tophman

    I’m on the “Oliver left him for dead” fence. So when he told Tommy his dad wasn’t dead, he wasn’t lying (just to his knowledge – not dead yet).

  • Matt

    I respect that but calling him the hood reminds me too much of the red blue blur from smallville.

  • matt

    Or my cell phone auto corrected while to why

  • Tophman

    I can see Slade being season 2’s physical villain and perhaps use the island flashbacks (which I hope they’d get rid of) to explain how the former companions became foes.

    As for the plotting baddie… perhaps Merlyn has a contingency plan in place or he’s part of something bigger (The Light/The Society). This would justify the need for Ollie to have backup in the form of Red Arrow/Roy, Speedy/Thea, Canary/Lance, Shado, Diggle, & Oracle-lite/Felicity.

    -just my two cents.

  • P

    and it autocorrected “you’re” to “your” too? hmm…

  • Behrzy

    i like the idea of a crime fighting team eg oliver,diggle,computer chick,roy and evn green lantern

  • Omniaural

    I don’t think this is really the same TV universe as smallville though. Especially as that show had its own Green Arrow. This show seems to fit in more with Nolanverse DC than anything else so super powers seem out of the question.

    As an aside, Stephen Amell has done a great job of making me believe the recasting was worth it and all credit to him. I would be very happy to see him make the jump to a JL movie too if it was required.

  • Cyberdurc22

    The reason he isn’t called Green Arrow is because this is the evolution of the character. Just as Batman wasn’t called Batman at first, he took on that identity…he may not take on that identity until maybe next season or even the third.

  • Theo

    that would absolutely rock!

  • Dean Wells

    Ollie said HE didn’t kill Malcolm. It was Dig who took the kill shot. Hence, Ollie didn’t lie to Tommy, he merely shaded the truth for his dying friend’s sake.

  • Capital_7

    Did it correct “you’re” to “your”?

  • Nerd-torious KMG

    I dunno, I’m a bit of a purist & while “Arrow” is a watchable show, it could be WAY better. Where are the trick arrows? Why do we really need this subplot regarding Ollie’s dad? I’m glad they brought in Roy & him becoming Speedy seems inevitable so that’s a perk. However, I wish superhero TV shows would stop trying to cater to Joe Schmoo (Since this is the CW and its demographic is mostly women, it’s more like Jane Schmoo) and give a little more to us fanboys. And am I the only one who was hoping for the boxing glove arrow to appear this past season?

  • matt

    I think I feel this way because Smallville left such a bad taste in my mouth in terms of the show not doing certain things sooner. Arrow feels a lot like Smallville to me, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen’s mansion is the same set that was Lex’s mansion. I’m just worried that the writers now have something to hold over the viewers heads for the 10 seasons that this show will run.

  • sam

    his name is arsenal not red arrow

  • AlexisBay

    As the show is higly inspired by the comics books but don’t follow the real story, I assume that the choice of the title is somehow a way to call it “Kinda Green Arrow” :)

    Also if we agree that the main story is given a darker tone, the “green” word is a bit to shiny …

    I really think they chose this name just to make it darker and assume their vision of the hero.

    Last idea but not least, maybe their was an other franchised anime or serie with the name of “green arrow”, and this could have been a way not to get confused with IMDB and so on.

  • Dan Raducan

    please don’t mention the Man(of Steel) in Tights, more or less a ballerina with out the Tutu that could fly :D

  • Dan Raducan

    i like your optimism, you bring us all hope for the future with people like you were are sure to survive the holocaust (read the irony please : > )… can you crush our hopes more, i mean really now if smallville sucked 60% that doesn’t mean that arrow will , up till now it did greight, you keep forgetting that batman was bat-man coz of his costume, or out hero wears a hood and a bow …long way to go from that to Green Arrow, now if he were to leave them a message on a wall saying : “call me Arrow , … Green Arrow…” now that would make sense but since he has yet to do that than for all we know the police may call him Robin Hood in the next season :D and he can sing “were men , were men in tights …” him and his mary band of misfits :P

  • JusticeBringer

    This is correct. Marc confirmed it himself.

  • LiresRegret

    SPOILERS******** roy harper originally was the sidekick of the green arrow ,
    named speedy. after his heroin addiction and being left homeless by green arrow , roy became a goverment agent. after THAT he became arsenal. after his stint as arsenla , roy became the leader of the outsiders , also known as the red arrow. after batmans supposed death , he became arsenal again. roy is now in a group with the red-hood and starfire. so yes , roy was arsenal , but he was also the red arrow. damn newbies thinking they know everything from the new 52.

  • projectile

    let him stop killing bad guys this is the only hero movie that i have watched that the hero will be actually killing bad guys cold blood.

  • phantom

    thats one of the reasons why i watch the show , other superheros wait until the bad guy kick’s their ass and miraculously win by one moment of luck

  • cory place

    Justin Hartley daring smaillville he did a Plot tv show for Aqua show was made to be a 30 min movie on youtube Arrow plus this was a postbe to be called green arrow Chronicles but justtin hartly did not whant in I hate the I only saw 3 edp of arrow ill buy season 1 on bluray . Smallive was Epic they need to do a Smallville spin off with or with out tom willing the cryinyg baby who hate waring superman suit a a chisper reveve person he think reeve died show das superman that’s ways hes not doing movies or the possitbol smaillville spin of FU tom willing you rock as clak kent but as rule life person an ass to funs

  • cory place

    never will happen tom welling retired as clark kent is doing a movie now called draft day basses of a basitball player is done whin actinf to be home with is kids hes das not whant to ofer shin the dead chispiter reever I know he was a great man in real life but superman is not hes chartors when dies that das not mean no more superman clark ken may be it but I do not want tom welling


    They might not even know that Roy lost his right arm while on the persona of the Arsenal.

  • LiresRegret

    see , now heres someone who actually knows what he’s talking about.

  • John

    Thea and Roy to become speedy and artimus