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Lucy Lawless Hints at New Xena, Warns it Might be Complicated


Lucy Lawless has given her Xena: Warrior Princess fans something to mull over, teasing they may not have seen the last of the television heroine.

On her Twitter account, the actress first wrote, “Had an interesting call from a chap who wants to re-invigorate the #Xena brand. You guys may have started something.” She continued in a second tweet with, “But there’s a lot of red tape around #XWP so don’t get your knickers in a twist. It may come back in a different form.”

Xena debuted on the 1995 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode “Unchained Hearts.” Originally intended to die off in her first appeared, the character was instead spun off into her own syndicated series that aired from 1995 to 2001. The heroine spent her days traveling with companion Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor), battling injustice in all forms from man to monster to myth. Since the show ended, rumors have swirled about a big-screen version that hasn’t panned out yet. However, Xena has appeared in a straight-to-video animated movie with Herc, a series of novels, various video games and comic series’ from Topps Comics, Dark Horse and Dynamite Entertainment.

Lawless has kept busy since the 2001 Xena finale. After a series of TV movies and guest spots she played D’Anna Biers on Battlestar Galactica, voiced Wonder Woman in the direct-to-video New Frontier animated movie, a role on the shortlived superhero-themed No Ordinary Family and appeared as Lucretia in both Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and Spartacus: War of the Damned. She’s also had a recurring role on Parks and Recreationn.

(via The Mary Sue)


  • stainedglassscarlet

    Only if it is her. I wonder though if it might be a next generation thing.

  • nailsin

    I thought Spartacus was the Xena sequel.

  • Angela

    I don’t think fans would be interested in that

  • batGRRRl4ever

    Never say never, it depends on the actress.

  • Angela

    Lucy Lawless *is* Xena. Fans will not accept anyone else. They would just be doing an impersonation.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    Oh YAWN, that’s just like saying Christopher Reeve is the ONLY Superman, or Lynda Carter is the ONLY Wonder Woman, or that Robert Downey Jr will forever be the ONLY Iron Man.

    Actors get recast as they AGE, it’s a fact of life. I LOVED Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peel back in the 60’s, yet I appreciated Uma Thurman’s take on the character over 30 yrs later. And I’m sure a new Xena or a legacy character from her will at least have the potential to be interesting.

  • I’m not picking a name, facist

    She was in Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, and Vengeance. Not War of the Damned.

  • timothycat

    Xena: Warrior Queen perhaps?

  • batGRRRl4ever

    Well the show ended with Xena not only dead, but a ghost to boot, so that would be a good trick.

  • Angela

    That is not even close to the same thing. Wonder Woman, Superman and Iron Man are all comic book characters. It is a given that several actors have and will play them. Xena is an originally created character for a TV show. Everything that makes Xena is Xena is because of Lucy Lawless.

  • XenaFan

    Pretty sure Netflix is going to pick up the series. Fans are already on their site watching all six seasons of episodes. Lucy and Renee OConnor will reprise their characters for another season I am sure of it.

  • Dave

    We Xenites (Fans) have been fighting for years for a Xena Movie starring Lucy & Renee and fingers crossed it may begin to happen soon. Whether it be straight to DVD/BLURAY or at the cinemas or on the net as long as Lucy & Renee return as Xena & Gabrielle then I’m sure the fans will be over joyed. i know I will :)

  • Cae

    Super excited, no matter what form it would come back in!

  • NEVER gonna happen

    Lucy is 45… by the time a movie gets off the ground it would be 2-3 yrs from now if it was even a consideration by any studio.
    NO Hollywood studio will ever back a female driven action heroine with the lead being 35 or older…. and even at 35 the actress would have to be a huge name.
    Hollywood tends to cast the female leads on HUGE budget films at 20 somthing period.
    xena at 50 never gonna happen. maybe as a skit on SNL…

  • nope

    right now they wont, but 5-10 yrs from now they will accept a new actress easily.
    Once she looks too old for the part people will be asking for a reboot.
    As hot as Lucy looks now– shes waaaay too old for a hollywood studio to back such a high budget project with a late 40 somthing as the lead. Never gonna happen

  • Angela

    Who are these people that going to asking for a reboot or remake? X:WP was a cult show. And most people are tired of Hollywood rehashing old material this past decade.

    That said, we don’t know what form Lawless was referring to as coming back. I think its safe to say its not
    going to be a theatrical film. If Robert Downey Jr. can still play Iron Man at nearly 50, so can actress. Let’s not uphold a double standard.

  • Cae

    There are always exceptions. Plus, if we the fans say she’s too old, then we don’t stand a chance. Most of us don’t think she is ‘old’ at all, it just comes down to convincing TPTB

  • Greg

    This movie has to happen. Xena IS my childhood.

  • Kryssk Christelle

    Don’t care about the age… that’s an awful excuse! what about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly, Bruce Willis ? anyybody tell that they are too old… and they are a decade or 2 decade olden than Lucy Lawless. That make my angry to read such of bullshits about her age ! SHE and NO OTHER has to come back as Xena, and Renee O’Connor as Gabrielle… for a movie, a mini series, a trilogy or a 7th season.. what you want, but ONLY this 2 ones… nothing else ! That’s why we are battling for so many years now. And it’s not because of the age that Universal hasn’t produce a movie yet… but because they don’t want to share the profit a movie will create with others, don’t want to sell their rights.

  • Trace

    I am all for a movie, or another season or seasons of Xena, but only for Lucy Lawless and for Renee O’Connor to reprise the roles of Xena and Gabrielle. I do not want a remake. I am sick and tired of remakes. None of the remakes are ever good especially when it comes to tv shows. I will not accept any other actress for Xena or for Gabrielle.

  • Unak78

    This is true but Hollywood treats women differently. Always have. But it’s not fair or right.

  • Unak78

    Besides now Lucy is busy again on Agents of Shield. She’s been lucky in that she’s never had to look for work.