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Emma Stone Looks Forward to ‘Horrifying’ Spider-Man Fate

If a certain set of spoiler-heavy set photos didn’t have you worried about Gwen Stacy’s fate in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, then new comments from the film’s leading lady should do the job.

Emma Stone recently spoke with SFX about returning to the role of Gwen for the currently shooting sequel, and she made it clear she wants to stay faithful to the character’s tragic comic book history.

“Essentially the argument is that Spider-Man kills her by accident,” she said, referring to whiplash Gwen suffers when Spidey catches her during a fall from a bridge. “So the person she loves is the person who kills her, which is the most horrifying thing.”

She continued, “Apparently people unsubscribed to the comic book when that happened because they were just so flipped-out over it. But, of course, I want to stay true to that.”

Those comments, combined with the aforementioned set photos and an earlier report that Sony is building to the “Death of Gwen Stacy” story arc, are more than enough reasons for Peter-Gwen shippers to start sweating web fluid.

Directed by Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also stars Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Shailene Woodley, Colm Feore, Paul Giamatti and Sally Field. It opens May 2, 2014.

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  • razorphade

    I personaly think that if gwen is to die it simply must be the goblin who does the deed! any one else would just be So wrong OH and least i forget-FIRST!

  • BeastieRunner

    In USM is was Carnage. It also involved clones.

  • Robert J Lloyd

    It has to be Goblin, it HAS to be Peters fault, it HAS to be the bridge. It’s a shame many will see it as a rehash of the first trilogy, but this is the only way it can happen.

  • Oasis

    hm..might be too much for the teens to see her die that way.. with the snapping of the neck what it could be is that she falls off the bridge hits the ground. he catch her with the web he she still smacks the ground or she falls into the water, which some how kills her

  • Bk

    Right, because the movies have been so faithful to the comics. Read the comics…they’re much better that this crap.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    I like her character, particularly how she isn’t a damsel in distress. It’ll be sad to see her go. I hope she’s just trolling.
    Hey, if we’re staying true to the comics, let’s do One More Day while we’re at it, since I’m sure that pissed people off as much, if not more than Gwen Stacy’s death.
    Of course, all that said, her death does open up some choices for storytelling, it’s just sad is all.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    But in that case, it’s not Peter who kills her. Sure, he fails to save her, but he’s not the one who kills her.

  • razorphade

    also in the ultimate universe gwen some how survived being killed by carnage!

  • razorphade

    i agree whole heartedly it would give the movies a feeling of magnitude!

  • Magnetic Eye

    I have nothing but contempt for Sony and Fox adaptations of the Marvel Universe.

    In recent years I have stopped supporting these films at the cinema and wait for the DVD release as either Birthday or Xmas presents and they usually only get one viewing.

    Marvel Studio films at least are a little more faithful and genuine in their adaptations where characters behave and look like their comic book counterparts and there is a greater respect and homage paid to original source material.

    I must admit though I do prefer Webb’s adaptation over Raimi’s cartoonish trilogy with poorly cast leads.

    Sony is perpetuating the whole Spidey stuck in High School as a cash cow designed to attract a younger demographic.

    This Sony reboot isn’t following any of the MARVEL continuity, and in all honesty I wouldn’t expect them to, as they seem to want to spin their own alternate story.

    BUT the fact remains from the original mainstream source material “Amazing Spiderman” issue #28 (Sept. 1965), which featured Peter’s graduation from High School.

    WOW! Marvel moved on 48 years ago after only 2 and a half years of High School and Peter began attending Empire State University in issue #31 (Dec. 1965), the issue which also featured the first appearances of friends and classmates Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn.

    I don’t expect Sony to follow comic book continuity but the questions remain:

    What we are all still doing in High School when the books portray a mature hero in adulthood?

    Why does political correctness rear it’s ugly head with the character of Max Dillon aka Electro?

    If they are going to kill Gwen off, they should adapt it to the original source material and use the Green Goblin.

    Can’t wait for Marvel to reclaim ALL of the film rights to characters they own. Only then will we see a true and faithful adaptation.

  • Conquistador

    Go and find the set photos of Emma Stone in costume for the scene. It’s on the bridge, with Peter, and she’s dressed exactly as in the comics. Although we don’t know the villain behind it, it looks to be a faithful recreation.

  • BudMoore

    As story canon goes in the books, (and I’m referring to strictly the original story line of the Marvel Universe, not the Ultimate’s story line), the Goblin threw her off the Brooklyn Bridge and Spider-man caught her with his webline, but “the shock of the fall” killed her. At least that’s how it was originally written. I oughta know, I read it when it was first printed. How they may change it, and if her death is due to whiplash is anybody’s guess. From a realistic, physical view, it makes sense. In the books, Peter blamed himself for Gwen’s death, the same as he did for her father. I’m very curious to see how the next Spider-Man movie deals with the. Looking forward to it.

  • BudMoore

    See my comment. I agree with you. The whole mentality of the character of Peter Parker deals with his concept of “responsibility”, which Stan Lee and all writers since have based the character on.

  • Mike G

    I’m fairly confident that Gwen will survive part 2. This film will introduce Osbourne, and I’m assuming the end will set up the Goblin origin to occur in part 3, where he can be the main villain and they can be faithful to the comic. I’m sure something will happen that puts peter on Norman’s shit list.

  • Jon

    No she didn’t. You’re thinking of her clone.

  • Jon

    I recently re-read that issue. You clearly see the word “SNAP” when the webbing hits, implying Spidey kills her by snapping her neck. It was later ret-conned to be the fall itself, but originally, Stan clearly meant for her neck to have snapped at Peter’s hand.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    Why are you replying to me? I know all that. That was my entire point.

  • Kaptain Komix

    dude. she has to die. it happen in the comics. the problem is, the green goblin is suppose to be her killer. i don’t think he’ll be in that movie.

  • Aneesh Raikundalia

    Marvel reclaiming all rights does not guarantee a Spider-Man movie, and if it does then we don’t get other smaller heroes as easily. Marvel Studios is still relatively small and as such wont risk or wont be able to make 10 movies in 4 years.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    Superhero movies never have events happen just as they did in the comics. They always change aspects of the characters and story. If you read comics you’d know that. I can’t recall a single superhero movie that is 100% faithful to the source material. Just because something happened in the comics, doesn’t mean it HAS to happen one movies. I fon’t recall seeing Azrael in The Dark Knight Rises. I also don’t recall the Mandarin being an actor. Let’s not pretend something HAS to happen in a film because it happened in its source material.

    Norman Osborn is already a character, and his assistant obtained a formula for him in Amazing Spider-Man, so it’s pretty obvious he’ll become the Green Goblin. I doubt Electro will be the only villain in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  • razorphade

    You and me both although they have already changed quite a number of important things from the way they originaly happend in the comics a big one being how gwens dad died!

  • razorphade

    Ultimate gwens a clone? …Wow i simply must pick up the trade on this! is she still infected with or by that carnage thing?!!

  • SpideyGeek

    It has to be Goblin. I’m thinking that after becoming Electro, Max Dillion is sent out by Osborn to kill Spider-Man. After like 3 fights with Electro, Spider-Man beats him. Furious by his failure, Norman states that he will “do it himself” and injects himself with a green formula (Oz). Norman then morphs into a Goblin and goes into Oscorp Labs and steals work like A Glider and an a suit. This Goblin turns into the Goblin, but looks like his regular comics. Kind of like

    So Peter gets a call from the Goblin telling him to meet him at the George Washington Bridge. Pete’s confused, but goes. He finds Goblin holding Gwen Stacey and when he sees Peter, he drops her. Spider-Man tries catching her with the web but kills her. The Goblin laughs as he watches Peter cry. Peter becomes EXTREMELY angry and charges the Goblin. The Goblin overpowers him, and beats the hell out of him in a short fight. Goblin kneels down to Peter (who is on the floor), Takes off Peters mask and whispers in his ear “Catch me if you can.” and flies away. This will cause Peter to rage and want to KILL Goblin, and that will lead up to Goblin as the main antagonist for the 3rd movie.

  • Adam Walters

    Stan Lee didn’t write that story.

  • Adam Walters

    Hopefully her death will be saved for the 3rd movie and it will be the goblin. Giving us almost 3 full movies of Gwen before her death would make it so much more impactful.

  • Magnetic Eye

    Marvel was acquired by Disney in 2009 for $4.24 Billion and I assume that would include subsidiaries like Marvel Studios.

  • George

    i love this idea , will you write the 3rd one?

  • George

    Also unfortunately I am not massively up to date with the comic book story lines but it seems that if the goblin kills Gwen in the 3rd one and Peter blames himself , that coupled with the death of Gwen’s father could lead to a very conflicted angry spider man which could pave the way for the introduction of the symbiate and make a logical case for that story arc? Especially if Peter suffers such a heavy loss to the goblin and motivated by revenge searches for any methods to achieve it

  • Red Robin

    I love that she is so on board with her character being killed off.

  • TheGavGav

    The neck snapping won’t be too graphic for The Amazing Spider-Man’s intended audience. In the first movie Uncle Ben is shot and the wound has a close-up with blood-soaked shirt and all. Comparatively, neck snapping from Whiplash will be much easier to pull-off tastefully without being too graphic.

  • Emily Kimble emorelee admire l

    The new spider man movies suck and thats a fact

  • Magnetic Eye

    IMO, I think all of the Sony Spider-Man adaptations suck, including the first three Sam Raimi versions.

    At least in some way, Marc Webb is kind of paying tribute to the classic comic book story line.

    It would be even better for MARVEL STUDIOS to one day finally make a genuine and faithful adaptation of the Spider-Man mythos.

  • Emily Kimble emorelee admire l

    Thank you for not insulting me

  • daMystery1

    Please Emma , change your mind… One so beautiful should not perish – especially, while so so young….and so lovely !