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Breaking Bad Spinoff Could Tell Saul Goodman’s Origin Story


Vince Gilligan isn’t done with Breaking Bad. Even as the hit drama prepares for its final run of episodes launching in August, the Bad man is already looking ahead at one way to keep that universe alive: through a Saul Goodman spinoff.

“It’s still in its very early days,” Gilligan tells Yahoo about the idea. “We’re trying to figure out what kind of story we want to tell as it relates to Saul. But any story that at some point or another showed Saul at his peak, his abilities and his networking skills, would, I think, show the criminal underbelly of a fictional Albuquerque that really had Saul Goodman wired into pretty much the heart of it.”

Gilligan goes on to say that Saul is connected to all of “the major players” in town, and “has a hand in the business every which way he can.” Further, Saul isn’t even Saul’s real name.

“Saul Goodman, as he explains in his first episode, is not his real name. He is a self-created character, much like Heisenberg,” says Gilligan. “Do we tell the story of his origins? We’re still trying to hash that out. But there are a lot of fun possibilities.”

As long as it’s called Better Call Saul, we’re in.


  • DarthTigris

    After recent statements from AMC about TWD and now this …
    … got milk?

  • Lyle

    I know some people have expressed disgust that they would make a spin-off of Breaking Bad, and, maybe I would too, except that Saul is such an interesting character, especially how he’s been played by Bob Odenkirk. He is the epitome of the shyster lawyer, but is also really funny and interesting to listen to, while also often being the voice of reason in the show.

  • fearitself

    Why? What did they say?

  • fearitself

    I have no words. This is a terrible idea. I like Saul, but he is in no way deserving a spin-off. He was mostly comic relief for god’s sake. This is gonna be the “Joey” of Breaking Bad, if it ever happens .

  • DarthTigris