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Community Creator Dan Harmon Confirms His Return


The rumors are true — Community creator Dan Harmon, who was ousted from the show after season three, confirmed on Twitter that he is indeed returning to the show for its as-yet-unscheduled fifth season, crediting Community actor Joe McHale for his return.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harmon is finalizing his deal with show producer Sony Pictures Television to return to the series as showrunner. THR also reports that Chris McKenna, writer and executive producer, who left the show last year, is also finalizing his return. Both deals are expected to close in the coming days.

Rumors of his return popped up over Memorial Day weekend during a recording of his Harmontown podcast, where Harmon reportedly told audience members he’s been asked to rejoin the team. He also reportedly added that he would only return to Community if ousted actor Chevy Chase was allowed back as well … and then “couldn’t stop laughing at that idea.” Chase left the show after filming most of season four and was involved in a public feud with Harmon, who was fired as showrunner shortly after leaking an angry voicemail from the actor.


  • xsikal

    Great news. Last season was not so good without him. This gives me hope that next season will return to the usual insanity, sometimes for the worse, but frequently for the better.

  • Plawsky

    Awesome – what a rebound for Community. From almost certain cancellation to getting Harmon back. I didn’t hate season 4, but I was ready for it to end. Now I’m very excited about it. Hopefully they get a full season this time.

  • PimpDaddy2099

    Congrats to Mr. Harmon, Now let’s hope NBC doesn’t screw this up.

  • mike

    Great news, could we get a pic that doesn’t look like Mr Harmon is high?

  • dwain

    ***k Yeah!

  • Bad Antenna


  • Viktor

    If he’s coming Starburns is coming back too!!