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New Man of Steel Clip: ‘Evolution Always Wins’

cavill-man of steel

Man of Steel hits theaters today, but if you’re still on the fence about the Superman reboot, perhaps a brand-new look at the film will push you one way or the other.

MTV News has premiered a new clip from Man of Steel, and it’s all about the action. The clip focuses on an epic brawl between the Kryptonian villain Faora and Earth’s newest superhero, Superman. It’s not going well for the big blue boy scout, as Faora knocks him all across a ruined Smallville restaurant.

“You are weak, son of El. Unsure of yourself,” she says, mocking Kal-El as she smacks him from one building to another. “The fact that you possess a sense of morality and we do not gives us an evolutionary advantage.”

Another blow, this time sending Superman flying all the way into a bank vault — a bank vault that should be familiar to anyone who paid attention to the Man of Steel marketing campaign.

“And if history has proven anything,” Faora says as she arrives to finish the job, “it is that evolution always wins.”


  • DevilMayhem666

    I wonder it was a reference to her other film, Pandorum.

  • achtungtree

    My problem with this is simply how is she aware of the theory of evolution? This is an earth born theory conceptualized by Charles Darwin, yet Faora seems to be oddly familiar with this concept… Maybe Krypton monitors Earth and their theoretical explanations for life more closely than I expected.

  • Kevin Breen

    Or since evolution is how life works, maybe the Kryptonians figured it out for themselves

  • Jacob Rubnitz


  • Jason Clayborn

    Jor-El said Kryptonian civilization is over 100,000 years old… so that’s a certainty.

  • Skydromakk

    More troubling is that all she says about evolution is an incoherent load of rubbish.

  • funkinwolf

    Really? In evolution species often compete for resources and ultimately survival. If Superman refuses to compete and defeat the Kryptonians, the humans will go extinct.

  • Skydromakk

    write down what she says bit by bit and explain to me how what you just said relates to what she said in any way.

    Hint: It doesn’t.

  • funkinwolf

    She’s saying Evolution doesn’t give a shit about morality when two separate groups compete over limited habitat or resources. It’s an amoral process. Whatever species is better adapted will ‘win’. For example. Humans lack of morality towards Mammoths ensured their extinction. Superman’s morality thanks to being raised like a modern human, Means he will never quickly kill and thus never be able to do what is necessary to gain victory over his enemy.

  • Skydromakk

    An explanation on its own is not what I was after, that doesn’t show how you got from A to B. But whatever. Evolution is indeed a process so saying it always wins or doesn’t give a shit about morality as nonsensical as saying a beam of light is never sad. Let’s come back to what she is saying though, she is not characterising evolution as an amoral process. She is saying “The fact that you possess a sense of morality and we do not gives us an
    evolutionary advantage.” Not just an advantage in this given situation, an evolutionary advantage. Quite a statement. Notice also that the two subjects in this declaration are him and the Kryptonians. Humanity is not mentionned, not part of the conversation. She is comparing their odds of survival and reproduction with his. Ignoring for a second that Kryptonian natural selection has quite clearly been arrested by genetic engineering and that her and Superman are the exact same species and therefore would be constituted much the same way, lacking morality cannot systematically be an evolutionary advantage and most often isn’t. Morality certainly has little to do with the outcome of this fight.
    If she was saying anything like what you suggest she’s saying, it would just about passable. But she’s not.

  • Alvik

    “Evolution always wins” makes no fucking sense