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World War Z Extended Clip Races For the Rooftops

The running dead are sprinting into theaters this weekend with World War Z. Ahead of the release, Paramount Pictures has debuted an extended clip from the zombie drama.

The clip focuses on Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), a retired investigator for the United Nations who’s called back into action when a zombie pandemic breaks out across the globe. Here, Gerry is seen with his family — his wife Kerry (The Killing star Mireille Enos) and their two children — as they race to a rooftop to board a helicopter away from all the hell that’s broken loose. The clip offers a very brief look at another notable actor, Lost star Matthew Fox, playing a Navy SEAL operative who drops in to save the Lanes.

World War Z invades theaters on June 21.


  • Matt

    I literally just got home from going to the NY premiere of the film and I must say that its a different feeling zombie movie then others. Its very tense and Claustrophobic (which is odd being many of the scenes in the film are in large areas). I liked it a lot but its possibly the most inaccurate movie adaptation of a book (audio book) ever made.

  • coalminds

    This really looks nothing like the book lol. Why not just use a brand new title if you’re not going to be faithful at all?

  • Matt

    Yeah I agree with you. The best way I can describe the book to the movie is Imagine if when Peter Jackson did Lord of the Rings, instead of following the fellowship and what happened in the books. Imagine that it followed a second group of characters that you didn’t know about but also fraught orcs and goblins and it was just as epic albeit more action based then the book. Oh and the movie was still called Lord of the Rings and starred Brad Pitt. And that’s world war z. The only two things it shares with the source material is the name and zombies (but even the zombies are way different in the movie).