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The Lone Ranger Featurette: ‘This is a Massive Undertaking’

With The Lone Ranger (and his decidedly Deppian partner Tonto) set to ride into theaters in just a couple of weeks, Disney is ratcheting up the marketing to ensure the Western action-adventure is on your radar. To that end, the studio has pushed out a new featurette for the gunslinging blockbuster, revealing what the core of The Lone Ranger is all about.

“This is the origin story of the Lone Ranger — how he became the Lone Ranger, and how Tonto found him,” producer Jerry Buckheimer says in the video below. Director Gore Verbinski adds that these heroes are “outlaws for justice in a very unjust world.”

Beyond the movie being about two men on the pursuit of justice, The Lone Ranger is a movie about size and scope — and to that end, Verbinski and his team relied on practical effects when possible, going so far as to create a functioning train for the film’s massive train heist action set piece.

“This is a massive undertaking,” says Verbinski. “This is really dangerous. Not only is it dangerous; it’s really hard to achieve.”

Watch more in the video:

The Lone Ranger rides on July 3.


  • orphan

    Could care less about this one

  • Jimmy

    I on the other hand am looking forward to it. Nice to see a good family film out there that’s not just CGI Animated.

  • kitty

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