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Travolta Sounds, Looks Ridiculous in First Trailer For Killing Season

If ever Robert De Niro had a recent excuse to bust out, “You talkin’ to me?” The new trailer for director Mark Steven Johnson’s Killing Season would be it.

De Niro stars in the thriller as Benjamin Ford, a military veteran on a retreat in the Appalachian Mountains, trying to forget his days in the Bosnian War. In walks a European man with a sweet chin-strap beard named Emil Kovac (played by … John Travolta?), who strikes up a friendship with Ford … until it’s revealed that Emil is actually a Serbian soldier seeking vengeance against Ford. What follows is something akin to The Most Dangerous Game, except with Travolta sporting a ridiculous accent and equally ridiculous facial hair.

In other words, looks like the best worst movie of the summer. It’s coming on July 12. Watch the trailer below.


  • ushuldknowbetter

    It’s funny, the moment Travolta is outed as a gay man attacks on his work are made. Wellcome to America.

  • Jimmy

    U should know better that it’s not appropriate to claim someone’s gay until they are the one who has said it, not publicity-seeking vermin looking to sell their story to the tabloids.

  • Orphan

    The man had a career at one point and then one day it was gone.This doesn’t stop people from hiring him again and again for dog after dog. It’s like watching The Producers.A skid load of movies made to flop in order to collect guaranteed tax wright offs which is easier than making a good movie in todays competitive market.Want a flop? Just hire Travolta or Eddie Murphy.Wait what a brilliant idea! Just pair them up for an entire series of films and hire Will Smith to produce and Shamalian to direct.

  • Dennis Wilson

    looks good

  • bdoggydog

    NOOOOOOO De Niro whyyyyyy!
    this movie looks like a joke