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Arrow Stars Tease Time Lapse, ‘Game-Changer’ in Season 2

With Arrow’s first season in the bag, cast and crew have already begun teasing what’s coming up for the second season of the hit CW drama, and while speculation has run wild as to the DC Comics mainstays might pay a visit to Starling City, star Stephen Amell’s interview with Access Hollywood will likely spark a new round of theories.

“The thing that makes me most excited about the show is when we were up shooting the pilot, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim came to me with ideas for Season 1. ‘Here’s where we’re looking at taking Season 1.’ I swear to God, all those things happened,” Amell told Access Hollywood. “They sat me down after my last post-production work for Season 1 — Andrew Kreisberg sat me down and gave me the big pitch and after I got the pitch, he said, ‘OK, here’s the game-changer.’ The game-changer is a game-changer — I can’t say [what it is], but it’s something and some people that aren’t just familiar to DC Comics fans. They’re more familiar than Green Arrow.”

Meanwhile, recently promoted series regular Colton Haynes spoke with IGN about where his character Roy Harper might end up for the second season.

“There’s a big time lapse. We’re going to pick up a little later, not right off the bat. So we’re going to have to deal with The Glades and what’s happening to them,” Haynes said. “I think there’s going to be a point where Roy’s going to have to figure out what’s going to be next. Is he hopefully becoming Oliver’s sidekick? What is that going to mean for Thea, because obviously she has no idea that her older brother is the vigilante? There’s a lot of ways it can go, and also there’s a lot to be said about what Willa’s character Thea can become.”

Arrow returns for a second season this fall on The CW.


  • ジョヴァンニ

    I actually have no idea who they might bring on the show.. I’m excited.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    Oh man. I honestly hate the idea of a time skip. It’s just like DC’s stupid One Year Later stunt. Why would we want to see character development when we can see it in hindsight? We already know what the character becomes, so telling me why can only do so much.
    The last season left a lot of hanging plot threads, and I don’t want the results to be shrouded in mystery and revealed to us gradually.That would just be frustrating.

  • Alex H

    After pondering… the only thing I could come up with as being notably more famous than Green Arrow wile still fitting with the tone of being a guy who goes after the corrupt rich – a certain Mr Wayne or Mr Luthor?

  • jakev

    If this is part of the DC film/live action universe then they’ll surely talk about whats happened in MOS and Metropolis. i doubt they’ll get the ‘trinity’ on the show but the extended family of the characters over time would be a possibility.

  • Mark

    My best guess is it’s going to be Ra’as Al Ghul. We already got a pretty big clue that the League of Shadows likely trained Malcolm Merlyn. Since he seems to be royally defeated, Green Arrow needs a bigger villain. Plus the show is very Nolan-esque already, and Al Ghul / League of Shadows was the major villain of two Nolan movies. When Amell says it’s something that is more familar than Green Arrow and not just to DC comic fans, he has to be refencing something from the movies. Most likely not a superhero, because they wouldn’t want to introduce a superhero more popular than Green Arrow. Not as a “game changer”. But a recently popular villain fits the bill.

  • dnwilliams

    I thought Blue Beetle had been suggested a while back.