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Live-Action Gatchaman Trailer Unleashes Science Ninja Action


Japan is ready to roll with Gatchaman. A live-action film based on the 1970s anime that was imported to the United States as Battle of the Planets will land in Japanese theaters in two months, but you can check out the new trailer below in its action-packed glory.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

Set in the near future, Gatchaman follows the story five special agents of the International Science Organization in Tokyo, as they try to protect the world from the mysterious terrorist group who call themselves Galactor. With technology far surpassing that of humans, Galactor has declared war on the entire world and has already subjugated half of it. Trained to draw out the power from the mysterious crystal-like object called a “stone,” our five heroes will be called “Gatchaman.”

Gatchaman, directed by Toya Sato (Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler, Gokusen: The Movie) and written by Yusuke Watanabe (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Gantz), is scheduled to open in Japan on Aug. 24. At this point, no U.S. date has been announced.


  • Adam Hoffman

    Y’know, I’m still disappointed that computer animated Gatchaman movie fell through.

  • Doug Glassman

    If it does get an American release, do you think they’ll call it “Battle of the Planets” to get a bigger audience?

  • coalminds

    This looks awful lol. Eh I’ll probably watch it on Netflix someday.

  • Rod G.


    It’ll still be called GATCHAMAN.

  • Lyle

    It’s interesting to see that the Japanese are not as afraid of costumes as American film makers are.

  • Rodney Rodis

    The only nitpick I have is, why couldn’t they go with a dark pink for Jun instead of purple?

  • dekko

    Looks like it could be fun, in a “somewhere between Power Rangers and Avengers” kinda way. My one nitpick is that I wish the visors were more bird-like and that the capes had the points rather than just be cut straight across like traditional capes. (again, to keep with the bird motif)