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World War Z Spawns a Sequel

The zombie war is far from over. Hot on the heels of its massive worldwide debut, World War Z has been officially greenlit for a sequel.

Paramount Pictures’ Rob Moore tells The Hollywood Reporter that the studio is actively developing a sequel to the Brad Pitt-starring zombie film. The announcement is not a surprise given the past weekend’s box-office results: World War Z scored $66 million in its domestic debut, with a foreign gross of $45.8 million, and a global total of $111.8 million. There’s still a bit to go before World War Z makes up its reported $190 million production budget, but studio brass seem confident that they’ll hit their mark.

Based on the novel by Max Brooks, World War Z centers on a United Nations worker tasked with finding a cure for a global zombie outbreak, all while trying to keep his family safe.


  • Happily LS

    That’s an… interesting decision. 200 million plus the publishing costs, which for a movie like this typically push 100 million… I suppose their accountants know better than me.

    But if they’re making another, why couldn’t they have broken the story up over 3 movies so they could actually follow the book?