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Rumor: Doctor Strange Plot Details Emerge From Sanctum Sanctorum

With Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirming early this year that Doctor Strange is part of the studio’s Phase Three plans, it’s not a matter of if the Master of the Mystic Arts will appear on the big screen but when. And with three unnamed movies on the schedule from 2016 through 2017, that day could arrive sooner rather than later.

Adding further fuel to the fire is a reported script analysis from Latino Review. In the first installment of a multi-part video series planned to roll out in the coming weeks, the site’s El Mayimbe discloses what’s described as the first plot details from Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly’s Doctor Strange script.

Potential spoilers ahead.

According to the report, the film begins with Stephen Strange as a 10-year-old, swimming in a pond with his sister Donna. He sees bright, glowing lights at the bottom of the pond, and soon, his sister is pulled down below. Police cannot find her, and a psychologist tells Stephen’s parents that their son might be going through transference — “that maybe he did something too horrible to contemplate.”

Find out more in the video below.


  • demoncat_4

    interesting if when they do get doctor strange going they would include a sister missing as his motive for becoming sorcer supreme. thought they would just start off with strange starting his search to fix his hands. though can see adding a sister to try and make strange more relatible to movie fans who don’t know much about him.hope the script includes mordo and dormamuu

  • Jeremiah Wolfwood

    this is a little reminiscent of the animated Dr. Strange movie where her death from some cancer motivated him to become a Dr.

  • krujonze

    dont worry still early…and El Mayimbe is incredibly rarely even close to being right. The last thing he talked about was Planet Hulk was most definitely happening and he had been told by someone deep inside Marvels pit….and he couldn’t have been more wrong

  • Wally

    What’s wrong with the original Dr. Strange origin? Why is there a need to add all of this superfluous junk?

  • Grey Mouser

    So we are expected to start waiting 4 years back? Lemme know when we get there!
    They always royally screw up comic movies anyways, compared to the original material. It just makes it worse.