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Independence Day 2 Bringing Back Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman

Captain Steve Hiller is taking a spot on the bench for Independence Day 2. But the alien-invasion sequel won’t fly anywhere without my David.

Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, who starred in the first Independence Day as computer-geek-savior David Levinson and U.S. President Thomas J. Whitmore, respectively, are expected to return for director Roland Emmerich’s upcoming sequel. The director spoke with during a recent Apple Store Q&A, and confirmed that both Goldblum and Pullman “are on board so far” for Independence Day 2.

The news falls in line with what Emmerich said earlier in the week about half of the sequel’s cast being newcomers, and the other half being veterans from the first Independence Day. It also provides some hope that Judd Hirsch could return to play David’s father. But all bets are off on ID4-2, a project that even Emmerich describes as “unusual.”

As of now, the sequel is set for release on July 3, 2015.


  • ATK

    This time the aliens are using Lynix.

  • Me

    Does Lynix have a spell checker?

  • Angelo Fagony

    I don’t care about Will Smith, but please, please get Judd Hirsch back. He made the film.

  • A.Q. Butterfield

    Looks like SOMEONE doesn’t realize Jeff Goldblum is dead…

    Anyway, I’m still hoping for zombie-Quaid.

  • moo083

    Him and Harvey Fierstein.

  • John Gawronski

    SOMEONE should tell Jeff Goldblum. Maybe he’ll quit using up our food and oxygen.

  • rpitera

    Goldblum’s alive. It’s just his career that’s dead.