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Marvel Wants to Talk to Vin Diesel

Fast 5

Could Vin Diesel be bringing some of his Fast and the Furious fans to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The action star revealed Wednesday on his Facebook page that, “Marvel has requested a meeting … no idea what for … haha, you probably know better than me …”

The post is reminiscent of Frank Grillo’s tweets in October about possibly joining Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel apparently wasn’t pleased with the actor’s announcement, but he landed the role of Crossbones anyway.

Diesel’s post is vague, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about which project Marvel may have in mind. The Guardians of the Galaxy cast hasn’t been nailed down, so maybe he’s being eyed for the role of Groot. As Variety notes, The Avengers 2 director Joss Whedon hasn’t cast Thanos yet, either. And then there’s the studio’s Phase Three slate, which is only now beginning to take shape.


  • Mike Luoma

    Have they already cast Drax? Just curious…

  • joe

    the wrestler bautista is playing drax i think

  • Alex W

    Could the unannounced Phase 3 film be Iron Fist?

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Imperius Rex!


    Absorbing Man

  • citizenmilton

    Luke Cage

  • Andy Synn

    I could see him delivering a stellar “I AM GROOT!”

  • KraziJoe

    I can see that. His acting ability is close to that of a tree.

  • akkadiannumen

    They should’ve grabbed him ten (or fifteen) years ago. What for is the mystery. I can’t think of a hero he’d be right to play. Perhaps a villain. He has the right look, attitude and voice for that. That said, I can’t help feeling it’d be a waste to use him for a villain.

  • lewis4510

    Maybe they want him to voice Rocket Raccoon. Which would be cool with me. It would be funny to hear his voice delivering Rocket’s lines. A creature you’d expect to have a high pitched voice.

  • Hi There

    I was thinking he’d be legit for Drax as well, unaware that had already been cast.

  • mel


  • Ozymandas


  • Ken

    Um, can Marvel please reconsider this? He obviously has no real interest in the Marvel U and is a terrible actor. Let him toil away on Riddick and the inane F&F movies. Just please, no.

  • Michael Drew

    I love Diesel and think he could fit into a few places in the Marvel Universe!

  • bob

    i find it funny that people are saying that Marvel, a company built on muscle bound heroes, shouldn’t use a muscle bound actor in a movie.
    Vin Diesel would be a great Luke Cage, technically Vin is black!

  • bearytrek

    go against type and cast him as Dr Strange…

  • Mike t


  • Tim Grimm

    He’d make a great Crusher Creel (AKA The Absorbing Man) for a HULK, THOR or AVENGERS movie…

  • JAV


  • David Fullam

    His skills as an actor leave us only one option, Awesome Android.

  • Arrowcar?

    I imagine Diesel’s talents could land him the part of thug 2.

  • Tom

    He really would be the perfect Absorbing Man.

  • AB


  • Midgilante

    The Rock is already casted as Luke Cage.

  • Joe

    He is clearly going to voice Rocket Raccoon. I bet money on it.