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Resident Evil 6 to Shoot This Fall

resident evil-retribution

The longest-running, and most successful, video-game film franchise in history will begin shooting its next installment this fall. While talking to about his current film Pompeii, writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson confirmed a general start date for Resident Evil 6, and talked a little about zombies.

“As a teenager I used to love zombie flicks,” he said. “They were very, very popular with directors like [George A.] Romero and [Lucio] Fulci. That’s one of the reasons I created the first Resident Evil; I looked at the genre and thought, ‘Wow, I used to love this stuff and nobody had made a zombie film for over a decade,’ so I decided to make one. It ended up being the first in a whole slew of undead films.

“I think the undead genre really plays to primal human fears. That kind of stuff never goes out of fashion. The themes of a zombie story are always good; they make for good filmmaking.”

In March, when Anderson and star Milla Jovovich signed on for the sixth film, we noted that it just might be the final installment, as the writer/director intended to tell a second trilogy. The series stars Jovovich as Alice, a woman battling the evil, zombie-creating Umbrella Corporation.

At this point, the release date is fairly up in the air. As SuperHeroHype points out, studio Screen Gems gave the film a Sept. 12, 2014 release date, while Jovovich recently said she “imagined” the film would open in 2015. Our money’s on the studio having a better idea, but as we’ve seen, these things are pretty fluid.


  • Leon Kennedy

    Correction TJ,
    Paul W. S. Anderson didn’t direct all 6 films. He only directed RE 1,4, and 5. Alexander Witt directed RE 2 and Russell Mulchay directed RE 3

  • Just Jonny

    Milla Jovovich plays Alice. Is anything in this report correct?

  • Shalaan

    These need to stop… the second one was the last good one because it was an actual zombie movie and stayed somewhat true to the games. Now they’re all just crappy…

  • Dfc

    Does it really matter? The games aren’t the same anymore, the movies are just fun, they aren’t susposed to fantastic. They’re susposed to be 2 of just action and just that.

  • cs

    These movies get way to much heat. They know what they are! They know they aren’t A movies. Please, these movies where B movie with pride. They are great fun and thats it. I leave my brain at the door and take in the awesome awesome action and beautiful visuals. Seriously, how sharp does Retribution look? They (the movies) and Milla should get a little more respect for what they have managed to do over the course of 5 films, box office wise.

  • Thomas Rius

    Sublime storylines were posted on a page on Facebook (Resident Evil 6: Afterbirth/Armageddon). I read the two storylines (RE 6: Part 1 and 2), and I can tell you that these creation is incredible. I am hoping that someone contacts Sir Paul WS Anderson and tell about this thing. I want the storylines written by such genius fan of RE to be implemented for the film. I can not wait to see the FILMS. And I will give credit for the author of the storylines. Thank You.

  • Trom Ursa

    Excellent two storylines were shared at Two thumbs Up.

  • Aquarius Ryuki

    I read a part 1 of RE 6 film and it is downloadable on this link:
    It is really nice. I cAN’T wait for the film. Love you Milla and Paul. i am a huge fan of yours.