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Could Long-Discussed Hellboy 3 Find a Home at Legendary?


Legendary Pictures, the company that produced 300, Watchmen, all three Christopher Nolan Batman films and  Man of Steel, could add another high-profile comics adaptation to its roster. Maybe.

ShockTilYouDrop recently spoke with Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro and star Ron Perlman, both of whom commented the possibility of a third film in the franchise setting up at Legendary.

“I hate giving pieces about it,” del Toro said, “but last night, we were at dinner and Ron said, ‘I would be very happy to do Hellboy again, when are we doing Hellboy 3?’ [Legendary head] Thomas [Tull] said, ‘I would love to see Hellboy 3.’ He didn’t say he would love to do it he just said he’d like to see it, but today, I’ll ask him.”

The website also spoke to Perlman, who said, “Not just anybody can make this movie,” he said. “I loved working for Legendary and I know for Guillermo working on Pacific Rim was one of his greatest experiences. The reason I loved working for them is because Guillermo was so happy. I came in six months into the shoot and he seemed as fresh as a daisy, simply because he was working for someone who appreciated and supported his outlandish visions of what he wanted to put on the screen. My immediate, silent wish was, wouldn’t it be great if these guys came in and helped resolve the Hellboy series.”

Hellboy and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army were released by Universal Pictgures. While Legendary is now partnered with Warner Bros., Variety recently reported that their relationship will dissolve at the end of the year. The shingle has been looking for a new studio to partner up with in an effort to have more control over its properties. Tull commented that rights issues would have to be worked out in order for Legendary to make Hellboy 3, but the process would probably go a lot smoother if Universal and Legendary joined forces moving forward. Sony and Fox are also still in the running for a partnership.

In 2011 Hellboy creator Mike Mignola said he was pretty sure del Toro wouldn’t return for Hellboy 3, noting the director’s busy schedule.

Pacific Rim opens July 12.


  • David Sanchez

    I hope this happens. I need to see it.

  • Dave Brink

    Me too!

  • Zagreus

    They have to do it soon, Perlman is getting old…

  • Abe Sapien

    TJ, you need to revise your article. Hellboy and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army weren’t both released by Universal Pictgures. Hellboy was released by New Line Cinema and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army was released by Universal after New Line passed on the sequel.

  • demoncat_4

    i hope this happens for the trilogy needs to have its last chapter. even if it means del torro will proably have to wait till he is done with it now to do at the mountains of madness .

  • skeleton

    Abe…It was not New Line it was Revolution Picture…

  • Jay

    … and released by Sony.

  • Jacques

    absolutely love all that Mignola does in comics/books, liked the first movie, loved most of the second movie(not sure about the HB/Liz kids though?)…hopefully they can get this issue(and series) resolved.