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The Giver Casts Maleficent Star

brenton thwaites

The Giver has finally found its receiver.

Deadline reports that Maleficent actor Brenton Thwaites has been cast in the lead role opposite Jeff Bridges in The Giver, The Weinstein Company’s adaptation of the Lois Lowry 1993 novel. Thwaites plays Jonas, a young member of a dystopian society who is selected to become “the Receiver of Memory,” a job currently held by an older man played by Bridges. As the current Receiver bonds with and passes memories of an older life down to Jonas, the new Receiver begins to discover the colorful lies surrounding his society.

Filming on The Giver is expected to begin this fall in South Africa, with Bridges and Nicky Silver producing alongside Harvey Weinstein and others. There is currently no director attached to the project.


  • Randy

    That dude is not young enough for the role by any stretch of the imagination. Whatever, I’m still excited as hell for this. That was my favourite novel as a kid and Jeff Bridges is one of my favourite actors

  • Alex W

    I read this book for novel study in grade 8. For some reason when I read it I thought of the giver as David Carradine. Too bad that can’t happen anymore.

  • MW

    I remember reading this when I was younger, and not liking it one bit. But I do like Jeff Bridges, so…