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Despicable Me 2 proves likable at the box office as The Lone Ranger falters


The Lone Ranger proved no match for Gru and his minions, as Despicable Me 2 brought in $142.1 million at the North American box office from Wednesday through Sunday — almost three times the total of the poorly reviewed Johnny Depp-Armie Hammer Western, which brought in $48.9 million.

The Hollywood Reporter is calling The Lone Ranger the third “Big-Budget Bomb of Summer,” after White House Down and After Earth, as Disney’s reboot cost at least $250 million to produce. The movie reunited producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Gore Verbinski and Depp, whose Pirates of the Caribbean franchise proved successful for the House of Mouse. Overseas, the film brought in $29.4 million in 24 markets, for a worldwide total of $78.3 million.

Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me 2, on the other hand, had one of the best showings of all time for an animated film and came in just ahead of what Toy Story 3 earned in its first five days. The sequel, which featured the voice of Steve Carrell as Gru, was the No. 1 film this weekend in 42 of the 45 countries where it was playing and has brought in $293.2 million worldwide thus far.

Overall, the North American box office brought in $222 million in three days — higher than the previous Independence Day three-day weekend record set in 2011, according to Variety. Following Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger at the North American box office were The Heat, which brought in $25 million from Friday to Sunday, followed by Monsters University, which brought in $19.6 million over those three days. World War Z rounded out the top five with 18.2 million.


  • John Martin

    If the youngsters like the exploits of supervillain type minions and want more, they will love the fourth book installment of VORDAK THE INCOMPREHENSIBLE: Time Travel Trouble! On sale in August. Vordak has to deal with incompetent silly minions from pre historic times and the middle ages!

  • Immanuel

    I just couldn’t get past Johnny Depp as Tonto. I’m not Native American but seemed like a horrible idea. Combined with most of the trailers and commercials focusing on Depp, I just figured my money would be better kept for Pacific Rim.

  • atalex

    I’m surprised Lone Ranger is doing so poorly. The very first time I saw a picture of Johnny Depp wearing clown makeup and dead bird on his head, I was certain his sensitive and dignified portrayal of a Native American would lead to Oscar buzz and a huge box office, as opposed to, I dunno, an utter catastrophe.

  • PimpDaddy2099

    Since Lone Ranger bombed, i guess Disney won’t be going ahead with producing a big-screen version of Silver Spoons. *Siiiiiigh*

  • Chuck777

    Depp is partially Native American.

  • Chuck777

    Disney should have moved the release date for the Lone Ranger to some where else. It was obviously going to get stomped by Despicable Me 2.

  • Mikey Wood

    Depp is “partially Native American” the way that I’M “partially Native American”. Somewhere down the line I, according to my grandmother on my father’s side, have a sliver of Lenape in my family tree. It’s ceertainly not enough to identify myself as “of native American descent”.

    But, I suppose, I’m not some big-time Hollywood star. Johnny Depp could say he was one-millionth Martian and people would be fine with it.

  • Mikey Wood

    To be honest, his make-up and dress were the only things that WERE accurate.

  • Mikey Wood

    It’s funny…A few months ago, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg all but warned us that this was going to happen. That there were going to be a string of mega-budget flops which would change the way Hollywood approaches things.

    And here we are…witnessing it.

  • Chris

    Lone Ranger was a fun movie and would have done alright it they didn’t try to make it a big budget blockbuster. Westerns generally don’t do big box office and putting over 200 million into production on one was risky, even if Depp is involved. Additionally, most of the big budget action was not necessary to the movie. This would have done a lot better as an October or Novemeber release with one third less train-wreck action scenes.

  • demoncat_4

    not surprised sadly the lone ranger did not do good box office wise for movie goers really don’t know the character of the lone ranger. plus johnny depp should have never played tonto maybe the lone ranger. for johny look as tonto was all wrong espiclaly that crow headress. and make up .

  • vpuik

    They ruined to movie with Johnny Depp. On top of that hey should have cut about 100m out of the budget. Does anyone want to watch a CGI western?

  • Chuck777

    I’ve never had a problem with people of one ethnic backgrounds playing characters of different ethnic backgrounds. I don’t see the problem in letting Depp play Tanto, or the Rock playing a Hawaiian King, or anyone else really. If they look the part, then go for it.

  • Chuck777

    Depp saved that movie. Also, what CGI? They blended 90% of it with the real props, sets and backgrounds.

  • vpuik

    The point I was making was that if you can’t ride a real horse on top of a moving train, you probably shouldn’t put it into a movie.
    I haven’t even seen the movie. Just basing my ‘review’ on the previews. :) The movie might actually be better than the preview.
    Maybe I’ll see it at one point, but I really am sick of Depp playing the same character over and over again. His recent movies make Ben Stiller seem like Daniel Day-Lewis. :)