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Lionsgate Responds to ‘Ender’s Game’ Boycott Threats

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Responding to a planned boycott of director Gavin Hood’s adaptation of Ender’s Game over author Orson Scott Card’s writings about homosexuality and his opposition to same-sex marriage, Lionsgate Entertainment this afternoon released a statement reiterating its support of gays and lesbians and announcing a benefit premiere for the film:

As proud longtime supporters of the LGBT community, champions of films ranging from GODS AND MONSTERS to THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER and a Company that is proud to have recognized same-sex unions and domestic partnerships within its employee benefits policies for many years, we obviously do not agree with the personal views of Orson Scott Card and those of the National Organization for Marriage.  However, they are completely irrelevant to a discussion of ENDER’S GAME.  The simple fact is that neither the underlying book nor the film itself reflect these views in any way, shape or form.  On the contrary, the film not only transports viewers to an entertaining and action-filled world, but it does so with positive and inspiring characters who ultimately deliver an ennobling and life-affirming message. Lionsgate will continue its longstanding commitment to the LGBT community by exploring new ways we can support LGBT causes and, as part of this ongoing process, will host a benefit premiere for ENDER’S GAME.

Scott, who remained silent earlier this year during the backlash that followed the announcement he would write a Superman story for DC Comics (it was subsequently postponed when the artist left the project), issued his own statement about the boycott earlier this week: “Ender’s Game is set more than a century in the future and has nothing to do with political issues that did not exist when the book was written in 1984. With the recent Supreme Court ruling, the gay marriage issue becomes moot. The Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution will, sooner or later, give legal force in every state to any marriage contract recognized by any other state. Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute.”

A board member of the National Organization for Marriage, a group dedicated to the opposition of same-sex marriage, the author has tried to link homosexuality to childhood molestation, and advocated home-schooling to ensure children “are not propagandized with the ‘normality’ of ‘gay marriage.’” Following rulings by “dictator-judges” in 2008 that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, Card infamously endorsed a government overthrow.

Opening Nov. 1, Ender’s Game stars Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley.


  • Chuck777

    We should not judge an artist’s work based upon what we know about the artist personally. There are a lot of artists who are whacked out and crazy but that doesn’t affect people’s opinion of their work. This shouldn’t either.

    Gay Marriage was an issue but no longer. Time to move on because he’s not standing between you and the word marriage.

    (Note, strong supporter of equal rights for LGBT couples)

  • Andy

    The guy spends his money trying to ruin gay people’s lives. I’m in no hurry to give him more of it.

  • magruber

    Van Gogh sliced his ear off in an attempt to win a woman. a messed up action. yet we love his art. Why do we have to care about somebodies political views when their art isnt a reflection of it? and yes, Gay Marriage is Political now. One party is against, one party is pro.

  • Benjamin J

    Controllin’ that damage like a mofo.

    At least they took a definitive stance as being pro-gay rights instead of some nebulous “We neither condone nor condemn” corporate speak statement.

  • joefromnc

    Wrong. He uses the money he gains from these uses of his works to openly support organized bigotry.

  • joefromnc

    No. One party is ‘make up your own mind’, and the other party is ‘everyone must do as we say is right’.

  • Ken Leonard

    Why not?

    If someone feels that this is an appropriate way to express his or her opinion, who are you to say that they shouldn’t do it.

    Boycotts are part of the national discourse. That’s just the way it is.

  • Mike Lawrence

    I’ve struggled with supporting this movie, since I strongly disagree with Card’s views on marriage equality. My wonderful wife came up with a great solution, I donate at least DOUBLE my ticket price to a LGTB charity of my choice. I’ve mentioned this plan to my friends (gay and straight) and it is starting to catch on. I think its an elegant way to separate an artist from the art, there are tons of artists who I disagree with (Roald Dahl’s anti-semitism being a shining example), but I still enjoy the original Willie Wonka move.

    If you see Ender’s Game, donate double your ticket price to charity!

  • amp69

    Marriage equality is still an issue!

  • Greg N

    Andy just spelled it out, Card uses his money to oppress equal rights that’s why we should judge the artist. The money from his work goes to his sick ways as he is a major player for the NOM

  • purgmc

    Van Gogh sliced off his own ear without harming anyone else. Card has used his influential position in his church and through the public forum to spew his hate filled policies and politics. To compare the two is absurd.

  • Zach

    “There’s always moral instruction whether the writer inserts it deliberately or not. The least effective moral instruction in fiction is that which is consciously inserted. Partly because it won’t reflect the storyteller’s true beliefs, it will only reflect what he BELIEVES he believes, or what he thinks he should believe or what he’s been persuaded of.

    But when you write without deliberately expressing moral teachings, the morals that show up are the ones you actually live by. The beliefs that you don’t even think to question, that you don’t even notice– those will show up. And that tells much more truth about what you believe than your deliberate moral machinations.”

    –Orson Scott Card

  • Rog

    Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to tell which party is which these days. Look at you… you’re saying that yours is the right opinion on the matter. Hypocrite.

  • mike payton

    Why don’t you go to Iran and preach “tolerance” of gays to the radical Muslims for awhile. Then maybe when you see dozens of your ‘activists’ beheaded and hanging off bridges, you’ll have a bit more perspective on a point of view that just disagrees with you, but doesn’t actually ****ing kill you.

    Or you can just keep pretending you’re special little princesses who everyone must always agree with. Meanwhile the 96.5% of America that isn’t gay will just keep getting less and less tolerant as you keep making fools of yourselves like this.

  • Rog

    Then stop reading books, or going to movies altogether, because everyone has an agenda, some worse than others, and the money that you pay is going to that as well. But I guess ignorance is bliss, unless a hot topic is attached to it.

  • mike payton

    Everyone must agree with gays and killing babies in the womb or be banished from the Democrat party. No independent thought allowed by the leftists.

  • LightningBug

    It is completely wrong to suggest that “Gay Marriage was an issue but no longer”. The issue is far from settled, and if even a single dime of my money goes to supporting NOM or any such organization, I cannot abide that. Since it is safe to assume that Card will be payed for this movie, then I will not be watching it. Simple as that. This boycot sounds like a great idea to me.

  • mike payton

    I’m going to donate a ticket to the local children’s hospital in your name.

  • Elias Algorithm

    That’s great for your guilt but they still make money.

  • mike payton

    Has he advocating killing gays? No…? He just doesn’t think that anyone should be forced to recognize gay marriage if their faith believes it’s wrong. BTW, all three major faiths believe it’s wrong. Jews and Christians just don’t behead gays, so it’s okay to call them names. You’re a coward and will never call out Muslims who actually murder homosexuals.

    You. Are. A. Coward.

  • Elias Algorithm

    Why don’t you tone it down a pit and pick your battles? You’re not helping anyone. least of all yourself. It’s a news site. You’re yelling at the choir.

  • jeff

    Are you seriously suggesting that heterosexual people will grow more intolerant of gay people because of people fighting for equality in America? That’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve heard all day.

  • rasslor56

    Sorry, but there are gay marriage bans still active in many states–We call that an issue. When same sex marriage is the law of the land–THEN it will cease being an issue. You support LGBT rights or OSC and his NOM. You cannot do both without sounding hypocritical.
    And as far as your first point, supporting any such artist financially, is the same as supporting his causes. You can’t tell him where to spend the money. You CAN deny him the money.

  • rasslor56

    The party that wants deny someone civil rights is wrong.

  • rasslor56

    Those are choices everyone makes. If you choose to support hate, that identifies your character, and how people will deal with you.

  • joefromnc

    You will still be monetarily supporting open bigotry. Only 50%, I get it, but your money will still go to support NOM.

  • rasslor56

    Or maybe you should go there and preach anything–and get shot in 12 seconds or less. Your statement is asinine/ We do not have to put up with intolerance at ANY level if our civil rights are abridged. Believe me, if some government official said “You cannot have sex with a woman at all.” You would be all-holy-hell pissed off. YOU need a dose of perspective.

  • Mike Lawrence

    true, but the charity will make more. Plenty of artists are horrible people, and I think its possible to appreciate a piece of art while disagreeing with the artist (so long as the message of the artwork isn’t the horrible part). Its a blessing/curse of social media that we know so much about the people behind the books/paintings/movies that we love. I fell in love with Ender’s Game before I knew about Card’s beliefs. Its not a perfect solution by any means, but I think it redirects the negative aspect of Card for something positive.

  • Mike

    He has advocated putting them in jail. Several times.

  • Dale Lazarov

    Holy shit. This production started 3 years ago. OSC joined NOM 4 years ago. Lionsgate goose is cooked. If they’re such an LGBT-supportive company, WHY DID THEY NOT FREAKIN’ KNOW WHO THEY WERE DOING BUSINESS WITH?? I mean, *I* knew in 1992 and I was not a specialist prose SF reader.

  • Rod Townsend

    For every dollar you give the Klu Klux Klan will you give an African American twice the number of hugs?

  • Rod Townsend

    Maybe the ticket will go to an LGBT youth that was beaten in his school as his classmates thought it was an okay thing to do because of organizations like NOM.

  • Rod Townsend

    Boycott ‘threats’? No, it’s a capital-‘b’ Boycott. I’m not putting money in the pocket of a homophobe.

  • Mike Lawrence

    ouch, not sure that’s a fair comparison, but I see your point.

  • Mike_Martinez

    Who are these people kidding? This has everything to do with ignoring Card’s disgusting views about his fellow Americans and indeed his fellow human beings, Lion’s Gate got caught with their pants down. In their rush to grab Gen X and Y dollars, they completely ignored Card’s long record of intolerance and hate. They merely saw an old but popular book they could exploit. Card is a producer on the movie which means any profit the movie makes he gets a percentage of. Anyone who doesn’t want their money going to his hateful causes should keep their money firmly in their pockets. Wait until the movie gets pirated. Pay the pirates not the hate monger. The only shame is the actors who appear in this movie will be forever tainted by their participation. Either Lion’s Gate was tone deaf to the issues or they knew about them and hoped that the public would be too stupid to connect Card, his hate, and their movie.

  • Elias Algorithm

    No. You don’t even want to give him that kind of power.

  • johnbuoy

    I’ll still keep my folding money in my pocket, thank you very much.

  • johnbuoy

    Van Gogh didn’t actively lobby to have everyone else slice of their ears, now did he? OSC believes that all of the anti-sodomy laws should be reinstated. He also said that he would work to overthrow any government that legalized gay marriage. Now, he has every right to say these pitiful things, but I have the right to keep my money out of his hands.

  • johnbuoy

    Unlike the conservative “Christian” right, Mikey? Get a grip.

  • johnbuoy

    But “Rog”, that’s exactly what we ARE doing! Keeping our money in our wallets. No one is saying he can’t rant, he just can’t force us to give him our cash.

  • johnbuoy

    What a stupid thing to say. Shortly after the DOMA and Prop 8 rulings, gay-bashing increased considerably. When the Civil Rights bill passed. violence against blacks intensified. YOU are the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.

  • gwhiz007

    Can Lionsgate guarantee Card’s not going to use the proceeds and royalties he makes on this movie to fund more anti-gay politics?

  • gwhiz007

    But according to reactions like this, people seem to be arguing Card is entitled to your money.

  • udafe

    As mike said he has called for criminalizing homosexuality. How does that sound like a progrom to round up all the desireables?

  • Elias Algorithm

    I hope you’re right. I disagree a little about the media being involved, Card has never hidden his beliefs.

  • Mike Lawrence

    I’m by no means dead set on this plan. I was thinking about boycott, but when we came up with this idea I ran it by a gay member of my family (recently married!) and they were very supportive of it and planned on spreading the idea among their friends. I was just trying to reconcile liking something made by somebody I disagree with.

  • glantern35

    I feel bad for Lion’s Gate, but oh well. I’ll pass on this movie.

  • glantern35

    Nobody is forcing anyone to recognize gay marriage. We don’t care if you recognize it or not. Why would we? We just want the same rights.

  • Elias Algorithm

    Card does keep digging his own grave, what we’re seeing here is possibly his beliefs causing a full meltdown. There are still a lot of people that enjoy his work and I can’t really fault them. Then he opens his mouth and chases them away too.

  • Mike Lawrence

    too true, his recent response is bafflingly dense. Whining about people being intolerant of his intolerant beliefs

  • Ray Feighery

    Van Gough was mentally ill (bi-Polar as we know it today) and was recognized as such. If OSC was to state his actions were, in fact, due to Mental Illness than many may be more sympathetic.

  • Mia E

    You. Are. Uninformed.

  • John

    See here is the problem everyone is entitled to their own beliefs we will not all agree but as long as the no ones belief harms someone else then they are entitled to believe that way. I know nothing about what say Micheal Bay believes and I really don’t care. I watch his movies if they are good and entertain me what he does on a day to day bases doesn’t come into rather I watch his movies or not. Now Orson Scott Card made his beliefs know to the world and for that if people think they should not see his movie more power to them.

  • jeff

    Right, that totally represents how society as a whole views people of color and LGBTQ…oh wait, we have congressmen and a president who are very much not white, and the people who think gays should be equal under the law is rising. So your statement is flat out wrong.

  • DarthTigris

    “I know nothing about what say Micheal Bay believes and I really don’t care. I watch his movies if they are good and entertain me …”

    Yeah, you lost me completely right there.

  • DarthTigris

    If you don’t want to see the movie due to Card’s beliefs, you completely have that right. Nothing wrong with that one bit.

    My problem? When people make it a point to organize a boycott of a movie that has nothing to do with his beliefs. How is that beneficial to anyone? There are much better ways to address your issues than that.

  • Alex W

    Ladies, gentlemen, there is a very simple solution to this. Don’t go to a theatre and pay to see this movie. You can watch this film without giving Orson Scot-Tard a dime, all through the magical wonders of internet piracy!

  • Ricardo

    My problem is when people use their media prominence to call for the persecution of homosexuals who dare not hide away (Card) and/or when they use their wealth to support organizations that actively campaign to deny rights to others (Card and the money he gives to the National Organization for Marriage).

    The public is responding to Card’s abuse of his position with the one tool they know will work.

  • andrew123456789

    I was cool with Card’s response until he said he wanted us to show tolerance to those who are intolerant. Nope. I’m NOT going to be all “tolerant of your personal opinion,” because an opinion requires actual thinking behind it to be worth more than a piece of chewed up gum. I am, however, in agreement with Lionsgate’s comments, and will decide on watching the film based on previews and reviews. It really was a lovely book.

  • Alex W

    Van Gogh didn’t go around chopping off other people’s ears though.

  • Dennis Caeton

    He cut his ear off because of Paul Gauguin. Why does history always write out the truth?

  • lorex

    I am completely in support of equal mariage rights for all people reguardless of other issues. That being said I am going to see Ender’s Game as a long time fan of the book. As for Mr. Scott’s personal opinions, while I do not agree with him and the various groups he supports he does have the right to express his opinions about any issue in a free society. Also if you looked into the personal opinions of the majority of creative people that create comics, TV, movies, books some people are likely to find something they do not like. Mr Scott just happens to have expressed his views on a emotional divisive issue. I would say judge the art on its own merits not the authors political beliefs.

  • Kat

    Actually, the National Organisation for Marriage (of which OSC is a board member) was a strong supporter of Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill, which put the death penalty on the table for those who repeatedly broke the law by “being gay”. So yes, he has advocated killing gays.

  • Elias Algorithm

    He’ll keep fighting as his ego seeks to outpace George RR Martin.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    It’s absolutely not a fair comparison. Now, maybe handshakes for the Klan and hugs for African Americans is more comparable… but no, please don’t even dignify Rod’s response with a “good point”. Dollars to dollars, apples to apples, oranges to oranges.

    Argue correctly, or not at all.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    Actually, exactly like the conservative right. That’s the point.

  • Frank Rodriguez

    The point is: Card is known to contribute to anti-gay PACs so money from this film (and sequels) will get there.

    That’s why the whole gay marriage trip isn’t enough in itself, it’s just an issue to be ruled on. Card’s soul will be on trial for eternity.

  • Frank Rodriguez

    And the art wins! We can have boycotting AND pure aestheticism!

  • JozefAL

    And his action had NOTHING to do with his artwork, now did it?

    (It’s also worth noting that, in reality, van Gogh was mentally disturbed when he cut off his ear–and there’s really no evidence that he cut it off “in an attempt to win a woman.” The reality is that he was in a brothel when he cut off part of his ear and gave it to a prostitute, asking her to take care of it.)
    Of course, there IS the fact that Orson Scott Card actually recommended that the government should be overthrown if marriage equality became a reality. That’s not some distant “youthful” indiscretion; that was his stance just FIVE YEARS AGO.
    I really don’t give a crap about Card’s “art” not being a “reflection” of his politics. But just ask yourself this: Would you be defending Card quite as much if he were fighting against interracial relationships and marriage?

  • JozefAL

    Well, when you show me a SINGLE case of a “baby” being killed because the mother was FORCED to do so (and only in the US, if you don’t mind), I’ll give your rant more than a second of consideration.

    Now, if you’ll also tell me how “killing babies in the womb” affects YOU personally, again–a bit more consideration will be given.

    I’ll also point out that NO Democrat has EVER been “banished” from the DemocratIC Party (you right-wing shill) for opposing either gay rights or being anti-choice. I CAN show you Republicans who HAVE been “banished” from the GOP for supporting gay rights or being pro-choice.
    You might want to look up the name “Bart Stupak” and see what that Democrat did regarding abortion rights.

  • JozefAL

    No. The charity will only “make more” if EVERYONE does that.

  • TheGr81SLASH

    I’ll be boycotting…. not like I ever go see movies anyway, seeing as they are remade/re-imaged tripe.

  • david

    Don’t know what the big deal is about the movie honestly. Last time I checked, a person has the right to believe in what he or she chooses in this country. His beliefs do not have anything to do with the movie. And if everyone is going to be so worried about that, don’t spend your money on the movie. Boycott if you like, it is your right.

    Look, the majority will always be in favor of heterosexual marriages. It is just plain and simple biology. Millions of years went into it and not much is really going to change it no matter what anyone thinks or what tools are used. Tolerance is a two way street folks.

  • JozefAL

    Yes, we have a president who is “very much not white” and if you’ve bothered to pay the least bit of attention to the political world since Jan 20, 2009, you’d have noticed there is more than a little bit of resentment that a “very much not white” man is President. And more than a few PERSONAL attacks on that man based on that “very much not white” aspect.

    And if you really think that “society as a whole” has changed its perspective on people of color, just look at the Trayvon Martin case and ask yourself, “If Zimmerman had been black and Martin had been white, but everything else about the case remained the same, would Zimmerman’s current defenders be defending him or getting the lethal injection cocktail ready for him?”

  • coalminds

    More bullying from America’s biggest bullies.

  • Richard Williams
  • Hood_Ninja

    I’m going to watch it simply for the love of the THEATRE!! His personal opinions don’t mean anything to me, why should I care… *ninja smoke*

  • thesnappysneezer

    A lot of people like Van Gogh, in part, because of the romance of his eccentric personality, this is not a good comparison. A better comparison is that a lot of people like Roman Polanski films and he fled the US under charges of child molestation. People still like Mamas and the Papas despite Mackenzie Phillips allegations he molested her, and then there are the Michael Jackson allegations, the Naked Gun films with OJ Simpson in them among other things. these are better comparisons. Do we judge these things we like and love and always have loved, like many love Ender’s Game, despite our disdain of the actions of their creators?

  • ls1200

    I don’t give a damn about this movie and probably won’t be wasting my time watching it, but yours seems like the reasonable solution.

  • ls1200

    He’s done some non-horrible stuff. Be fair.

  • Steven Capsuto

    This is not about a disagreement on marriage laws. Card’s views on marriage are part of his broader, decades-long vendetta against gay people. To cite just a few examples: In the 1990s, he advocated putting gay people in jail. In 2004, he wrote an essay claiming that gay people run around raping kids to turn them queer. And then he has the gall to ask for tolerance of his “opinions.”

    Saying that productive members of society should be denied our freedom because we offend his delicate religious sensibilities – and justifying this through poisonous lies and generalizations – is evil. There’s no other way to describe it.

    I will not support his work. I will not support works derived from his work. There are plenty of fine novelists who are also decent human beings, and I will happily support them instead.

  • ls1200

    How about you just pirate the movie and feel a little bit bad about it until you remember you’re actually doing a good deed?

  • ls1200

    This comparison was really weird. OSC is not a quirky misunderstood genius. He’s a bad person who uses his money to do bad things.

  • Mattashell

    Actions speak louder than words. It is not enough to say “But we like LGTB people.” If Card’s bigotry was limited to statements and feelings, I wouldn’t feel betrayed by this author whom I’ve been a long time fan of, and who’s work has meant a lot to me. But sadly he has taken action, with his time and with his money, to persecute a community of people who never did anything to provoke him.

    So, Lionsgate. You want to turn this around? I suggest you do more than SAY you support the LGTB community. You need to show that portions of the proceeds of this film are countering the harm done by Card and his National Organization for Marriage. Card’s harmful actions were funded in part by us, the fans who bought his books all these years. He’s not getting another cent out of me unless Lionsgate gives something back to the community they claim to support.

  • Dandru

    You’re not understanding the issue–Card doesn’t just have crazy ideas. He actively campaigned to take away Constitutional rights and even wanted to put all gay people in concentration camps. He’s not your typical garden-variety nutcase–he’s far worse.

  • Dandru

    Mike Payton: You are an uneducated, bigoted and ill-informed jackass.

  • Opus

    You know that USA government supported Hitler- did they support Holocaust?

    NOM was not the supporter of Ugandas bills sanctions. One of the emmbers went to Uganda and had a meeting with dignitaries months prior to bill establishment.

    Card is a master of SF, Fantasy and Horror, Homosexuals are just angry because more people in the WORLD care about that, than about their imaginary rights.

    Shame for this disgustijng tactic.

    Opposing it, I suggest boycott of every movie, book and comic and series, written directed acted or done by Homosexuals, or pandering to their lifestyle. I am practicing it since attacks on Card for Superman comics.

  • Dandru

    “Gay Marriage is Political now. One party is against, one party is pro.”

    Wow, that’s a very inaccurate picture of the situation. You really need to read more.

  • Dandru

    What?? Mike, you are so ignorant it’s embarrassing. Seriously, man, finish school.

  • Opus

    Card did no such thing. You should read what he wrrote and explore the concepts of metaphore and literature.

  • Opus

    He did not advocate putting homosexuals in jail. He advocated for a persons of mormon faith to be accepting of them, but that the laws ( religious ones, you do know that laws of various faiths are not favorable to sins ) prohibiting it be kept, and obeyed, as they are part of the scripture. And please, he did not wrote such essay.

    Your imagination is creating falsehoods.

  • Opus

    He is not persecuting anyone. And he did not harm anyone. Homosexuals could always marry, so no rights were ever taken form them. It great that homosexual activists are showing their true colors on this and similar issues – who is the bully really.

  • Zach

    Not even close to 50% though. Card only gets a fraction of the ticket sales, the rest goes to the theater, it’s employees, other people affiliated with the movie, while the charity gets 100% of the amount donated.

  • Apharmd Battler

    well aware of the personal views of Orson Scott Card. That does not
    detract from the an magnificent story. In the work he’s written that
    I’ve personally read, none of his views overtly come into the context,
    and he can think what he likes. And I can disagree, but that does not
    distract from his work. Similar backlash erupted when video game Shadow
    Complex (based on one of his novels) was released a few years back.

  • Images Eye

    Boycott the books if you disagree with Cards position. But boycotting the movie will not affect Card, he already got his money from the licensing of the books for the making of the movie. Boycotting the movie will hurt the studio and the theaters, affecting the income of thousands who likely disagree with Cards position and may well be in same sex relationships and marriages themselves.

  • Anthony

    Orson is free to believe whatever he wants. And I am free to criticize him for those beliefs and not give him my money. Gay marriage is moot? Well he was still on the wrong side of history. Dont care if this movie has nothing to do with politics. Want to my money? At least keep your bigoted views to yourself. I feel a little bad for lionsgate though.

  • Lead Sharp

    I’m not going to see Enders because of Card, I’m not going to see Enders because it looks a bit crap and I can wait for the DvD.

    So Lionsgate…your move.

  • Scoot Pilgirm

    So nice of you to join us Chuck777 all the way from Lionsgate Studios! You seem like a nice guy but I’m still not going to go see your movie…

  • Steven Capsuto

    I was referring to Card’s support of state-level sodomy laws. There is no ambiguity in his 1990s comments. As further evidence, after a 2003 Supreme Court ruling struck down all sodomy laws in the U.S., Card said he was giving up that crusade as a lost cause. “NOW THAT THE LAW HAS CHANGED I have no interest in criminalizing homosexual acts.”

    This cannot be a reference to Mormon law because the Church’s rules on homosexuality have not changed. What changed was laws in some 15 states (including Utah) that, until 2003, had made homosexual acts punishable by jail time.

    Card has said that in judging his earlier support of treating gay people as criminals, we should not consider him prejudiced, because he was just playing to his Mormon audience. That’s like saying you’re not racist because you only make “n*gger jokes” when there are no black people in the room. What matters is what you said, not who you thought was in earshot.

    His full comment after the 2003 court ruling was that he no longer would pursue criminalization of homosexuality (since the court had made that a lost cause), but that he stands by the portions of the original essay that dealt with Church policy. Perhaps that is where your misunderstanding came from.

  • Steven Capsuto

    Yes, he has every right to his opinions (note that no one is trying to lock him up, engage in prior restraint, etc.). However, we also have the right to express our displeasure by boycotting his work. Free expression all around.

  • Steven Capsuto

    We’re also talking about a guy who, just five years ago, said that if the federal courts ever recognize gay marriage, he would seek to bring down and destroy the U.S. government. Not just an administration he disagrees with, mind you , but the U.S. government.

    Given this long and disturbing history, don’t be surprised if some LGBT people and our allies are willing to show him only slightly more tolerance than he has shown us.

  • Steven Capsuto

    Opus. No, YOU should go read what he wrote. It is unambiguous.

  • Steven Capsuto

    If this author were an outspoken modern-day anti-Semitic, anti-black or anti-almost-anything-else activist, we wouldn’t be having conversations about separating the artist from his work. But somehow, anti-LGBT hatred is given a pass as being just an “opinion,” like opinions on whether Rocky Road is the yummiest ice cream ever.

    Card has deliberately spread malicious lies about LGBT people, insinuating that homosexuality is spread largely by gay people raping children. Until the battle for sodomy laws was lost in the Supreme Court in 2003, he advocated putting us in jail. He has said that if the courts ever legalize same-sex marriage he will seek to bring down the U.S. government as a whole. And he is not just some street-corner crackpot advocating these things: he is a wealthy man who has put his time and money into enshrining these views in civil law.

    To return to my original point: if he had advocated discrimination against or imprisonment of members of any other group, we absolutely would not be having this discussion.

  • Chuck777

    Just read into what OSC does with his group and the things he has said. He isn’t just against LGBT he’s vehemently anti-gay. I now see why a Boycott is warranted.

  • Chuck777

    And what percentage of the donated money goes to the actual cause and what percentage goes to the executive’s bank account?

  • Chuck777

    I take back what I said after reading into what OSC has said and supported. It’s one thing to say you don’t believe in Gay Marriage quite another to support the imprisonment of gays, the re-introduction of anti-sodomy laws and overthrowing the government because his side lost a court case.

  • demoncat_4

    one should not judge and refuse to see a film just because of certain distasteful views . for if some one wants to see enders game they will. not because of the views of its creator. for one either wants to see enders game because they enjoy the book or not want to because its not their film type. though scotts views may still in the end affect its box office take.

  • Opus

    Again: He said or wrote no such thing. Card is a master of literature. He uses metaphors and stylistic figures. Please read his statements as they are written and do not put meaning in it that you heard from somebody who is incapable of understanding said virtues of the written word.

    Anyway> I support Cards rights to express his views. I also agree to his views. People can go and boycott what ever they see fit. Here,they will fail.

    I for myself did not see Hobbit, because it is a congress of homosexual actors, Fast and Furious VI for the same reason , Man of Steel, etc, do not watch Arrow, ofr Hanniball or Bates Motel or American Horror Story or Modern Family or whatnot, and do not buy books written by homosexuals. As a fan of SF Fantasy and Horror it is easy since there arte like 0 important authors of that preference.

    Please be as intolarant and boycotty as you see fit. Just dont expect that it wont backfire or turn people from bveing simpathetic to your cause. Or empower the othe side.

  • Opus

    It will perhaps in America. In the world iit will not. He is already proven victim of a homosexual bullying and persecution for Superman book. I guarantee you, as were in contact with russian fans that it just makes him a hero there.

    I am a great fan of Card but I did not like Enders Game, yet am in awe of the other three books of the first cycle, and originally did not plan for going to theater to watch it, opting for DVD rental, but now i will go see it and get people to go see it in theaters.

  • Opus

    Homosexual activists do not have a concept of tolerance. They are simply bullies intent of denying income or freedom to anyone who dares to defie their intent.

    They travel through USA and purposefully attack christian bussiness with allegations and lawsuits. In my country, I am from Europe, their most prominent organisation set up a website where they detailed how to – are you sitting – go about of accusing people who are against them for pedophillia and spousal abouse through their neighbourghoods. And when that went public, I mean those instructions, they penned a similar response to that of these boycoters – its perfectly legal ( my country does not have anti slander laws ).

  • Kat

    Sorry, Godwin’s Law means you’ve now lost this argument. Please try again when you can come up with something better than “But… but Hitler!”

  • CutDownBigGovernment

    Love how anyone who disagrees with the leftists viewpoint is either a.) a bigot b.) a homophobe or c.) all of the above.

    And you people teach about tolerance? *snort*

  • billy dean the gaytor haytor

    I dont understand. If fags want to get married, who cares. But if someone opposes fag marriage there opinion is wrong? To say people are entitled to freedom of religion is a constitutional right and then say that the teachings of the religion are wrong is like saying people have the right to be gay, just not openly. If its a right you cant place conditions on it.

  • Steven Capsuto

    His comments are still online. You can choose to live in denial, but facts do not go away.