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Will Fox Reveal Plans For an ‘X-Force’ Movie at Comic-Con?


It looks like Fox is ready to expand the X-Men universe.

X-MenFilms reports the studio has registered the domain name, which certainly suggest an X-Force is on the way. Further, Bleeding Cool asserts that Fox will announce plans for an expanded X-Men film universe next week at Comic-Con International, with X-Force very much a part of those ideas.

The rumor falls in line with what Fox’s Marvel creative consultant Mark Millar told CBR News earlier in the year: “There’s an amazing amount of potential in the X-Men universe. It’s almost a Marvel Universe in itself in that you can build up to so many great stories and so many great characters. I hesitate to name names, but let’s say that all the ones you like and everyone you’d expect, we’ll have them. It’s insane to have the crown jewel and not expect to wear them.”

“X-Force or Cable or Deadpool — all these amazing characters are things we haven’t really gotten to yet,” he added. “Just from basic conversations, we’ve come up with ten movies we could do.”

Update (11:15 a.m.): X-Force co-creator Rob Liefeld has confirmed film plans on Twitter, adding that fans should temper their excitement in the project is further into development. “When they cast an X-Force film then its reason to celebrate,” he wrote. “They have a Magneto film in ‘development’ as well. Proceed with caution.”


  • matt

    it would be great if the movie is set during the 1990’s and the poster for the film was just useless leg pockets…like 7 in a row and colored yellow

  • Myke G.

    Wow, this seems like a really bad idea at first, but I can see it working. But i won’t hold my breath for Boom Boom or Cannonball. Shatterstar, Domino, Deadpool, Feral, Cable would be my guesses. Maybe Fantomax.

  • Myke G.

    Psylocke too possibly

  • John Olesen

    Ill take an X Force movie with Deadpool, Cable, Domino and Psylocke please. Mostly Deadpool.

  • Matt

    He may also levitate and shoot squirrels out of his ass.

  • ziza9

    If it follows Remender’s Uncanny XForce I’m sold.

  • Chris Gray

    But how will they get the actors feet to look that small?

  • Moose100

    Stephan Lang for Cable. :D

  • Christopher Shafer

    He should lead the team.

  • Christopher Shafer

    I’d say she’s more likely than Feral.

  • Christopher Shafer

    Hey now, don’t diss the leg pockets. They’re great for keeping My Little Pony toys.

  • David Nunez

    Special effects and movie magic.

  • LightningBug

    Methinks time travel Shenanigans in Days of Future Past might be setting up Cable?

  • lewis4510

    This means exactly nothing. Like Liefield just said they’ve had a Magneto movie in “development” too. And would add Deadpool to that as well.

  • Myke G.

    I know what mean, but i was thinking sexy female cat girl wolverine. Hmmmm maybe X-23 instead.

  • LightningBug

    This might mean nothing, but there’s no reason to ruin our speculation-fun.

  • Anon

    Would prefer the more recent incarnations of X-Force but this is still pretty cool.

    Also, isn’t that Magneto movie dead? I thought it got scrapped for First Class.

  • Christopher Shafer

    Feral and X-23 >>>> Wolverine.

  • Myke G.

    Pull an Ultimate X-Men with Cable as an older Wolverine?

  • OrganicUrban

    At least Leftfield had his 2 minutes of fame by adding his statement.

    Reporter: Hey Mr. Liefeld!
    Liefeld: What?
    Reporter: It seems Fox is planing a X-Force movie, did you know?
    Liefeld: [3 seconds of thinking] Sure I did, I know about every Marvel movie [stands up and walks away]

  • LightningBug

    …no thanks. If you want to have an older Wolverine lead X-Force, just call him Wolverine.

  • dekko

    Next will be the “X-Factor” tv series starring McSteamy-whatsisname reprising his role as Madrox.

  • Alice

    Hopefully it’s the superior X-Forces led by Wolverine (Kyle & Yost and and Remender’s runs featuring. Archangel, Psylocke, Deadpool, Fantomex, and maybe X-23.

    FOX would be crazy to feature those dated awful hasbeens of characters from the 90s X-Force.

  • lewis4510

    It all hinges on the B.O. performance of DoFP and the Wolverine on weather this goes anywhere. It’s also an indication to Fox that the X-men films have played out. And are trying to go outside the box of the X-men franchise.

  • demoncat_4

    nice even though this is just another attempt by fox to keep the x-men out of disneys hands for a long long time. though love the chance to finaly see cable done live action plus deadpool back on screen . though surprised fox is not going straight to the current version of x-force which was a black opps team lead by wolverine to do some dirty work including whacking some x-men baddies.

  • Sully

    I like that except swap Feral for Warpath or Archangel