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‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Promises More Faithful Fourth Season

Walking Dead

If you’re a Walking Dead purist disappointed that the television series has deviated too far from the comic book, you might want to hold out some hope for Season 4.

Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter the new season will adapt scenes source material more faithfully than any previous season, largely because new showrunner Scott Gimple is a fan of the comics from the very beginning.

“He absolutely loves the material,” Kirkman said. “Season 4 probably has the most number of scenes that are adapted directly from the comic series or very close to what we did. A good deal of that is from Scott and the way he views that material and puts forth that extra effort to work it into the show in a way that it all works.”

Kirkman confirmed the fourth season will feature “a bit of a time jump,” but not quite as long as some fans have speculated — “only a few months,” according to the creator. But Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors will be “very different from the last time we saw them.”

“We go into Season 4 with characters you’ve known for four years and still find new things to explore with them and new aspects of their character and see that they are growing and changing in extremely dramatic ways due to the strains that this world has put upon them,” he said.

Head to The Hollywood Reporter for more, including details on storylines surrounding Rick, Michonne, the Governor and others.


  • Frank

    I liked parts of Season 3 but I was kind of let down, still enjoyed it though. One character was absolutely ruined during this season which upset me because they’re one of my favorites throughout the comic book. Glad to hear that it will follow the comic book more faithfully this upcoming season.

  • acrossalloceans

    I stopped watching after season 2. Too many liberties taken from what was such great source material. Im not up to date but looks like Rick still has two hands, so I assume they are still ventuing off the path

  • Brandon

    I quit watching after Season 2 as well. The characters were so unlikeable. Even characters I loved from the comic I detest on the show. Poor writing, mediocre acting. Just couldn’t take it anymore…

  • Scott Seals

    I’m probably the only person with this opinion, but I wish it would break away from the comics. Why tell the same story twice? Why enjoy one when you’ve already seen it happen in another medium? This is a perfect opportunity to tell a new story within a familiar framework.

  • Gerardo Fernandez


  • John

    I don’t see how it could follow the comic book now with characters that have never been in the comics and others that have died that didn’t die in the comics. I think if they try to follow the comic book now it will turn out to be a mess.

  • Jacqueline Wade

    I also agree with Scott. Why waste time watching what was already written? Where is the suspense or anticipation of watching it? Personally, I don’t care for how the comic has been written, so it’s kinda nice to see things done differently. Plus, if ANY of you who are whining about how you want it exactly like the comic or you’re not going to watch the show..oh well. Mr. Kirkman had already said on the Talking Dead during Season 2…this was the other senerio he had thought of, but went darker in the comic. Plus, there is a lot the show has gotten away with so far…but I seriously doubt it would fly to well if a baby gets blown apart as is in the comic, or the lovely shot of Carl having his head blown half off…or Glen being beaten to mush by a bat. I think the show would loose it’s ability to be on tv or heavily censored! So nope, Mr. Kirkman..I LOVE the fact the show has been done similar in some spots and different in makes watching it so much more enticing and interesting, not to mention, some very touching and beautiful scenes from a world that has been torn to shreds. At least the show has some hint of hope where the comic lacks this…as is in the real world, nothing is perfect, but we all find that one thing that makes tomorrow worth while.

  • DurinDayel

    I agree. Plus new characters and changes to existing characters are why things seem familiar but keep you on your toes. Daryl, Sasha cool new additions and Carol, Hershel etc. have had great development. Mix it up and keep it fresh and exciting. It’s not meant to be a perfect re-creation. Video and books are very different anyway and the comics are source material and an opportunity to flesh out what’s already been created.

  • dusk

    Wasn’t it reported during the announcement of Season 4 that the new season would be totally original due to the difference in surviving characters? Now they’re saying it will be more faithful to the source material? Make up your mind already.

  • Random_Bastard

    I’d rather see TWD show rehash the comics rather than what we’re getting on the tv series. Every change from the source material feels watered down and forced rather than justified. For instance: Lori’s Death.

  • AngelsandDemons1

    Perhaps if I hadn’t read the books, I wouldn’t think the series is like warm urine to a thirsty man. But, I watched Season 1 before reading the first volume and couldn’t put the rest of them down after I ordered them all….the next day. I watched season 2 and wondered why the series deviated from its most powerful moments; and, season 3 was a Goddamn Greek tragedy.

  • Aysaar

    Kirkman has said that cutting off rick’s hand in the comics is one of the worst things he’s ever done, and doesn’t plan on having it in the tv series