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‘Breaking Bad’s’ Final Episode Titles and Descriptions Revealed

Breaking Bad begins its final run of episodes on Aug. 11, and AMC is starting to leak out details on what to expect.

Descriptions for the remaining eight episodes of Bad‘s fifth and final season have come online, alongside new photos featuring Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the rest of the drama’s colorful cast. Here are the titles and descriptions of the final eight episodes:

Episode 509 — “Blood Money”: As Walt and Jesse adjust to life outside of the business, Hank grapples with a troubling lead.

Episode 510 — “Buried”: While Skyler’s past catches up with her, Walt covers his tracks. Jesse continues to struggle with his guilt.

Episode 511 — “Confessions”: Jesse decides to make a change, while Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand.

Episode 512 — “Rabid Dog”: An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything.

Episode 513 — “To’hajiilee”: Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways.

Episode 514 — “Ozymandias”: Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances.

Episode 515 — “Granite State”: Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion.

Episode 516 — “Felina”: The series finale.

Plenty to theorize about in those titles and descriptions — “Granite State,” for instance, is New Hampshire, where Walt said he was from in “Live Free or Die.” No need to stress about circumstances for too long, however, as the episodes will be upon us in just a few short weeks.

(Source: Zap2It )


  • Michael Leonard

    “The central theme of ‘Ozymandias’ is the inevitable decline of all leaders, and of the empires they build, however mighty in their own time.” – From Wikipedia

    So Ep. 14 is where we learn how it will end… The description on Granite Slate leads me to think we’re going to see his cancer come back, but that sure would be a strange ending after all Walt has been through. Maybe someone Walt screwed over comes back into the story?

    And what is “Felina” a reference to?

    Anybody have their own theories?

  • w.longchamp

    Felina is the anagram of finale!

  • tb619

    i think felina is a character in a story about a man who travels to mexico to find his love or somethin i thinks its called ”el paso”

  • brian

    Ozymandias will be one of the better episodes. It will have Jane, Tuco, Mike, Gale, and Krazy 8 in it….but To’hajiilee is crazy as hell…