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SDCC | ‘RoboCop’ Tech Unveiled

robocop-EM208 After a bit of a drought, there’s suddenly a lot of RoboCop talk in the air, in large part because of Comic-Con International but also due to an interview with Joel Kinnaman in Metro.

“It was a great experience,” the actor said of his role in the Jose Padilha-directed film. “Half of my scenes were with Gary Oldman, which was a dream come true. The director didn’t want to make a superhero movie – we made an action tragedy. It’s going to be a sad and exciting story with quite a bit of drama.”

Promising that the film “will surprise people,” the Killing star said the movie won’t necessarily lead his career down a path to big-time action roles. “Hopefully it will give me a bigger variety of choices, then it’s up to me to decide how I want to continue in my career,” Kinnaman said. “I don’t mind doing action if there’s good drama within that action but straight action isn’t that much fun to shoot. If there aren’t scenes in the story where you understand what’s at stake for the character, it just becomes mindless action, which doesn’t interest me.”

There’s more than just talk out there, though. The RoboCop viral site has been updated with all kinds of new images featuring the EM-208, ED-209, the XT-908 spy plane, the NI-408 hand gun and a look at the “Hero Program” lab.



robocop-ni408 gun

robocop hero-programs

And here’s OmniCorp’s attempt at recruiting people for the RoboCop program:

RoboCop, which also stars Abbie Cornish, Michael Keaton, Kenneth Michael Williams, Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Baruchel and Jackie Earle Haley, is targeted for a Feb. 7, 2014 release.

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  • sam

    Why is there a cylon from Battlestar Galactica in Robocop?

  • Jack Saat

    Turn out OCP created the first cylon! It all starting over again!

  • mel

    “What happened before will happen again”

  • DrHiphop85

    You get ALL the awards.