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SDCC | Harrison Ford Addresses Orson Scott Card ‘Ender’s Game’ Controversy


Harrison Ford, star of Ender’s Game, told reporters Thursday that he believes the anti-gay views of Orson Scott Card, author of the film’s source material, are irrelevant to the themes and content of the upcoming science fiction opus. Moreover, he celebrated the ideas within that source material, suggesting that its exploration of humankind’s “moral responsibility” is important and valuable.

“I think none of Mr. Card’s concerns regarding the issue of gay marriage are part of the thematics of this film,” Ford said Thursday during a press conference for Ender’s Game at Comic-Con International in San Diego. “He has written something that is of value to us all to consider our moral responsibilities.”

The fate of Ender’s Game has become a tug-of-war between the film’s distributor, Lionsgate, and a growing number of opponents to Card’s past anti-gay and anti-gay marriage statements, who have called for a boycott of the film. In a seeming effort to divert criticism from the film, Card went noticeably absent from promotion of Ender’s Game, and made a public statement calling the gay marriage issue “moot.” Ford declined to offer his thoughts about Card’s opinions.

“I think his views outside of those that we deal with in this film are not an issue for me to deal with, so I have really no opinion on that issue,” the actor said. “I am aware of his statements admitting that the question of gay marriage is a battle that he lost, and he admits that he lost it.”

Ford championed the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that same-sex couple were entitled to federal benefits, saying that it was a victory for all people. “I think we all know that we’ve all won, that humanity has won,” he said. “And I think that’s the end of the story.”

Ender’s Game opens in theaters November 1, 2013.


  • Al Jalaikakik

    Card also stated that if Prop 8 failed, he would work to bring the violent overthrow of the US government. I think his weak apology for something he has no control over pales in comparison to that.

    If gay people retained the right to marry in California, he was literally SWORN to work to destroy the government. He said basically that he had a “moral responsibility” to do that. To maintain a backward society so that he wouldn’t have to explain anything complicated to his children.

    Then he saw $$$ escaping because of his position being publicly known, and he issued a very insincere statement that wasn’t even an apology.

    Screw him, screw his movie, and if he’s going to defend Card’s work, screw Harrison Ford too. “Moral responsibility” indeed…

  • Rich

    “I think we all know that we’ve all won, that humanity has won,” he said. “And I think that’s the end of the story.”

    A little disappointed that one of my all-time favorite actors is diminishing the LGBT equality struggle for the sake of a movie. Mr. Ford, we are seriously quite far from even considering equality has arrived following the Supreme Court’s decision.

  • Hill Bobby

    NO! You do not dis Harrison Ford like that

  • Handy

    The gays are fine. Or are they going to join the long line of wronged minorities who’ll forever use their status to gain leverage and attention, long after their issue has been corrected. Mr. Card can do nothing to hurt them anymore. He has no power. Any more hand wringing about him is from neglected people looking for a fight.

  • Josh

    In 29 states you can still be fired from your job just for being queer. Striking down DOMA secured the equal rights of those who live in states where marriage equality is law. In the vast majority of the country Card’s organization, National Organization for Marriage, puts up millions of dollars to lobby and run smear campaigns against gays. They also do a lot overseas. The Ugandan “kill the gays” bill? NOM was a part of that. They’re also big in funding gay “cure” camps where LGBT kids basically get tortured. I know it’s hard not to support a cool looking movie, but please don’t dismiss the seriousness of the discrimination LGBT people still face.

  • Justin Teraila

    Yea because racism is totally a thing of the past. And those complaining about have no legitimate gripe because us white people don’t see it happening anymore. I’m sure we can all sleep better at night now that people who have never faced such hate a day in their lives have now declared that racism and homophobia is now over.

  • TouchyRogue

    He admits he lost, like that negates everything he’s said and done and vowed to continue to do? The point is this film is putting money in this mans pockets and many people dont want to add to that, if Harrison Ford cant understand that then he’s a lot less intelligent than I gave him credit for. I dont care if Card admits defeat, or that we gays “won” the fight, Im not giving that bigot my money. It has nothing to do with the story, just the man profiting from it, why is that so hard for so many to understand?

  • Handy

    You think gay is hard to do? Try not believing in god in this country! I hate hearing about how this movie is going to hurt gay people when we still the national anthem sing at every sport. OSC’s an old man leave him alone who did good work in his life, while we have much bigger fish to fry in a country of religious lunatics. Millions of dollars to LOBBY?? BILLIONS of dollars to LIE!!! Try to stop it and you’ll be fired or blacklisted from community

  • Opus

    Please, like homosexuals are saints. See the smear campaing against Rufus Wainwright, homosexual singer who said he is not for marriage.Also, NOM was not a part of Kill the gays bill, there is no relation to that. There are not NOm sponsored camps like you say. The camps you mention are entered on free will, and certainly are not torture chambers, like depicted in Latter Days.

    Poor homosexuals, everyone be dissin em, boo hoo.

    Card did for SF, Fantasy and Horror more than any homosexual. He suppotrs tradition and morality coming from it, thus have my support. I did not like Enders Game but am in awe of the other books in the first series, and other Cards novels, and after all this hoopla erupted, firstly with Superman comic, decided to replace my paperbackjs with hardbacks wherever possible.

    Also, boycotting all movies, series, books and comics made, written, directed or starring homosexuals, or propagandize their lifestyle.

  • Handy

    Ha, so we’re going to take their word for it. Until…when? Any oversight committees for that? Or are we just going to let them hold us hostage until they say so. No, my friend, I see this country now, and it’s extremely gay friendly, which is a nightmare for the people to hear who want this special status to last forever. OSC can’t do shit. Get over it.

  • Carl Jackson

    I’m sorry that Harrison Ford is caught up in this. Card evokes such strong passion, that any association with him right now is toxic. I mean I’m looking at about as diplomatic a statement I’ve ever seen with an actor basically saying the movie he starred in has nothing to do with Card’s views on homosexuality and that he considers the supreme court’s decision good for the country and people are attacking Ford for being in the movie.

    Most people didn’t know about Card until a few years ago. Ford was already under contract before Card ever even got involved with his organization.

  • Handy


  • Opus

    Actually, he said no such thing. You need to explore concepts of literature, stylistic tools, espesially metaphore. Also, more of the world population agreee with Card than it does with you on this. Go figure.

    And actually, none of what you say is true.

    Have a nice day.

  • Handy

    At a certain point, a man deserves money for his work.

  • chai xiong

    He’s just a guy caught in a crossfire, trying to make the best of the situation. I’m sure when he read the script for this film, he was not thinking ” Am I for gay marriage or against?” He’ll always be cool with me.

  • coalminds

    Going forward, no viewpoint shall survive that homosexual Democrats have not approved ahead of time.

  • Y: The Last Nerd

    It’s not an issue about whether or not “…the issue of gay marriage is a part of the thematics of this film”, it’s the fact that Card has PROFITED from the making of this film. He has received INCOME from it, meaning he can continue funding his hate-mongering. THAT is why people are boycotting the film, they don’t want to contribute to Card’s profiting from it. You kinda missed the point, there, Mr Ford.

  • Chuck777

    People said the same stuff when Obama and Bush were up for (re-)election. .

  • Chuck777

    You can be fired in any At-will employment for anything from being gay to being fat to being smelly to being too tall to anything and everything under the sun.

  • Chuck777

    This country, sadly, isn’t gay friendly in the least. Parts of it are, for sure, but in general no.

  • Chuck777

    Few years? Most people didn’t even know until the Superman debacle.

  • Todd

    I used to be a very big Republican many years ago before I hated politics and I had no problem reading Chuck Austins comics even though he was very anti Republican. I enjoyed a issues of his Uncanny X-Men and I really enjoyed those issues of Action Comics where Clark was staying with Lana and she confessed she loved him and Lois only really loved Superman. I didn’t demand a boycott of Marvel or DC. Even though he had different beliefs then me I still wanted to read the comics I liked.

  • AngelsandDemons1

    But the chicken at Chic Filet is soooo tasty :-(

  • AngelsandDemons1

    Handy Handjob …LOL :-)

  • Chuck777

    Because most people can separate the work from the author.

    – Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.
    – Dr. Sues, Jack London and HP Lovecraft were racists.
    – Hemmingway was horrible to everyone he knew.
    – Dickens accused his wife of being mentally unbalanced so he could run off with a younger woman.

    There are a lot of Authors who are much beloved today but held views or did things that are not looked kindly upon by the modern individual.

  • akkadiannumen

    Card is an ignorant moron when it comes to homosexuality. That said, I like his books and I’m looking forward to this movie. I don’t like that he’s getting money to fund more shit like he usually does but he’s already been paid and the movie’s already been made and I intend to enjoy it as much as I can. At best, the boycott will only hurt his future gains if he gets a bonus for a sequel and the sequel doesn’t get the green light (I hope it does).

  • Kaz

    Don’t care what Card’s personal beliefs are; the book is one of the best I’ve ever read and I’m definitely going to see the movie. You guys are mad that he’s making money off this? Do you know how stupid that sounds? Are you wanting to go around the country firing every single person from their job for having an opinion about gays that’s different than yours? Grow up. Plenty of actors, singers, writers, etc have opinions that are different from yours. You only know of this one because the media glorified it, as usual. I’d like to see you give me a list of who else you “boycott” because of their beliefs. Go on. I’m waiting.

  • Opus

    You are exactly right – it seems homosexual activists are intent to pressure owners to not employ people who are of oppossing stances. Also, to people holding those oppinions are unable to express them – see the censorship of right commnetaries on facebook. Menawhile, their activist can do whatever they want – threaten people psychically, insult them, and yes, prevent their employement.

    When Texas college voted for excluding Gay center from receving money from student tuition, they wanted the names of student senators who oppose it exposed and making them on the black list to prevent their employement.

    Also it seems they do not know what word bigoted means.

    But I love their hipocrysy – their acitvist ( who is married ) promotes open relationship in marriage ( menain he and his partner can have all the extramartial affairs they want ), although they have teenage adopted son ( setting great example for him ). If a gay girl of 18 seduces and elope with 14 year old girl, they say that is love, and minor girl parents are, according to them, bigoted monsters.

  • Opus

    Current president was notably anti homosexual marriage up until he realised he was losing election and his campaing was leaking money.

  • Opus

    It would be more, if homosexuals did not started with proclaiming that they are better than the rest and wanted special rights.

  • Zach

    Much like abortion is a complete non-issue these days, right, “Harrison?

  • Happily LS

    It would be great if the story could be separated from Card. But it can’t be, as long as he’s getting money from it, money that he’ll then turn around and give to anti-human rights organizations. Even if he stopped today (unlikely), there’s still the massive amount he’s given in the past. You’d just be refilling his coffers.

    There is a way to have your cake and eat it too, though. If you really want to see the movie, or read the book, pirate it. Just don’t give him your money.

  • Handy

    In general? Over 50% support gay marriage. Even more are completely fine with homosexuality, but just have their heads up their asses about the definition of marriage. The MAJORITY of the country isn’t homophobic, but that clashes with your dystopian human rights violated future that you like to imagine yourself fighting against. Carry on, soldier.

  • Zach

    Not actually how “at will employment” works. You can be fired for no reason, but you can’t be fired for a bad reason. So you can’t be fired for being gay, fat, smelly, or too tall in at will employment

  • Happily LS

    If they were alive today and giving millions to anti-human rights campaigns, then I wouldn’t give them my money, either.

    And give Hemingway a break. He may have been a bastard, but he was a bastard in an “I’m an alcoholic with emotional issues who is terrible at personal relationships” way, not a “destroy human rights” way. And eventually he stuck a shotgun in his mouth and exited stage messy. It seems pretty random to include him in a discussion about slave owners and professional bigots.

  • Zach

    So I deserve money for the work I did making statues out of my own feces? I did the work, I deserve the money, right?

    You only get money for your work if you’re making something people want to buy.

  • Adam Weissman

    “.You need to explore concepts of literature, stylistic tools, espesially metaphore”

    You need to explore concepts of literature like spelling.

  • qnetter

    Um, your info is hopelessly outdates (as is your logic). Rufus Wainwright *IS* married. See

  • Adam Weissman

    Yeah, like the blacks. All their issues have been fixed. We allow them to drink from our water fountains now. What’s the problem? I mean, sure, you can go out and murder a black kid for he crime of buying candy for a sibling and get away with it — but hey, Trayvon Martin may be dead, but at least he never had to drink from a segregated water fountain! Right? Gosh, but those blacks never stop complaining, do they? And they keep demanding things! Like the right to not have their kids shot to death. Don’t they understand that the second amendment gives us the right to bear arms – and what’s the point of that if you can’t use ‘em? Trayvon’s family should be proud that their son assisted in the exercise of our greatest American freedom!

    “The gays are fine.”

    Really? The families of people killed or severly injured in the recent wave of anti-gay bias attacks in NYC will be glad to know.

  • Adam Weissman

    Uh, right. Sorry no. I’m an atheist. I have no fear of having the shit beaten out of me or being killed by drunk, bigoted assholes. Gay people can’t say the same.

  • Bl00dwerK

    I think it’s an issue that’s not important to everybody. I don’t care about it because I’m not gay, couldn’t care less one way or ther other. Why am I, or anyone else for that matter, expected to automatically care about something just because a bunch of other people do? Besides, Harrison Ford is ina movie that’s not even about gay rights. Just because the media and the internet want to raise a stink about it doesn’t mean Harrison Ford has to go along with it.

    Gays and their supporters need to get over themselves…

  • the Dagman

    The only way I’d go see Ender’s Game is if I thought OSC truly saw the error of his ways. Maybe he’d be working with the other board members of NOM to disband the organization, and donating the money in their coffers to gay rights groups. Or maybe he’d just quit that hate group and start working to promote gay rights. You know, try to undo the damage he has done. He has not done any of that. His “mea culpa” was basically “We lost, now give me money.”

    Sorry there chump. Not good enough.

    His work in suppressing civil rights has directly hurt members of my family and some personal friends of mine. People I do not wish to see hurt further by OSC’s activism. Sure, he has the right to believe and act as he wants. And I’ve got the right to tell him and all who agree with him to fuck off. He’s not the tax man, he has no right to my hard earned dollars. And he’s not getting any.

    Religion has no legitimate claim over marriage. Marriage predates religion. Marriage exists independent of religion. Religion is an unnecessary component of the equation. Religion is to marriage as the appendix is to humanity. Something we can do without quite well.

  • Opus

    Alas, me thinks, as English is not mine native tounge, being from Europe and all, that I have an excuse for misspellings and slight gramatical errors… But you have no excuse for being uppity.

  • Opus

    I know – sadly. I was reffering to his initial statement, of few years ago. He got pretty much flak for saying what he thinks. And later, he changed his views – it was either that or get tottally ostracized . For more updated version refer to that woman, country singer. Since I see you follow gay blogs, it should not be hard to find stories about incident of few months ago.

  • Opus

    Seriously, nobody is taking from homosexuals right to live, have education, health protection or employement. Heck, I would not bat an eye at civil unions.I would not treat homosexual as any other – I do not support heterosexual couples cannoodling in public, so why would I support homosexual ones? It s just that whole agenda of attacking traditional values and people that supports them that really bother me, and I suppose, a lot of other nice folks.

  • Opus

    So you are okay withn alchocholics being obnoxious to people? An alchocolic is insulting homosexuals, you are fine with it?

  • Opus

    Also, as you put a race card to it – in Chicago, from the time of the incident you mention more than a dozen 17 year old black boys have been murdered by the memebers of their own race. Look at a statistic of black people involved in crime, especially violent. Also of note, according to his best friend, Martin thought that Zimmerman was gay and it spurred him to confrontation.

    Also of note, several of those gay bashing incidents were proven to be staged, like the one where a drunk homosexual provoked police and had his friends film it.

  • Justin Teraila

    Oh I would love to see even one peice of evidence that shows gays attacking traditional values. I have yet to see read or hear of the gay community boycotting protesting or attacking any straight people or their rights. That line is just something hateful people tell themselves to make them feel better. Last time I checked no gay people are dragging straight people down the street with there trucks. I have never walked down the street with my girl friend and had anyone tell me I’m going to hell. Or refuse me service. No one has ever been beat up and school because people found they were straight. So please stop making yourself look stupid talking about gays attacks on traditional values. A group getting equal rights have never resulted in the loss of rights of other people.

    And for my friend thinks racism is over do me a favor go down south and walk around holding a black girls hand and see how people treat you. A friend of mine dated a black guy recently and was told she was going to hell, was disgusting and generally treated as a second class citizen and that was in Connecticut.

    Have we come a long way yes but to say racism is dead is laughable. Even more so when some white guy declares it so. I mean go use google and I’m sure you quickly find stories that prove your wrong.

  • Justin Teraila

    Yea and white people kill white people all the time whats your point? And wait I thought homophobia was over? So how could anyone attack Zimmerman because he was gay (not that what your saying is even remotely true the friend said he said some creepy white dude was following him). God why don’t you start shouting white power? I would respect that more than your fake intellectual racism.

  • Justin Teraila

    Yea what idiot cares about his fellow man? Better to turn a blind eye and hope this ugliness never finds your family or friends.

  • Al Jalaikakik

    (there’s some info there)

    Also, in the same vein:

    “From an article he wrote for the Mormon Times:

    Faithful sexual monogamy, persistence until death, male protection and providence for wife and children, female loyalty to children and husband, and parental discretion in child-rearing.

    If government is going to meddle in this, it had better be to support marriage in general while providing protection for those caught in truly destructive marriages.

    Because when government is the enemy of marriage, then the people who are actually creating successful marriages have no choice but to change governments, by whatever means is made possible or necessary.”

    This was not one of his works of fiction. This is him stating his actual opinion in a religious magazine.

  • Opus

    … and as he cleared several times, means he implies are both elections impeachments and protesting and not armed revolution…

    Try to find qoute about twisting what is said or written to own needs, I think it is from French history…

  • Opus

    Dear Justin, you wrote:

    I have yet to see read or hear of the gay community boycotting protesting or attacking any straight people or their rights.

    – Do not need to look futher than last week, when they beaten and trampled a person protesting homosexual pride.

    People get beaten at school for many reasons, so do not try to privilegize it.

    Ok, I will post you about all the things homosexual marriage do to detriment of heteroslexual traditional values in a while…

  • Opus

    Around 90 percent of murders of black people are by the hand of other black people. And try to keep up to more recent developments of the Star Witness and her guest appearances. She said that Martin thought he was about to be gay raped.

  • Opus

    The point is he uses Martin and Zimmerman as an example. Around 90 percent of black peole murdered are killed by the members of their own race. These are FBI statistics. basically his example is meningless. The Star Wittness, that girlfriend of Martin said that he thought that Zimmerman was gay and wanted to rape him. It is said in the interview few days ago. To vclear other point.

  • Carl Jackson

    Problem is, that is what politicians do. Clinton, Obama, etc. constantly have to weigh votes and there was a not to recent time when supporting gay marriage was a good way to not get elected.

    I get why it’s hypocritical, but it’s the way the game works. Public opinion just flipped to majority support recently.

  • Carl Jackson

    I agree with Opus. I read the actual article, and while I don’t agree with the sentiments the blogosphere twisted it to an unrecognizable state. Those quotes had context and they don’t work without it. But to get the context you need to be willing to slog through six pages you don’t agree with.

  • Jeffery Sargent

    It’s not that he has a differing opinion – lots of authors hold opinions i don’t share – however, Card, as not just a member of/contributor to an organization that sought, and likely STILL seeks to, deny a sector of the American population’s rights, but he is a member of the board of directors – which means he is actively engaged in denying them their rights. That is MUCH more than just an opinion.

    It’s 50/50 as to whether Alexander Dumas would have opposed gay marriage (france was both staunchly catholic and rife with progressive ideals at the same time), but for the moment let’s say he did, there are two big differences: 1) he wasn’t an orchestrator of the oppression of gays, and 2) even if he WERE, there’s no way he would profit by my buying a copy of “the Three Musketeers” nor from buying a ticket to a movie version, given that he’s been dead for 143 years. Since the still very much alive Card is a member of the BoD for NOM, the boycott is meant to strike at NOM, not Card. [note: just looked it up, and Card resigned from the board of NOM sometime earlier this year.] I’m actually disappointed in Card if he backed down due to fiscal pressures – a man has his beliefs, he should be willing to take the heat that comes with them. On the other hand, a civilized and mature adult should also be able to change his beliefs if he no longer has faith in them – so here’s hoping he simply saw the inherent flaws in his position.

  • Mad

    “more of the world population agreee with Card” show me the survey figures please…Failed argument.

  • Mad

    please do not make such childish comments.

  • norman

    Are you mad, show me who said that?
    What a stupid comment

  • lol

    You can understand the difference between opinion and activism?? Think

  • darksparkimus

    They are trying so hard to save this film from being a train wreck…

  • Joshua Sinason

    I’ll bet Ford didn’t know about Cards backwater views before signing on and now that they’ve come to light he’s trying his best to distance himself from him while not screwing over his movie and everyone who worked on it. It’s kind of a lose lose situation.

  • Adam Weissman

    You can’t take on a condescending and didactic tone and then not expect it to be thrown right back at you.

  • Adam Weissman

    “Please, like homosexuals are saints”

    And your point is? So only saint are entitled to not being murdered in the streets? Only saints are entitled to basic civil rights? When has that ever been an expected requirement for anyone anywhere?

  • Carol Robinson

    …and yet there is no such thing as “gay marriage” since out of marriage children are born (regardless of what the “sex revolution” says or does). If you want civil rights then get civil unions which anyone no matter ho many people are part of it OR what sexual orientiation could have been served just as well.

    But now anyone who believes in marriage as only between two people of the opposite sex is considerd a supposed “bigot”, even those of us who have nothing against gays. Its what we believe is the truth. alot of people dont care if two gay people want to live together or get some kind of financial benefits from it. Alot of us have befriended gays and would die for them. We just care about what is considered “marriage.”

    as far as Scott, he said and written ideas i dont agree with, and even against my religion, as do many creative people in music, movies and books, but I still buy or go to those things that arent used as a platform against my personal beliefs. And i still dont buy things by these folks when they are used against my beliefs. If gays want to boycot Scott, fine by me. But if gays use the boycot as a platform to trash those who dont belive in the concept of “gay marriage” then i have a problerm.

    I have a conscience and it believes what it believes and if someone tries to say I am bigot then they dont know me or the beliefs that I love and would die for. Those same beliefs that influence me to only believe in one kind of marriage are the same ones that also inspire me to defend with my life any tyranny that would wish bodily harm or persecution to gays or anyone else for that matter.
    But if someone who is for gay marriage tries to say I am bigot because I dont agree with them, then they are as bad a the bigots, tyrants and dictators THEY supposedly are against.

  • Carol Robinson

    …..he did think and he doesnt agree with you. why dont you THINK. so what if Scott is an activist. If you dont want to see the movie fine. But if he does want to see the movie why call him stupid???

    Activitst elect presidents too. they helped elect Obama and look at the train wreck we have. Yet i am sure we all give our money to the activists in hollywood who helped get this train wreck in office.


  • Opus

    How many countries have approved of homosexual marriage? How many countriesare there in the world? How many countries are sstill having homosexuality penalized? So, I would say MAJORITY of the world populace are sharing the same views as Card.

  • rasslor56

    Alas, me thinks? You give yourself FAR too much credit. And by the way, you opened your mouth and said something that has NO facts to back it up. Plus your condescending attitude? You ASKED to be gob-smacked.

  • rasslor56

    These same countries are executing people–nFor MANY reasons. Is that your morality as well?

  • rasslor56

    But in 29 states you CAN be fired for being gay–there is no protection in over half the country.

  • rasslor56

    We want the same rights as you assholes. And we”ll do BETTER with the same rights than you do.

  • rasslor56

    WRONG. 13 states is not 50% unless you’re using some new math.

  • rasslor56

    WRONG again–you are now spouting guff with zero faccts behind your asinine words.

  • rasslor56

    You need to shut up now. Your bigotry is really showing. Your ignorance is worse.

  • rasslor56

    But we don’t have top give it to him. If a 2 hr movie is more important than the civil rights of an entire group to someone, that someone has priorities out of whack.

  • rasslor56

    Why not? No one’s shot YOU yet, have they?

  • bobmcpherson

    Dat be old facts. We be new school.

  • Archangel

    I won’t see this film at all. I will not give one red cent to a hate monger like Orson Scott Card. I hope this movie fails so that no studio ever touches anything of Card’s again. I feel that the studio should reveal how much money they are paying Card for it. I hope not very much. They should of done the Honor Harrington series instead.

  • Opus

    SUrely you jest, kind sir? Gob smacked? Pointing fallacies in my reasoning – that is one thing. Yet, pointing to someones grammar skills as ones only fault, well that means that you can not find anything wrong with said someones statements. It also is strangley akin to playpen tactics of berely potty trained infants.

  • Opus

    No. It is their morality, and they should deal with thine issues as they please. I also find it curious that the same countries who, up to barely a two decades ago had laws criminalizing homosexuality, and still have bans on sodomy, go around and pontificate others on how to treat homosexuals. You deal with your stuff, let others deal with theirs, in their ways and at their pace.

    Another thought on morality.

    The caremony of traditional religious marriage is the sanctioning of the union between man and woman, who by that act, gain nothng but acknowledgement of their love and mutual respect and trust in fornt of their peers, their Church and God.

    The ceremony of gay marriage is a ceremony where two individuals share their property and money.

    My morals tell me these are nowhere near wqual. i suspect homosexuals think in the same vein, and are so preserevant to bring down religious rights and churches, and traditional family values.

    As, by the way theri notable activist stated, some woman, feel free to peruse the depths of the net for her odious speech.

  • Opus

    So, let me see, that man did not get beaten protesting gay rally? The ex gay orgnisation did not receive threats from homosexual organisations? A monster did not walk into NOM facitlity and tried to kill people who were there?

    Kids are not bullied because they are oveerweight, of have glassess?

    I just love your tactic – you claim I am wrong, yet bring nothing to the table.

    Here something to think about – drug deal goes bad, end with the death of the buyer of drugs, but the victim is homosexual – it is attack on homosexuals. A noted sexual molester attacks his classmate, and when he gets killed, no one mentions what he did to other children and how he sexually assaulted them, gets painted as a homosexual martyr.

    Please, spare me your playpen tactics. I have danced with much better dancers than yourself, and not get trampled on my toes.

  • Opus

    Shut up?

    Firstly, bigotry means that someone is not changign his stance or values on the whim, or the change of the wind. It is a virtue, seldom possessed these days, I sadly reason.

    As for ignorance, I am presenting claims by the FBI statistic and actual testimony form that girl who claims she spoke to Martin moments before he decided to attack Zimmerman.

    So, should the FBI shut up or that girl?

    Ignorance? You mean I am ignoring various burtsts of insults, fallacies, outight fabreications and lies thrown at people supporting Card? You betcha I do.

  • Young American

    First off, Card is expressing is first Amendment right to speak his mind, as much everyone might hate him, he is doing what our country allows us to do. Secondly If you don’t want to give him money don’t. If you are like me, I want to see the movie, I read the book multiple times and it has always been a favorite of mine, what Card does with the money is his business, just like what my neighbor does with his money is his, and the person I paid to fix my car is his. I don’t think people think that way anymore, unless you make everything yourself, my guess would be that 1/3 of what you pay for in a day goes to someone who supports something you do, 1/3 goes to someone who just doesn’t care either way, and 1/3 goes to someone who opposes it, that 1/3 each way is probably being generous.

    Again, don’t want to see the film for one reason or another, take a stand and don’t see it, but I doubt that people will go and when you ask them after why they went they will say. “Because I violently oppose gays and I want to support Orson Scott Card.”

  • Opus

    Actually, I would say the second half of presented statement. Otherivise, excepting the fact that I did not particulary liked Enders Game but love other three books, and his Fantasy and Horror novels, I pretty much agree with what you wrote. I ddi not intend to go to the cinema ( I hate it, public do not know how to watch movie anymore ) but as everything else watch it on DVD. Now I watnt to support one of my favorite authors, so I will. I already broke my code for The Dark Knight Rises, and Pacific Rim, for their authors, and possibly will for Gravity, for the same reason.

  • Taylor Johns

    Moot:”Subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty, and typically not admitting of a final decision.”

  • Brian Davison

    No, despite what Rush Limbaugh is trying to make Zimmerman supporters think, all she said was that Zimmerman was creepy and may be a rapist. There’s nothing to suggest Trayvon was anti-gay, but like most people, he may have been anti-rapist.

  • Jay

    While I probably wasn’t going to see the movie anyway, I think the boycott is mostly annoying. There are people associated with the production who make a living based on what they do and have no choice what film they work on. So to punish the viewing and profit of their work in exchange for one man is just not right.

    I totally get the protest with him and the Superman comic. I don’t agree with it, but I get it and think individuals who participated in the protest were doing a great thing. But this just seems ridiculous to me.

  • Ger

    The majority of the world population once believed the world was flat… your point? As we grow, we learn. As we educate, we become less ignorant and less afraid of that which we do not understand. It’s happening every day around us.
    That being said, I am gay and I will be watching Ender’s Game and I occassionaly eat Chik-Fil-A sandwiches. There are a lot of people in the world that I disagree with. The problem with Card’s agenda is that it in no way affected him, but it did affect me… so I take a great deal of comfort that his agenda failed.

  • Ger

    Your definition of “traditional religious marriage” does not apply in these days and times when half of all marriages end in divorce. The marriages can be performed in a courtroom or anywhere, and the people do not have to even have the slightest belief in god. AND, these marriages have the added benefit of sharing property and money. Two complete strangers can meet on the and get married for absolutely no reason… yet you have a problem with two people who truly love each other “acknowledging their love and mutual respect and trust in front of their peers” just because they don’t fit your definition?
    And I find it a bit ironic how haughty and superior you write considering you’re not speaking your native language and are having issues doing it properly.

  • rasslor56

    Fancy words do NOT an intellectual make you. Your words only reveal a snobbish pseudo-intellectual with the maturity of a toddler on a sugar high. You think you can just go around insulting people and groups with impunity due to a slightly enhanced vocabulary?: You think I’m going to bother debating points that you come up with from nothing? You think I’m–or ANYONE is going to dignify your continual bigoted idiocy by treating you as anything but what you are?

    When you troll forums, you have the right to state your opinion. But stating stupidity, no matter how fancy the phrasing, you open yourself up to mockery, and laughter in your so-called face. You can’t handle that? Stop insulting people. I could keep this up all day–if I didn’t have a life later. But next time you troll forums, don’t be such a whiner. Also it’s STRANGELY. Learn to spell, then you will leave yourself less wide open.
    That was the last attempt at rational discourse. From now on I will just mock you while snickering at your dumbass ignorance.

  • Ger

    Funny when people say these statements, it is so easy to turn that statement around. “No viewpoint shall survive that religious republicans have not approved ahead of time.”
    The only difference is that this discussion started on the other foot and we recently had a win with the Supreme Court.
    People jump on that political bandwagon way too often.

  • Handy

    Don’t pretend like you have to choose between those two. You can go see the movie, and the civil rights of an entire group won’t be delayed a single day.

  • Ger

    You can believe whatever you want. Just do not force those beliefs on me. Gay marriage equality has absolutely NO effect on your life yet you fight against it saying our government and everyone should follow your beliefs legally. That is why you are a bigot, you force that belief on me. I could care less what you believe, but my support of marriage equality will not affect your rights in the least. The only REAL reason to be against gay marriage is due to religion. There is a seperation of church and state from the founding of this country AND I have different religious beliefs than you. The Supreme Court’s decision was absolutely spot on. The sad part is the vote was so close when the subject really isn’t.
    So I understand why people think we are trying to force our beliefs on them, but the fact is that we are just responding to others trying to force us into being who they think we should be.
    And people use boycotts for all walks of life. Ever heard of One Million Moms??? You sound like you might be a member. They wanted boycotts of comics with gay characters, boycott JCPenney because they had Ellen Degeners as a spokesperson, and so many other things. Don’t pretend Gay people created the concept.

  • Handy

    Yes they can. In 2008, 5 gay people were murdered for being gay. 5 out of 14,000 murders. And it’s gone down since then. My gay friends would laugh at you for that comment. None of them are afraid of shit.

  • JBearx

    I simply cannot believe anyone would actually take the time to respond to this obviously misinformed bigot named Opus; It’s best to just move on and ignore childish attention sluts.

    I feel kind of bad for all the good folks that worked on “Ender’s Game”, including the cast. Harrison Ford took the Political route here, and knowing how he just loves to give interviews, having a political issue thrown in his face, he handled it as well as I would expect Harrison Ford would. Sadly, the movie should stand on it’s own merits, but douchebags like Mr. Card don’t really think about those things when they allow their own personal beliefs to creep to the forefront. His statement since the supreme court ruling is WORSE than his original sentiment.

    I’ve personally never read the book, heard it’s good, but won’t support anything dealing with this moron. Sorry Mr. Ford, catch your next flick.

  • Handy

    Over 50% of the POPULATION, idiot.

  • Ger

    It was unfair of me to say you sound like a member of One Million Moms. Your posts are actually well written and I can understand why you take offense to being called a bigot. You remind me of my brother and sister are both religious and against gay marriage no matter how much they say they love me. It is hard to explain how hurtful it is that they do not believe I should have the right to marry the person I love. It basically means that our love is not real in their eyes. I was raised baptist and to believe that homosexuality was a horrible sin… it took a long time to come to terms with myself and accept that I am exactly as I am meant to be.
    So in the end, people that have no clue what we are going through are telling us on a daily basis that we are abominations and sick and not deserving of basic rights to the pursuit of happiness. That kinda sucks.

  • Carol Robinson

    Well well, look what the cat dragged in. A person named “Ger”. Well Ger, you are specia.
    Why dont you please show me how i EVER forced my beliefs on YOU?
    Your “gay religion”, as you call it, is fining people to death, throwing people in jail, taking people to court, ruining businesses, because a baker or a photographer doesnt BELIEVE IN GAY MARRIAGE???? Why not go to a baker or photographer who BELIEVES in your gay religion & gay god?
    No, but that would wrong wouldnt it because you wouldnt rather force your “converts” to believe, wouldnt you?
    Instead you play the role of the fool gay pope. Instead you are the dictator, the tyrant, THE BIGOT that you say you are supposedly against.

    and as far as a supposed “separation of church and state” where does ANY FEDERAL GOVT DOCUMENT BY THE FOUNDING FATHERS SAY THAT?
    So do you want God removed from every government document? so you want no prayer before government sessions of congress and throughout the USA to stop??? do you think you are God?

    …..yeah you proved my point. If your kind gets absolute power, anyone who disagrees with you will be rounded up and thrown in concentration camps or re-doctrination camps to believe if your “new” “religion” as you called it.
    ….and that is the issue isnt it: you want religion that makes you feel good about yourself, but you want all of us to be followers of it…but we wont.
    And because others dont believe in your morality you feel “bad” about yourself. Well thats your long term problem & suffering, not mine or ours.

    Oh and I am a long time comic book buyer and have ALOT of comics with GAY characters including Archies. I am an ADULT and have lots of different friends and people I get along with. I just dont believe in any NEW religion that preaches that two gay people are ever in a relationship called “gay marriage”. Only a civil union. So what about the Supreme Court’s wrong decision on DOMA. At one time slavery was “legal” too, and just because “gay marriage” is “legal” now doesnt mean it will always be or that gay marriage will be “legal” everywhere. In fact, in most parts of the USA and throughout the World, “gay marriage” is not legal.

    So you can fine us, take us to court, throw us in jail and even put us to death for not burning incense to your “gay god”, but you will not have our hearts, minds, and cetainly not our souls.

    ah yes my sporty one….I do not fit into your SCARED LITTLE BIGOTED BOX.

  • Al Jalaikakik

    He backpedaled. You choose to accept it. I do not.

  • Carol Robinson

    Thanks very much Ger for the follow up post.
    my extended reply:
    I never said you were sick. Also, I wouldnt start putting anyone in a box just yet, especially please dont put me in a box.

    Just like i dont think all gays think alike, neither do all people who believe in God think alike or present our views the same way. Also some people are offended by the actions not the people, of certain “sins” BUT do not express their concerns properly. These are emotional yet deep felt issues and we are weak humans who screw up things, especially screw up things when we are emotional. ;)

    I dont believe in gay marriage but instead of I would rather see civil unions, with all the rights gays need to handle financial concerns as well as medical visitations. I defend their human rights and would never want harm to come to them. My family and I have had friends who were gay. In fact my dad was pretty old school, very conservative, but while growing up, we socilaized with a gay friend & his friends out in the NYC area as well as in Provincetown Mass. Doesnt mean we are pro-gay but we all got along on the issues and entertainments we all agree upon. We simply enjoyed each others good company & conversation. I am Catholic and we have gay outreach programs (yes there are gay Catholics) and work with each other in a spirit of mutual respect.

    Frankly its absurd that hopsitals dont let anyone who is OKd by the patient or patient’s family to visit a hospitalized friend or loved one. Its i-n-s-a-n-e.

    Also the tax code and the IRS need to be done away with. If two people are financially dependent on each other or interdepent, then they should be allowed for tax purposes to claim as such or as the beneficaries of a will, etc….

    But, I especially dont like for the advancement of “gay marriage” to be at the expense of classic marriage.

    The swipes and punches made at marriage between one man and one woman are revolting. Sure classic marriage has had people who abused it but that doesnt make its wrong or obselete. Most people were born from a mother & a father in marriage. And it has worked well for quite a long time.
    People keep saying marriage had been around for 2000 years and they are sadly mistaken. Marriage has been around for many thousands of years before that. But it has people who abused it and created scandals. People abuse eating and drinking too but we dont stop eating or drinking do we?

    I disagreed with alot of what you wrote, but I think the heat of the discussion will cause both of us to say things we dont mean. I had something very strong to post as a reply but I will leave it for now. What I wrote speaks for me well enough. I dont like to post being mad because its like posting being drunk; you regret it the next day. :)

    BTW I have alot of comics, have read even more. I have never once called for a boycot due to a gay character. But I undestand why some do. I will judge a comic if i like it or not just like any other comic. The story & art better be damn good. ;)

    With respect & sincerity, and may God bless & keep you.

  • the Dagman

    Children are born outside of marriage every single day. Marriage is an unnecessary component of that equation as well as religion is to marriage. And there are plenty of gay couples with children. And the main difference of children of gay couples versus children of straight couples or single parents is that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ARE WANTED. There are no mistakes, no surprises. They are planned and cherished miracles, each and every one. Be it by adoption or by surrogate, children are born to gay couples every day. So, your argument there is baseless.

    Marriage is a social and legal contract. A contract between two legal, consenting adults. A contract needed for the recognition and sharing of legal benefits. From being recognized as legal next of kin, to health benefits, to immigration benefits, to military benefits, to retirement and a whole host of other benefits, marriage is required for those benefits to be shared. There is no legal basis that the two who enter the contract must be of opposite sex. Heterosexual couples have the legal right to enter that contract with the consenting adult of their choice, and that is all that homosexual couples ask as well.

    If religion wants in on the act, why not just call what they do a “spiritual union”?

  • Greg N

    You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. Plenty of same sex marriages take place in a church in a religious ceremony. Just because your twisted definition of same sex marriage is that they are “Godless” doesn’t make it so. You might need to check your pulse after this, but same sex couples are just like you and me, “gasp”, they have different types of marriage ceremonies. You just like to cling to your warped “morals”. Trust me there is no morals in continuing the persecution of human beings. Come join the 21st century, it’s pretty nice here.

  • Opus

    As I said,

    SUrely you jest, kind sir? Gob smacked? Pointing fallacies in my reasoning – that is one thing. Yet, pointing to someones grammar skills as ones only fault, well that means that you can not find anything wrong with said someones statements. It also is strangley akin to playpen tactics of berely potty trained infants.

    And of notice, also – you really think that you can insult me? To be insulted means holding someones opinion of value and being hurt by someone who you care about. Do I know You? No, so I dont give a fig what you can type ( gramatically and spellingly correct ) about me.

    As I stated somewhere on these Card threads, I ve seen things that would make your spine shrivel. Internet bullys do not scare me. They just cover with their loudness fact that they have nothing to offer in discourse. Typical for homosexual activists.

  • Opus

    I have a hard time beleieving that two complete strangers would just meet and go to Church to be wed, without added benefits that do not come with civil marriage. I have not the slightest idea what you are talking about. I do not know what Church you suscribe to, but in my country, once you are married in Church, it is for life. You can not get divorce from the Church. Is in America different?

    Note the difference – traditional Church or as I wrote religious marriage as opposite to civil marriage. I have honor of having as frioends two couples, togethe for more than 30 years, grown up kids and all that, who are bound only in Church matrimony. They have never married in a local municipal office. Their bond is love and respect for each other, shared in fiath with their friends. There are no money benefits or property stuff related through religious ceremony, which are the primary reason homosexuals claim they want marriage.

  • Opus

    I do not know what Church approves of homosexual wedlock, but it is not one of the main ones, and sorry, I do not consider The Church of Flying Spaghetti monster relevant. If it is one of those make up fringe groups, I do not care – Catholic Ortodox Islam and Buddhism do not condone homosexual marriage.

  • Opus

    Sorry, but I understand homosexual activists all too well – I just listen to them. Please go and find the speach of the noted lady who presented the agenda for attacking traditional families. Also, because of that, I am not afraid of homosexual activists. And it is great, that they share their insights with all of us, so we can educate ourselves on therir stances, practices and intents.

    For example, in my country, the most prominent homosexual group set up a website, where among tips for crusiing and what not, they put a guide. Said guide dealt with the usefull tactics for battling their opponents, like falsely accusing the people who hold traditional values for child and spousal abuse, seeding lying rumors about drug use, gambling addiction, extramarital affairs and the likes. ( The laws in my country have not the knowledge of prosecution for slander or psychological aggravation, so the people that got this treatment from homosexuals, coould not sue them. )

    Did Cards agenda failed? Absolutely not. As you said, we educate and become less ignorant and less affraid. Russia has already got its antigay propaganda laws. Several countries are prepraing similar legislation. France is in uproar over homosexual issues, which are poised to tumble gay friendly president. They see what has been happening in USA, how homosexual activists are trating their opponents, and they learn, and prepare themselves.

  • Carol Robinson

    religion doesnt need to be “in on the act” ITS BEEN IN ON THE ACT FOR CENTURIES.

    as far as alot of kids being born outside of normal marriage, so what? murder is rampant too that doesnt mean we make murder “legal” does it???

    its the conservatives who say all children are wanted, whether born in marriage or outside of marriage, whether they are gay or straight, and its the liberals who want to kill/murder/abort them.

  • Robert

    I have read as many of the comments as I can stand. Have any of you read the book??? I has nothing to do with with the issues being discussed. It is one of the most profound indictments of ‘Military” thinking, and its dehumanizing effect on all of society, not to mention its exploration of genocide, genetic breeding of humans,child abuse. It’s a devastating book, one of the best sci-fi’s ever written. The cheap mongering about gay rights, pro or con, is an insult to the author who is very cognizant of the pain of morality and its effect on everyone.

  • DaBroad

    I don’t know what country you’re from, and what “church” you belong to, but sooner or later you’ll need to move forward to the 21st century.