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SDCC | ‘The Simpsons’ Will Cross Over With ‘Family Guy’ Next Year

simpsons-family guy

Fox’s The Simpsons will cross over with Family Guy in a fall 2014 episode of Seth MacFarlane’s animated comedy titled “The Simpsons Guy.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, longtime Simpsons cast members Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria will lend their voices to the episode, in which the Griffins go on a road trip and end up in Springfield.

There, the Simpsons quickly befriend their “albino” visitors, with Stewie admiring Bart’s record of pranks, Lois bonding with Marge, Lisa making it her mission to find out what Meg is good at, and Peter and Homer debating which beer is better, Pawtucket or Duff.Expect more details to emerge from the Saturday panels for The Simpsons and Family Guy at Comic-Con International.


  • David Sanchez

    Huh. Well it had to happen eventually.

  • Tod

    I have always imagined this since I was kid. Can’t wait.

  • Jay

    I wonder what will happen when quagmire meets marge. will it have the same outcome as their previous meeting?

  • PaulL

    Jumping the shark.

  • butters911

    This is a really stupid idea

  • BeastieRunner

    “Hey, remember when you guys were funny?” *Cuts away to an old Simpsons gag*

    “Remember when you guys were funny?” *crickets chirp*

  • tomdaylight

    South Park already did it

  • supermutant

    Holy cow! What next star trek vs star wars? Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter? Wasn’t expecting but nice surprise.

  • demoncat_4

    it was only a matter of time given how family guy spoofed the simpsons. that sooner or later they would maybe meet can’t wait to see marges reaction to quagmire. plus maggie and stewie can exchange notes.

  • ellie


  • penguintruth

    At this point, I don’t know which show will make the other look bad.

    The Simpsons at least used to be the best show on television.

    You know, in the 1990s.

  • Robin Pardy

    So they have officially run out if ideas

  • Quagmire


  • Jay

    Did you ga-googity that girl? Did you ga-shmoygadee her ga-flavity with your googis?

  • Manuel Lopez

    Why not. The Simpsons have nothing to prove, this won’t hurt them in any way.

  • Geaux

    I can only imagine that they are attempting to do what futurama did with this mashup. Shoot one large pile of garbage at another large pile of garbage hurtling towards our TV sets

  • darthjoker

    I had rather see a futura/simpsons croossover. like in the comics.
    and yep, South Park already did something similar.

  • DaMak

    What episode was that?

  • tomdaylight

    Cartoon Wars part II