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SDCC | Matt Smith Walked Convention Floor Disguised as Bart Simpson

This weekend at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Doctor Who star Matt Smith finally got to do something he was unable to do during his previous appearances: wander the exhibition floor. And to pull it off without being besieged by countless fans, the actor did what any international sci-fi star would do. He donned a Bart Simpson mask.

In the BBC America video below, the masked Smith takes to the floor, trailed by camera operators and security, attempting to engage attendees wearing Doctor Who gear while doing his best American accent. The results of both efforts are decidedly mixed.

No one wanted to talk,” an exasperated Smith says. “Everybody’s like, ‘Who’s the weird guy talking to me as Bart Simpson?'”


  • Dan Griffin

    Kinda strange at the end, he went to chill at a Marvel booth. Maybe i’m reading too much into that.

  • Braam Saget

    Karen Gillan is in Gaurdians Of the Galaxy he could be visiting her

  • Jesus Tadeo Lerma Rodriguez

    that’s why you need to be nice to people, cause you never know who is under the mask.

  • Daryll Benjamin

    Haha the true reaction would have been if they showed the video on the big screens at the “Who” panel and then pan to those fans that shunned him. “OMIGAWD THAT was Matt?!?!?!. What did I do?” lol

  • BethAnn Mayberry

    OH MY GOSH. And his HAIR? Where did his lovely fluffy hair go?! #HeavyIsTheHeadThatWearsTheFez #IWearBartSimpsonNowBartSimpsonIsCool #WhovianProblems