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SDCC | Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick to Host AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Talk Show


Can you smell what the Walt is cooking?

Heisenberg’s final crystal cook is on the horizon, with Breaking Bad returning for its final run of eight episodes on Aug. 11. Just in time for the drug drama’s swan song, AMC is launching a talk show called Talking Bad, in the same vein as Talking Dead — and just like Talking Dead, the Breaking Bad talk show will be hosted by Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick.

“AMC will tell you that it’s because of the success of Talking Dead or my friendship with the BB cast that they asked me to host this,” Hardwick said in a statement. “But I maintain it probably has more to do with my unmistakable resemblance to Jesse Pinkman, BITCH.”

If you’re not all caught up on Breaking Bad, or you just need a quick refresher ahead of the final season, look no further than the below recap trailer unveiled at Comic-Con over the weekend:


  • Detanfy

    Hardwick isn’t exactly my favorite person. Sometimes he strikes me as a try-hard “cool” nerd, but I gotta say, I respect the man. I always wonder how he keeps getting these cushy gigs like Talking Dead and covering Marvel and DCs Comic-Con panels. He is like the Ryan Seacrest of nerd things (is that a compliment?).

  • John Doe

    If this was a tweet, I would retweet it…lol..I agree with you %100. Couldn’t have said it better myself.