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SDCC | Watch the Marvel Studios Panel


Marvel Studios made a huge impact at Comic-Con International in San Diego with its star-studded panel deboted to Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy. Comic Book Resources covered the panel on Saturday, but reading about the presentation isn’t quite as enjoyable as watching it.

Emergency Awesome posted a video of the event that doesn’t include the movie clips, but it does feature a cavalcade of stars, including Tom Hiddleston, the casts of Winter Soldier and Guardians, and director Joss Whedon, although the footage cuts out before he announces Age of Ultron.


  • Renaldo

    Without the footage? You’re better off reading it man :(

  • Frank

    It’s only worth watching to see Tom Hiddleston having fun with the crowd as Loki.

  • Frank

    Why is the footage illegal? Just to keep the experience specifically for the people who paid to go to the convention?

  • 7Thunders

    THe problem is the first thing he said. “how many of you have been here all day, and how many have been waiting for the Marvel Panel”. They need to clear the room after EACH panel and NOT allow people to camp out in the rooms. The reason why people can’t get into see the speaker they want to see is because 100’s of people get into the room at 8am for something at 4pm. SUCKS. This is what they Twighlight fans did and it was not acceptable for them neither is it accpeptable for Marvel fans to camp out.