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Are Howling Commandos Back For More ‘Captain America’?

Steve Rogers is out and about in the modern-day Marvel Universe when Captain America: The Winter Soldier rolls into theaters next year. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo confirmed in a new interview that the First Avenger sequel takes place “about a year” after the events of Marvel’s The Avengers, “but narratively it’s much closer to Avengers 2.”

“It sets up a really big shift in the universe for Avengers 2,” Joe Russo told CinemaBlend, hinting at the “political thriller” ramifications of the upcoming superhero sequel.

But even if Cap is operating in the current climate of sophisticated technology and computer warfare, there’s still room to look to the hero’s past. Bucky Barnes’ resurrection as the Winter Soldier is one obvious way the film acknowledges Steve’s earlier years, of course. But perhaps there’s another — perhaps Steve’s comrades, the Howling Commandos, have a role to play as well.

The Howling Commandos’ costumes were on display last week at Comic-Con International, indicating some kind of role, big or small, for Dum Dum Dugan and friends. However, the Russos were incredibly cagey on the subject.

“That’s one of those things where we’d spontaneously combust if we answered,” said Joe Russo, with his brother Anthony adding, “But you know, that is a set piece from the movie. So you know speculate on it what you will.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives April 4, 2014.


  • Joshua Yamada

    GO CAPT!

  • Jasper

    The Howling Commandos would be the Senior Commandos in the modern era. A little humor there but seriously they would be old men next to the ageless Captain America and as for Bucky, he’d also be a young man himself, do to a serum that was ministered to him when he was found that stopped his aging then he was brain washed to become the Soviet assassin known as the Winter Soldier.

  • Sentry616

    Actually Winter Soldier didn’t get the Infinity formula or the super-soldier serum. His lack of aging was due to his being held in cryo-stasis when not on mission and was left in cryo-stasis after the collapse of communism only to be sold off like a lot of other soviet weapons.