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Fox’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot to Begin Shooting in September in Lousiana

Fantastic Four Terry DodsonForget New York City or Canada, Louisiana is where it’s at! That’s Fox’s attitude toward shooting its upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

According to TheWrap, the film was originally going to be shot in Vancouver, but has since been moved to Louisiana to take advantage of the state’s production incentive program, which “offers a 30 percent transferrable tax credit for in-state expenditures related to a film’s production — and an additional 5 percent labor incentive for hiring the state’s residents.”

This is the first bit of news about the Josh Trank (Chronicle) directed film since last month, when rumors started bubbling up that Chronicle‘s Michael B. Jordan might star as Johnny “Human Torch” Storm and that Allison Williams (Girls) might play Sue “Invisible Woman” Storm.

No official casting announcements have been made by Trank or the studio, but they are looking to start filming in September with an eye toward a March 6, 2015 release.


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