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Scarlet Witch’s Costume ‘Can’t Be Too-Old School,’ Whedon Says

Ultron has dominated the Avengers sequel news cycle lately — fair enough, considering the Age of Ultron subtitle — but don’t forget two of the other Marvel characters that will debut in in Joss Whedon’s upcoming film: Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch suffered in the shadow of her silver-haired brother in the build-up to Comic-Con International, with questions persisting about character rights and his appearance in Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. But thankfully, Whedon has finally addressed something regarding Wanda Maximoff: What, exactly, will she wear as her costume?

“It can’t be too old-school,” Whedon told Nerdist. “She can’t wear a leotard.”

He said Wanda “might wear a headband or something that might echo” the character’s iconic headgear, but that it’s possible her final look will be closer to her appearance in Marvel’s The Utimates.

“Obviously we want to echo the look that people know, but there’s the classic look and the Ultimates look, but you have to do it in a way that will work,” he said. “The guys at Marvel, the conceptual artists, are phenomenal, and they are so good at taking the essence of what works and interpreting it for the actual human body, and when they paint something you can not only tell how it’s gonna work on a person, you can even tell what fabric it’ll be. They are very specific, very talented.”


  • Jim Sheridan


  • Adam Walters

    It would be pretty easy to give her a red leather jacket.

  • Lyle

    A red head band and a red dress. What’s so difficult about that?

  • Adam Frey

    “It’s possible her final look will be closer to her appearance in Marvel’s The Utimates.”
    Well, as long as her relationship with her brother isn’t closer to the one used in The Ultimates, I think we’ll be OK.

  • SJNeal

    Her current look (long red trench coat) seems just fine, once you tweak the headgear a bit.

  • Lola

    Alongside the other costumed, that costume would look ridiculous–especially that headband thing.

  • Jasper

    As long as the Scarlet Witch is wearing that gorgeous outfit in the Avengers 2 film, I’m sold.

  • hooliganb

    Yeah, I agree. I think her current look is pretty fashion forward. They could even do something like this in red for her headband (without the jewel thing this model has):

    Then again, next to Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, maybe her headgear doesn’t need to change too much.