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‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Star Jamie Foxx is ‘Aggressively Pursuing’ Spawn Movie

Jamie Foxx is set to terrorize Peter Parker next summer in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, playing the charged-up villain Electro. But playing Max Dillon isn’t the end of Foxx’s comic-book movie ambitions. In a new interview, the Oscar-winning actor revealed a dream project he wants to star in: an adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

“Spawn is one, yeah,” Foxx told when asked about movies he wants to make happen. “And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I’m aggressively pursuing them.”

Foxx as Tyson is a big enough prospect for its own post, but his “aggressive” desire to play Al Simmons is especially interesting for comic book fans. Previously, Michael Jai White played Spawn in the 1997 film  that didn’t receive the kindest reviews, while Keith David lent his voice to the demonic antihero for HBO’s animated series. In today’s world of constant comic-book movie releases, another Spawn is all but inevitable, especially considering that McFarlane wants to make the movie himself.

“Since [Spawn is] floating out there, someone’s always bugging me and going, ‘We’re looking to [buy] this independent stuff because we can’t get the X-Men or Spider-Man or Superman… so when are you going to let us have a shot at this?'” McFarlane told CBR News in 2010. “It’s been happening for the last few years nonstop, and it’s time for me to take advantage of it by finishing the script, trying to make the deal and see if I can direct it.”

Almost three full years have passed since that interview, with little public movement on the movie’s development. Perhaps Foxx’s announced interest will finally bring Spawn back to life.


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  • Jacob

    michael jai white also played tyson. does jamie foxx want to do a remake of black dynamite, too?

  • joe35

    Jamie Foxx as Spawn? HELL NO!

  • beetleborg33

    This needs to happen and I hope Universal/Legendary pictures are behind

  • Matt Yeoman

    I like Foxx, but Tyreese Gibson would be better for Spawn/Al SImmons

  • Veidt

    This was covered elsewhere and the likely hood of a Spawn movie happening even with Foxx’s interest is almost none.

    From the original article: “Taking questions while many got in line, McFarlane was asked about when
    Spawn would be coming back to theaters. Playing up Spawn’s box office
    money from the first movie and the current buzz for comic book movies,
    McFarlane said he has an Academy Award winning actor ready for the movie
    and wants to do a mafia movie where a supernatural creature shows up in
    the middle of it as the basic premise. He also says he won’t sign off
    on the movie for any studio unless he gets to write, direct, and produce
    it, and that when he tells most Hollywood types that, and that Spawn
    probably won’t speak during the whole movie, most don’t call back.”

    Really unlikely with McFarlane’s conditions and he isn’t in a rush.

    Original aritcle here:

  • CudaBiro

    McFarlane’s asking for too much. If he wants to do all of that he needs to put up his own money and get it done or at least make a short so they can see what he’s going for.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    Oh wow McFarlane is either an idiot or has zero idea how the movie and television business works. Makes me wonder if he even wants to to do a movie or if he just wants to see if someone will actually give him what he wants. The man sounds like he has a giant sized ego.

  • Anon Nymous

    Tyreese Gibson?! You’re bananas! Tyreese is one of the most abrasive, and egotistical actors out there. Not to mention he’s not that great of an actor to begin with. I mean…what, Transformers? Too Fast Too Furious? He’s the same in everything. No..Spawn needs to be SPAWN. Watch the animated shows for good reference. I’d rather have and old Kieth David play the new Spawn than Tyreese Gibson lol.

  • Anon Nymous

    Yeah…all of that sounds lame. Spawn needs to be the main focus in the movie… His sales pitch isn’t very good. When I imagined a new Spawn movie, I imagined basically a retelling of the animated series, only in live action, which was something I remember hoping for in the PG13 film (although without the sex scenes and gratuitous cussing). But no…what we got was a campy version (though I do enjoy the visual FX, except that CGI Malebolgia, what a travesty due to budget limits). I remember being very impressed with the Spawn movie trailer. You remember that? The audience I was sitting with were like “whooaa…”.

    Too bad the actual film didn’t live up to it.

    No, what we need is a happy medium bad ass Spawn film. Rated R, spooky, violent, but not over the top stupid violence, deep with story, emotions and action packed. Great special FX and a killer costume would be nice.

    Why is that so hard to do??? Well because he wants to do it his own way and everyone else wants to do it their way.

    Has Spawn been keeping up over the years? I know Todd is enforcing Spawn comics to stay up on the racks mainly to show Spawn is still tickin’ but how’s the story doing? Is the artwork still amazing?

    It seems to me that Todd is focusing more on Walking Dead franchise and Halo toys than he is, his own baby. Maybe he got burnt out on Spawn? Who knows… But this article is hardly news anyways. We’ve been hearing talks about a new Spawn movie for over 10 years now! I’ve grown old and while I’ll always have a soft spot for Spawn, this is all coming way too late …. I’ve lost the excitement.

    And unless Todd brings Spawn back the way he did the animated series, but only in live action, I’m not holding out for much anymore. I have respect for all his achievements but I’m not with the lack of passion here today.

  • Anon Nymous

    I just got through watching Keith David’s role in Cloud Atlas…. Okay, in my honest opinion, this man can still act and would totally be a great live action Al Simmons in a new Spawn film (if it happened like TODAY, NOW, before he gets older). He still looks great! Just dye his grays black (or shave him balled) and work him out a little and perfect! He’s got the voice and he looks great. Why hasn’t this man ever been approached to do the live action back in the 90s in the first place????? Or has he? I loved him in “They Live”.

  • Desmond

    Michael Jai White is still Alive to make a sequel, slow your roll Foxx.

  • budman2008

    Why would anyone want a sequel to a crappy superhero movie made 16 years ago? They need to reboot this.

  • Statham

    Give it to Foxx. Like, right now. If they made Spawn nearly as much of a badass as Django, it needs to be done.

  • dregj

    if he got rid of his severe case of the uglies then yeah
    he’d be great