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The CW’s ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff Putting Down Roots in Chicago

supernatural-season 8 promo

The CW will introduce Supernatural fans to a planned spinoff, with a backdoor pilot airing next spring as an episode of the long-running drama.

Deadline reports that supervising producer Andrew Dabb is writing the new project, which will be set in Chicago and explore the conflicts between the city’s hunter and monster cultures. Supernatural, which begins its ninth season this fall, seldom remains in one location for long, with brothers Sam and Dean crisscrossing the United States.

Although the producers and stars of Supernatural teased the new season at Comic-Con International, they made no mention of the proposed spinoff.


  • alistaircrane

    Looking forward to this. Supernatural is my favourite show, and the spinoff will help keep the ‘verse alive.

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