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SDCC | ‘RoboCop’ Commandeers Hall H, Reveals Footage and Plot Details

Photo courtesy Sony Pictures

Photo courtesy Sony Pictures


The creators and cast of Sony’s upcoming RoboCop descended upon Comic-Con International in San Diego to debut the film’s trailer, discuss the remake’s themes and divulge tidbits about what fans can expect from the reimagining of director Paul Verhoeven’s beloved 1987 original.

The world premiere of the trailer, with voiceover by Samuel L. Jackson’s charismatic and controversial journalist character Pat Novak, revealed the intense political debate beating beneath the movie’s action. We see what is obviously spun news footage of residents in the Middle East being “protected” by robots (clearly subdued), with Novak explaining that, “Incredible! Not long ago, that would’ve been American men and women risking their lives!” As he exclaims – over live footage of the pacification – that the technology must be brought to American homes (“Why is America so Robo-Phobic?” he begs), the scene erupts with fire and explosions from radicals.

Michael Keaton’s character Raymond Sellars – the CEO of the largest robot manufacturer in the world – wrestles with the question of whether or not machines can be responsible for human lives, as they don’t have feelings. “If one of them had killed a child,” he asks a panel, “What would it feel?” “Nothing,” is the response.

SDCC | “RoboCop” Tech Unveiled

This sets up what seems to be the crux of the film – the global implications of and politicization of drones used in warfare. After the clip, director Jose Padilha and actors Abbie Cornish, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson and Joel Kinnaman ascended the stage.

Padilha got right to the heart of the matter, explaining why he opted to remake the original 1987 film. “We didn’t try to redo the same RoboCop, because it was perfect the way it was,” he explained. “We just took the concept of RoboCop and we brought it to the present. We are more and more in a society that RoboCop is relevant…we’re seeing drones…we’ll soon see robots used in war…this is going to become a big issue. The first film saw it way back, which is a great merit. I think it’s gonna go down exactly as you see…first we’re gonna use machines abroad and then we’ll bring machines home.”

Of his character, who seems to be a bridge between the emotional and political extremes in the film, Keaton said, “He sees how you define what is right and what is wrong – he’s a complex dude and a big thinker…he sees the bigger picture…he’s the ultimate pragmatist.”

Concept art for the new RoboCop design.

Concept art for the new RoboCop design.

Jackson likes to refer to his news anchor character as “Rush Sharpton” — an amalgam of Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton. “You get a combination of those two guys,” he explained. “A guy who has an opinion, isn’t afraid to state it and will use any means necessary to get you to agree with him.”

RoboCop Revealed in Set Photos

Kinnaman – who plays cop Alex Murphy-turned-RoboCop – highlighted a key difference between the original film and this new version. “Alex doesn’t die – they manage to say his life,” he said. “He’s amputated from the throat down and he has some form of respiratory system inside the armor. Over the course of the movie he has this internal battle with the artificial intelligence and his own soul.”

Cornish plays Murphy’s wife Clara, and explained that Alex’s wife and child “Sort of grounds the film in basic humanity.” “He does become half man, half robot,” she said. “It’s how he’s affected on a deeper level in regards to his wife his child…and how that interacts with how that becomes part of the robot. It was kind of nice to play a woman who really fought for a man.”

So – despite all his misgivings – what’s Keaton’s character’s motivation for creating RoboCop? “He’s a believer,” Keaton explained. “The thing about Sellars is: money is fun and there’s a lot of it…he’s way past that…this is something he believes. I think he thinks past that question of, ‘Is this right or wrong?’ I always saw him as a guy who’s deeply involved in this…and he’s thinking of the next move.”

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When asked how he managed to emote while wearing RoboCop’s infamous helmet, Kinnaman joked, “I had to perfect my jaw acting…I think I got a lot better at it! I’d be angry with only my mouth!” But he specified, “In all the scenes where there’s social interaction, the visor comes up…when a crime is committed in his near vicinity, that’s when the visor comes down.”

A key element of RoboCop’s transformation in some of the footage shown included the fact that Alex’s hand was kept intact. “Our movie’s in the future, and in the future America and other countries are using drones and robots in foreign policy,” explained Padilha. “But because a robot cannot be accountable, robots cannot pull the trigger domestically. So they [Sellars’ company] are losing a lot of money because they can’t sell robots in America. How do they bend the law? They put a man in the machine – they create a machine with a conscience. They have to sell the idea that this is a machine, and that this is a man…so they keep his hand for that reason, only. Human contact.”

“At the end of the day,” said Padilha, “you should never fear the gun – you should fear the guy holding the gun.”

RoboCop hits theaters February 7, 2014.


  • JasonMBryant

    This actually sounds really interesting.

  • Sherman

    If it’s just his head they save then he’s not exactly half-man, half-machine. More like 5% man 95% machine.

  • Jon

    “Alex doesn’t die – they manage to say his life.”

    How is this impressive in any way? “His” and “life” are two very easy words to pronounce. :)

  • Jon

    And this is why geeks can’t get dates.

  • darksparkimus

    So because it’s a cyborg with a human head and hand it can kill humans? But if it’s entirely a robot it can’t? This sounds really stupid to me.

  • JasonMBryant

    Did you know that Pringles are legally not a snack in Britain? Britain has a “sin tax” against snack foods. However, the definition of “snack food” is just a list of things like cookies, candies, and chips. So the lawyers argued, successfully, that Pringles was not a “chip” since it was made by pressing together potato parts, not slicing the potatoes. So they don’t have to pay the tax.

    Here in America, certain imported action figures of cyborgs and mutants don’t have to pay a tax that was specifically made for dolls. The lawyers argued that a “doll” was a toy in the shape of a human, and cyborgs and mutants aren’t human, so they shouldn’t have to pay the tax. So now there is legal precedent that mutants aren’t human.

    Yes, the human hand thing is stupid. But it is stupid in exactly the way that our legal system actually works.

  • akkadiannumen

    Sounds interesting enough for a remake / action flick / popcorn flick. Just one thing I dislike: they saved his life? Gah… That was one point of the original that struck a perfect tragic chord. Murphy died. Both physically and legally. He became a thing, a science project, the legal property of OCP. It’s a relatively small thing and I probably won’t pay attention to it during the movie but it bothers me particularly because he made a point of mentioning it.

  • Fury

    the original Robo was only his brain and his face. so he wasn’t half-man, hlaf-machine all cop either.


    I haven’t bothered reading anything about this remake. Just need to know one thing… will it be adult oriented like the original or given the 12a treatment?

  • el burito

    old robocop looked better -.-

  • Jon

    Does Sam Jackson have to be in every fucking movie?

  • James

    That new Robocop design looks horrible.

  • Warner Brown

    That image is NOT actual concept artwork. It’s fanmade. Grab the official concept image from

  • Dave W

    I still can’t get around the idea of putting a human hand on a robot. Even SWAT team wear protection gloves.

  • jason

    a lot better

  • Christopher F.

    Old Robocop sounded a lot better too. This doesn’t even sound like Robocop. It sounds like they’re making a totally different idea and just slapping the Robocop label on it to boost box office take.

  • No One

    Actually… Yes, the entire film industry is contractually obligated to cast Samuel L. Jackson in every single movie made.

    Now you know!

  • PeterBlood

    The original Rob Bottin RoboCop suit is still way cooler than this feeble effart (which looks like it belongs in another movie). Even if the original suit was hard for the actor to maneuver in. Light years better.

  • Stovepipes

    The Pringles thing isn’t exactly true, neither is the ‘Sin tax’ they were just trying to avoid our sales tax which isn’t imposed on some foods.
    Anyway they do now have to pay (VAT) tax here, they almost got away with it but ultimately failed.

  • John Taylor

    Why fiddle with the design? Anyway, reboots and sequels are hardly ever as good as the originals.

  • Skivskiv

    I think too many people are wearing their nostalgia glasses on this one. Having grown up with the original Robocop, I will, always and forever, have a special place in my heart for that masterpiece of a film. However, the premise of this film seems very intriguing. I was definitely a hater before I got this synopsis. Now…I’m going to go in seeing the film with a completely open mind and let the film speak for itself instead of shoe-horning it into the size and scope of it’s predecessor.

    To all the people bitching about it deviating too much from the original, what was the alternative? A shitty shot-for-shot remake of the first film with modern effects/actors? Why would I pay money to see that? I could just watch the original and *guarantee* myself to NOT be disappointed.

    I’m not saying everyone needs to love the remake–in fact I hate most reboots and remakes because (typically) it’s a complete lack of creativity; taking a well established character and mythos and creating a new plot around them is akin to writing fan-fiction on the internet. However, to immediately condemn the reboot on the grounds that it’s *both* “too different” AND “too similar” is just completely ridiculous. You’ll never be able to please ANYONE with that mindset. No wonder there’s so much fucking garbage coming out of Hollywood these days.

  • ratedrnightwing

    Still Sounds lame

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    That is one silly looking suit.

  • JJ

    I have read a lot about the movie and after this article I understand a little more. They left the human hand due to interactions. Public Relations type thing. When you show off your new concept and having a meet and greet with the public it may help people accept if it feels human. Also they save him in this one due to the fact that if the guy dies who’s to say he’s still human or a robot with a face. Helps with the whole robots not being cops. In the original the cops signed a waver making them OCP property if they died. No one was suppose to know it was Murphy just wanted a robot with a human face for PR reasons. He malfunctioned and got his memories back.

  • FyreSprite

    Yep, They just fly him from set to set ! All filming is on his shedule.

  • CamaroSSDriver

    Old “Robo” WAYYYYYYYYYYYY better looking. Sam Jackson? Really?….REALLLLLY? The suit looks like a G.I. Joe knockoff…and…Sam Jackson?….REALLY?!?!?!? I will be MORE than happy to wait for this to be on the video store $1.00 rack,and then wait for 1/2 price day….with a coupon.


    They should make a game, just by looking at the concept art you can tell they would be able to make a game. i mean just imagine a game where you can be a cop and robot driving around the city and shooting gang members up. If they do this right, it will turn out to be a fucking awesome game once you think about!

  • TheFran

    Where does he keep his gun? Stored in his leg?

  • PK

    Drones are NOT automated. NOT AUTOMATED. Please get your HEADS out of your ASSES.

  • Mike

    Maybe they were thinking the parts used to make the whole? As in, 1 part from the man catagory-1 part from the machine catagory. Meh.. I don’t this kind of movie is meant to be given this much thought.

  • CatsAreGods

    Just wait 15 years.

  • taranaich

    “To all the people bitching about it deviating too much from the original, what was the alternative?”

    Make this film a stand-alone story that doesn’t need to have anything to do with the original Robocop?

  • helioblak

    i think in the original, he still had his torso, but i could be wrong…havent seen the movie since i cant remember when

  • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

    I think his point still stands, however. Ridiculous decisions get made for political reasons by mega-corporations all the time. I don’t think the hand idea sounds stupid or great. Imo this is truly something I want to see for myself before over-thinking it.

  • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

    I wonder if Robocop can put a vibrator where his penis used to be. Hmmm….

  • Stovepipes

    Yeah I didn’t disagree with his point but we live in an age where it takes seconds to check out the facts, I did, found out it wasn’t true and just wanted to correct it.

  • x

    Bad movie then worse movie now!

  • iamgoatman

    Actually in the original Robocop series it’s only his brain they keep. In Robocop 2 he explains to his wife that his face was made up to honor him and isn’t actually his face.

  • Kier

    … the line… IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!’ comes to mind

  • Editor

    Katie, please have someone proofread your work. Thank you.

  • Grant Bond

    robocop should look like a bucket of bolts. there’s poetry behind it. not a silverhawk!

  • Brandon Parker

    Robocop will never be the same as I remember it as a kid this new robocop does not even look like a robocop to me at all I liked Peter Weller as robocop back in the day he looked cool this looks nothing like I pictured robocop to be he looks hideous now.

  • jzep789

    This movie is going to be an epic abortion…

  • CompuDoc

    they kept his central nervous system. His brain, his spine, his face (because they needed his eyes as part of the CNS). When they make the other version of robocop for movie 2 we ultimately see they brain and spine ripped from the characters machine to kill it.

  • Joshers

    Rated PG-13 for little kids.

  • Ben

    Yes you are correct in the first movie he still had over 90% of his body, they only blew his hand and arm off then shot the shit out of his body and put 1 bullet into his head.

  • Jim

    Why is it stupid? It specifically states that it’s laws OCP are trying to skirt. Did you not even read? I have ZERO confidence in this remake and even i got that part,

  • Jim

    The 5% most important part!

  • Jim

    Yet another idiotic post. What does that even mean?

  • Jim

    Much better.

  • darksparkimus

    It’s stupid because he is programmed. He is a machine with organic components but he is still a machine. If he’s programmed then no judgement he makes is his own. Therefore the difference between him shooting someone and a machine doing the same is negligible. Lets tape a human hand on it that way we can blame anything bad it does on the human part…

  • BYERE .

    Sounds about right…

  • Johnny Pozzi

    Personally, I would’ve preferred RoboCop 4 with Peter Sellers. What Sony wants to do is turn RoboCop into a PG-13 big-budget kids action franchise to compete with these superhero movies and not the dark, adult thriller the first two were.

  • Erick Mattos

    Suit/Cyborg body looks cool and all but what made RoboCop the original, so damn great, was how much the entire suit stood out. This one just looks like what superman would look like if he had no cape and no red on his suit; just blue blue blue. Imagine that?

  • Steve

    Considering a dozen people liked the comment, and you were the only one that didn’t, I’ll just sit here and feel sorry for you. If at least you had the humility to politely ask for an explanation instead of calling names, I would have explained the joke to you.

  • Fortress Geek

    Didn’t even know they were redoing Robocop. Horrible design, though the focus / discussion on drone tech might be interesting.

  • LordDarque

    Kinda how things work though. People make Laws to prevent things they don’t want and others find ways to get around them. Laws have to be enforced as they are written. If it says something like ‘deadly force may only be delivered by a human hand’ then there you go. It is a game that has gone on since man first starting making laws.

  • LordDarque

    It is not hard to see that they will eventually be. So you can quit the shouting. I can even make a pretty good guess how it will start.

    I would bet even now when control is lost the drones are programmed to return home. Someone finds a way to jam the signals and bring the machines down. Some of them are very expensive chunks of metal. The military will not like that much. So they add some new programming. When control is jammed the machine attacks the transmitter.

    This works pretty well. So they start to look at other situations.

    This movie is Science Fiction but like the best of the genre it looks just a little forward and asks ‘what if?’

  • LordDarque

    He will in the porn version. lol

  • LongBongSilver

    The original Robocop movie hid some sharp and devastating satire of 80’s consumerism and greed beneath a veneer of stupid action and ultra violence. By remaking it with a PG13 rating in order to appeal to a wider audience, the remake becomes the kind of thing the original was condemning. Miss the point of the source material much?

  • James Campbell

    My god, can’t we enjoy one movie without Samuel L Jackson’s poor acting mucking it up?

  • Fenrisfil

    Is it just me or does the concept art make him look like a Michael Bay Transformer, that is – really indistinct, uninspired and frankly a bit sh…

  • Miker

    “I’ll buy that for a dollar!”

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    I think I like the original Robocop’s design better.

  • scott

    Murphy Is that You?

  • scott

    then murphy would not have been able to make the choice to violate his programing or wipe the programing out by a seriously high voltage shock. he may be more machine physically. but Alex murphy was still in there some where. And has some say in who is calling the shots

  • scott

    He was part of a head and part of an upper torso. he still ate food all though it was more like baby food. “this dispenser produces a rudimentary past to sustain his organic system.” Robocop 1

  • scott

    He said that after the ocp lawyer said that he would not be much of a husband to Clara and He the lawyer was trying to get out of the lawsuit Clara was pursuing against ocp Since murphy was constantly driving past Clara’s new home He a coerst into saying “they made this to honor him” RC first identified himself as Alex Murphy of the detriot police department. then after the lawyer pointed out he was not entierely aman did he say he was Robocop crime prevetion unit

  • King E

    No he didnt. If the creators had the tech and design options we had now Robocop would have looked better then. That grey plastic man running around didnt once look like metal. just saying. and this robocop will actually have the chance to fully move like a human instead of a stiff robot. except the fact that Robocop had great aim with his pistol that was the only thing that saved him. he was slow and sluggish. Do you actually think that Hollywood could make a Robocop movie in this time and age with a slow moving plastic looking Robot Man. My IPod has more tech than the old skool RoboCop. lol OK I might have over exaggerated that last sentence. lol

  • King E

    thats where the original kept it.

  • Erwin Valenova Bonilla

    So… the creators kept the human hands in this remake of robocop because it was the only way for the robot to fire a gun? What a idiotic loophole! What’s the point of having all this sophisticated robocop hardware but the hands are still flesh and vulnerable? This particular robocop can’t punch through walls or crush anything besides a bug.

  • chris cumsworthy

    This looks on par with Baby Geniuses 2. They should waterboard every single loser working on this pathetic film.

  • Harry Schmoe

    he looks like a gay ninja. was interested in this project until they dropped fassbender. remaking verhoven movies are blasphemy. often times these movies are terrific because of thier score wich rebooters dont get. verhoven and john carpenter are available to make new movies and we get this rebootfanboy made for 13-26 year olds living in thier moms basement with no filmwatching history demographic targeted schlock.

  • dragonthc

    am I the only one who thinks that Robocop looks like the Tick without antennae?

  • dragon age fan

    what there trying to say is a robot does what is asked/programmed of it and a human/robot combo can stil think for itself thats the whole difirence it has a choice

  • dragon age fan

    thats another point of the whole online thinghell even ofline,info is easy to get but just cause its there does that mean its realy true?

  • dragon age fan

    wel if his head is stil his own that kinda means he can think for himself cause as far as we know the brains makes you function and thinkbut if they put a chip in his brain how far does that make him obey his commends and how does his human brain coop with it and can go against it that is kinda the big question here

  • dragon age fan

    ya but thats 5% is the whole reason a body can function its the controle procces center

  • dragon age fan

    ya its funny you grow up thinking you have to do so much and hold youreself to so manny things we subcontiusly dont even realize,but the biggest realizasion is we dont have to do shit :) wel some of us have our moral things we go by and that might even be better then al those rules

  • Stovepipes

    Well in this case yes, you can read the outcome on Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs website, don’t even need to go to news sources.

  • LDR

    Pleeeeease, not the Galactica 1980 treatment!

  • Nicholas Tosoni

    I can REALLY get behind the new RoboCop as an extension of drone warfare, BUT there’s another wrinkle to the story that the reboot could also touch upon: a disturbing trend in police militarization (SWAT teams, etc.). When I saw Robo’s new duds, my first thought was, “Huh, that looks like modern if slightly more futuristic SWAT gear.”

    As it stands, though, I have every faith that it’s not going to be a disaster.

  • Nicholas Tosoni

    Doesn’t have to be a chip in his head, Dragon Age Fan…it could be something like “his mechanical bits go into lockdown,” a la the original.

  • Nicholas Tosoni

    Not to worry; the other hand is mechanical and can punch through walls.

  • Swy

    Physically, ……consciously he’s still 100% human

  • wobbles9094

    it’s exactly the mental and legal gymnastics that our politicians love so very much when they want to justify breaking the law. Especially the current administration.

  • Freeflight

    Nope it makes all the sense in the world.

    Just look up Iaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics, or any robotic laws for that matter.

    The very first law you will always find will be “Do not hurt humans” in some form or another. Why is that? Because it makes sense as a precaution.

    The problem starts when you try to give those Robots tasks that require them to apply violence to humans, like being a police robot.

    At that point you run the risk of the Robot misinterpreting commands. You don’t want your Police-Robots beating up innocent people, do you?

    That’s why you stick a human brain into it. That way the Android is able to make actual decisions appropriate to the situation, without being stuck in a rigid rule set that might not have an answer for every possible situation.

    This has been a controversial sci-fi topic for decades and with the current push for modern drone warfare, this topic is as actual as it can get. This could turn out quite interesting..

  • Freeflight

    They are automated but not fully yet.
    But you can be sure in the wars of the future they will remove the weakest link from the systems and that’s gonna be the human.

    Who do you gonna think wins an all out war:

    The drone army that needs human input and confirmation, before doing any kills.

    Or the drone army that just kills as fast as their electronic circuits allow them.

    Which one is more likely to win?

  • Garrett Neal

    That new costume looks like sh’t compared to the old one, and I thought the old one could definitely use an upgraded look.

  • efforting

    Even though the special effects designers didn’t have the skill or resources, I think in the end that was a good thing. Robocop looks foreign and menacing as a big clunky robot tank.
    There was always the question of how much man in there in the machine or was it just a armored suit he is wearing. When he pulls the gun out of his leg socket you realize his leg is not natural. When he takes off his helmet you realize he still has a human face and eyes to see. The ultimate question being If he is just programmed circuits or if he still has a brain and a soul capable of being more than just a machine.
    Thats what made the original movie so special. This new robocop is going to be a turd.

  • efforting

    Or make this a sequel, farther in the future where they revisit the original failed robocop program in an attempt to make one even more human.

  • JoMama

    Was 1987 the last time Hollywood had an original idea?

  • Nitron94

    “Did you know that Pringles are legally not a snack in Britain? Britain has a “sin tax” against snack foods. However, the definition of “snack food” is just a list of things like cookies, candies, and chips. So the lawyers argued, successfully, that Pringles was not a “chip” since it was made by pressing together potato parts, not slicing the potatoes. So they don’t have to pay the tax.

    Here in America, certain imported action figures of cyborgs and mutants don’t have to pay a tax that was specifically made for dolls. The lawyers argued that a “doll” was a toy in the shape of a human, and cyborgs and mutants aren’t human, so they shouldn’t have to pay the tax. So now there is legal precedent that mutants aren’t human.

    Yes, the human hand thing is stupid. But it is stupid in exactly the way that our legal system actually works.”

    Sent by JasonMBryant

    That message was fully true, yes it doesn’t seem like there is a difference between a robot and cyborg, but legally there is a difference and the police force and companies exploit this,

  • Jake Witmer

    The original Robocop was indeed perfect. .;..This is not robocop. If they couldn’t think of anything else to call it, or any other way to get these ideas into a movie, they should all just commit suicide. They could have called it “drone,” or something like that, and saved a lot of face. This is like remaking “the Godfather” with the same title. It’s douchebaggery at its worst. I love the fact that Weller basically said the same thing. When James Cameron ripped off “The Second Variety” from PKD, and Harlan Ellison’s “Soldier” (already an “Outer Limits” episode) did he call it “Soldier”? No. He called it “The Terminator.”

    Because that’s what good people who aren’t a part of the soulless Hollywood machine do.

    And why are they remaking Verhoeven’s “Robocop” (which he got unbelievably right) instead of remaking “Starship Troopers” (which he utterly butchered, eliminating every single idea from the excellent book, which he didn’t even read, and stupidly believed a moronic friend of his that it was “a defense of fascism” —the book was the polar opposite of that, you fucking moron –it was an exploration of how a society could adapt to a true menace, while retaining its high level of individual freedom!!!).

  • andy

    i think they made the point of saying he was alive cos at some point in the movie his humanity has to over ride the programing so he can be the hero or just so he can make better decisions with his living consciousness intact rather than it bein buried in the programing havin to fight its way to the surface

  • Hollywood Blows

    I really want this PG-13 piece of CGI shit to fail. Not just because I loved the original Robocop, but because if enough of these watered-down garbage remakes fail (like how the PG-13 Total Recall was a bomb) maybe, just maybe, Hollywood will get the hint and stop making them.

    But that’s a big if, because for whatever reason, they seem to be dead set on shoving godawful, ADD kiddie versions of beloved movies down everyone’s throats no matter how many of these fucking things flop.

  • mrcead

    Like a tricycle, when you’re too old for one, you leave it behind. I grew up on the original Robocop movies/tv shows. I am content with my memories. This new generation can have their version. The world will still spin if I don’t watch it.

  • Truth Troll

    A Venom movie? Awesome!

  • Art

    The dismemberment of Alex Murphy, the child drug dealer, the violence. The human face under the visor, intertwined with robotics,the flashbacks of his previous life, the gun recessed in the thigh, the babyfood. This is what reminds me of Robocop.. and many many death and violence, and drug use. the gun that looked like something out of Ghost from the shell that was wicked….the killed the total recall remake they will neuter this one too.. its a shame I stopped caring about movies since the late 90’s

  • Gerrit Coulter

    Mind of a man, body of a robot. Jeez

  • Deegs

    Negative. Robocop did not have a human torso. When they’re assembling Robocop, they explain to Bob Morton they were able to save his left arm. He then mentions that they had all agreed on “total body prosthesis,” and to, “lose the arm.” Robocop and his digestive system don’t make sense if all they used was his face and his brain.

  • Deegs

    It is his face. If they had made it as a replica, they would not have included the scar where he was shot in the head. When he says, “they made this to honor him,” he was referring to the Robocop unit as a whole, not just his face.

  • Eduardo Luna

    This “new robocop suit” actually looks like a power ranger suit….

  • AJ

    Apparently. Does that guy even own a house? And if he does, I have to ask why, since he seems to live on movie sets.

  • wind0010

    Sounds like it’s time to keep your bitch in check: MANHOOD101. C O M

  • tudy

    Omg hes not programmed,he has his own will,you are arguing the laws of Asimov over here,and android or a robot,cant kill because of the law installed in him if it is made by humans,if not that’s another story,Robo cop,is part human part machine,and having his head over hes robot shoulders means he can kill other humans,because of his free will…

  • Matt

    That’s the problem with “remakes”, every producer wants to keep the integrity of the original film by making a new film in their image. Why not just go scene by scene and add more to it from the original, bring modernization.

  • tigerface

    That concept art… reminds me of something Tony Stark would have designed. Yet another unnecessary sequel. Let’s remake Starship Troopers next since we’re drying the well of 80s movies that have been remade.

  • tigerface

    Agreed. If they have this advanced technology why do you need to go through all the trouble of inventing a life support system for a head, when you could just invent some kind of exo-skeleton made out of metal with an imbedded AI that a person could wear… oh right.

  • PeterBlood

    And then doing it up in Batman Black further takes it down the road to excruciatingly boring. This will tank. Congrats to revisionists. i.e. studio heads, producers and directors who always THINK they know best, until of course it’s too late. Too many of the wrong people are making these decisions. Like the studio morons who keep bringing back dull and unimaginative ‘ol Lex Luthor as a Superman enemy when the mythos and alternate villains are much larger. Not to mention great plot devices still unused like the unpredictable red kryptonite effect on people of Krypton. (Oh and what about the miniaturized Krypton city of Kandor?) You would think writers would LOVE that and could flex the narrow Superman range of story they’re now in and seemingly refuse to break free of. Brainiac anyone?

  • Murphy

    What a piece of shit…this should never have been allowed to happen.

  • Jimhad

    fucking garbage.

  • Jan Kever

    Lol, it is basically the same concept as the 1980s film. Most of his brain is organic, which cannot be reprogrammed. The computer part of his brain compels his organic brain to follow protocol, but the choice fundamentally is Alex Murphey’s. In the original movie he broke free of the logical protocol enforced by the electronic part of his brain and began to remember who he was. Like the scene in his wife’s home when he finds the picture of his family and had a flash back. He became angry because he finally realized what had happened to him. Up to that point he basically had amnesia from the traumatic loss of most his memory from being shot to death (He did die, because they use a crash cart on him later on. It just wasn’t shown but only heard during the following black-out scene), resuscitated, and made into a cyborg. It shows how a person’s humanity will triumph over adversity, which was a common theme to movies in the 1980s. I am actually looking forward to a remake for this as I don’t think that the original movies could quite relay what they wanted to. The first movie was a little ahead of its time and now we are actually getting close to bringing a fictional concept more than a decade old into a reality. So in today’s world I think it would be more fitting because it is closer to being practical.

  • William Carr

    If they were to follow this thread logically, it wouldn’t be a Robot, it would be the Bionic Man.

    Alex nearly dies; his internal organs are damaged, his spine is damaged, he’ll never be off life support.

    But install cybernetics in his body; re-route his nervous system with fiber optics threaded through his veins, reinforce his skeleton by having nanites tunnel through his bones leaving a trail of artificial diamond behind; install artificial organs;

    And you have a Cyborg.

    The onboard computers would have to handle the interface between man and machine.

    I really expect this will be the future of Mankind. When you body starts to wear down, as long as you can keep your brain healthy you can rebuild the body.

    Artificial limbs become implants in your existing limbs; artificial muscles, 10 times stronger than human, restore mobility and are powered off fuel cells that eat blood sugar just like your organic muscles do.

    If you live long enough, you’ll see 80 year olds jogging along the roadside getting some exercise, with muscles that look like they’re on steroids because of the thickness of the implants under the skin.

    And eventually the technology will advance until you CAN’T tell if someone is Cyber or not.

    Until they pull out a fiber optic cable and plug it into their ear.

  • William Carr

    They kind of messed with that in RoboCop 2.

    If you remember, the bad guys used a jackhammer to cut him apart, thus showing that his brain was the only organic organ left.

    That’s why RoboCop 2 was weaker than the original.

  • meesa

    that isnt entirely true i think you want to go back and do some reading as uve got a few things twisted there

    but having said that going by what you said as if it where all true, how is it a good thing that they give him a human hand just because of how toys are defined? so they can sell more toys and make more money? how on earth is that gong convince people its a movie worth seeing, when they start bringing sales into their creations?

    ignoring all that, this isnt robocop its something else entirely, to even label itself with robocop is a travesty, they just wanted a film about a cyborg that would be popular with older and younger fans, so they stole the name and they stole ED209 for the more cult film followers who loved the original

    but this movie will miss the fundamental thing that made those fims great, grit, dark humour, scenes of a graffic nature, a dark city where punk style thugs have pretty much taken over

    the scene from robocop 2 where the cop is cut open and the boy is forced to watch, stuck with me forever, its what made the movie stand out scenes like that, but there is no way in hell it would be passed today for the cinema and if it was the rating would be too high and the makers would simply say “no, remove the scene so we can get more people in to see it” the day of movies that need to be an 18 are long gone in all fairness

  • William Carr

    Except that the Obama Administration hasn’t broken the law.

    The Bush Administration authorized Torture, wiretapped Americans without warrants, lied to start two Wars, and slammed people into Guantanamo without trial…

    But Obama shut down all that.

    The NSA can only wiretap with FISA Court approval. Torture is banned again. The Wars are being shut down.

    And Obama ordered the closure of Guantanamo his second day on the job.

    Congress refused to allow moving the detainees anywhere.

  • William Carr

    Makes me wonder if RoboCop will encounter bad cops abusing people’s Civil Rights as we have all the time now.

    It would be nice to see him lay the hammer down on cops that taser 12 year old girls, or pepper spray peaceful protestors.

  • William Carr

    Saving the arm doesn’t really make sense without an organic body to sustain it.

    Neither does saving a human hand and putting it on a robotic arm.

  • meesa

    but, dosnt he still have his brain? its not completely just a program because then why would they need an order that stops him being able to harm high up officials and the people that made him? if he is just a robot he can only do what he is told to, but he isnt… why on earth would they need a human in the first place to just build a robot? think about it they wouldnt, the hand thing is because he is supposed to be the best shot ever, yes i know that is kinda pointless when uve got a robot body and arms and sensors and…. yeah, well, your kinda right haha, but im just going by the old robocop

  • Shawn Chavis

    “He is amputated from the throat down…” (So they cut his head off?…NO NO NO…he is just amputated from the throat down). Thanks for saving me $12 on a ticket.

  • the_scream

    Not entirely. The law can be interpreted based on its intent and can be amended where there is confusion or misuse.

  • Freeflight

    That would certainly be entertaining! But i guess it would depend on the “moral compass” of the human they put into RoboCop. I would also assume that to RoboCop, all Cops are considered “Administrators” and as such he would still stand down if ordered to.

    Worst case: They put some corrupt cop in there and before you know it RoboCop starts pepperspraying and tazering people, for walking on the wrong side of the street.

  • disqus_5h4ogpb3iG

    Take one perfectly amazing 1980’s film. Then, completely mess up the design of the two main robots, making the hero look both ridiculous and a cross between a Marvel Superhero and an S&M addict, and you’ve got a new film… Sigh…. RIP RoboCop and ED209; you made my childhood enjoyable.

  • Foul Freddy


  • Jabslacked

    -difference between the original film and this new version. “Alex doesn’t die – they manage to say his life,” he said.-

    He didn’t die in the original movie either… In fact I think that they managed to save more than just his head. Has the actor not even fucking watched the original movies? Peter Weller put a ludicrous amount of work in preparing for the role and getting the body language of an early generation cyborg PERFECT. And this dweeb hasn’t even watched the original? As for that concept picture, color it red and gold, give it a light in its chest and then you pretty much have iron man minus the helmet. I’ll hold judgement for now but my faith in this movie actually being good, is dwindling quickly.

  • Jan Kever

    I definitely agree with you there. RoboCop 2 was junk. Then they made the TV series… good

  • Jan Kever

    Oh and I don’t think I remember them showing him eating anything in the second movie did they?