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‘Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ Aiming For September Start Date

henry cavill After decades in limbo, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie may finally be making its way to the big screen. While running down the show’s 35-year journey to film, Variety also dropped some new information about director Guy Ritchie’s adaptation, which stars Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer.

Ritchie and company are looking to start filming in London and Italy on Sept. 7. The piece also firmly states that Cavill will play Napoleon Solo while Hammer is Illya Kuryakin, the main characters from the original NBC series.

Also, the film will actually be set in the ’60s, which sets it apart from the modern day setting of the another 60s spy reboot, the Mission: Impossible franchise.

“The film is an origin story that tells of the first pairing of the two spies — one American, one Russian,” Variety reports by way of its sources. “Unlike the friendly banter of the original series, the pair are initially hostile to each other.”

Ritchie and his Sherlock Holmes writing partner Lionel Wigram took a pass at the script. The film does not have a release date.


  • atalex

    “Unlike the friendly banter of the original series, the pair are initially hostile to each other.”

    Wow! So we’re going to bring back a classic 60’s TV show and completely change the dynamic between the main characters. Awesome! Maybe they can also make Mr. Waverly walk around with a dead bird on his head like Tonto from the Lone Ranger disaster while we’re at it.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    Is Hammer going to go blond?
    Can he even do a Russian accent?

    One of the great things about most of the tv series they’re re-booting as films was that we were dropped into the middle of an existing situation.

    How many of the film reboots told a previously-untold origin and bombed?
    Wild Wild West
    Green Hornet (which owed more to the TV series than the radio, movie serial, or comic incarnations)
    Avengers (Steed and Mrs Peel, not, well, you know…)
    Get Smart
    I Spy
    Even ones that took an existing origin like Lost in Space and Dark Shadows and reworked it, died.
    As for movie tie-ins that DID do well…
    Mission: Impossible dropped us into an ongoing storyline with all-new characters (except for Jim Phelps, who was revealed to be a mole)
    Only tying it to the original series as an “alternate universe” with an original cast member appearing in a major role made Star Trek (2009) the blockbuster that it was. Without it, the film woud’ve made half its’ box office (if that).