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‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel Looking Likely, Thanks to China Opening

It looks like the words “Pacific Rim” and “sequel” are drift-compatible after all.

Deadline reports that director Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim is now likely to get a sequel, despite under-performing at the domestic box office. Although the $190 million monsters-versus-robots flick has grossed just $86.4 million in North America, Pacific Rim has marched on to more than $140 million in international markets — including a huge debut this week in China.

According to the report, Pacific Rim scored a record-breaking $9 million with its China opening on Wednesday, “a new high for any Warner Bros release and 23% bigger than for any Harry Potter film.” The film has yet to release in Spain, Brazil and Japan just yet, meaning there are even more opportunities for success on the way. Regardless, the fantastic foreign box office means that a Pacific Rim sequel is now likely, according to Deadline.


  • Papercut

    It’s encouraging to see the international market factor more heavily into the continued success of potential franchises. Ideas need not live or die based entirely on the disposable income of North Americans.

  • Ronald Oliver

    I totally agree. And I wonder about all those who have cast their premature judgement already, saying Pacific Rim is a flop, it’s a dud…when it goes on to be a success, despite it’s performance here in North America. Oh wait, they will then say something like…they meant it’s a flop ONLY HERE in North America…yeah right.

  • drkennethnoisewater

    What are the Japanese figures? One would assume that giant gundams vs monsters would be right up their alley..

  • Ovaltine Pineapple Jenkins

    From the article “The film has yet to release in Spain, Brazil and Japan”

  • drkennethnoisewater

    So then any talk of failure is totally premature and invalid anyway.. Japan could very well be massive, and Brazil’s a pretty big market.

  • Xero

    To be fair, NA’s populous doesn’t have much disposable income anymore since our overlords are seeing just how far they can shit on the economy before everyone can’t afford a gallon of milk.

  • Todd Horkey

    See is finally the type of internation good news I like to see instead of the usual death and destruction. And polical problems and tons of other problems.