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James Marsden Definitely Won’t Appear in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

Even with all of the old and new mutants packing their way into X-Men: Days of Future Past, there’s still one hero who won’t reappear: James Marsden’s Scott Summers.

The Cyclops actor told Vulture he’s not appearing in director Bryan Singer’s new “inbetweequel,” although it’s clear he’s had conversations with the filmmaker.

“If this next film really works, Bryan has said he wants to fix a few things, so hopefully [Cyclops’ death] is one of them,” said the actor, who also appeared in Singer’s Superman Returns. “We’ll see. I always liked Cyclops, but they have a lot of characters that they have to parcel out, spend time with each one, make sure everyone feels like they’ve been given their due, introduce them appropriately, but you could do a spinoff of every one of those characters and give them so much depth to the story line.”

For those who successfully burned X-Men: The Last Stand from their memories, the Brett Ratner-directed X-flick killed Cyclops within the first 30 minutes, a shocking development given the character’s long history. But with Singer’s new film dealing in time travel and continuity restructuring, it’s entirely possible that Cyclops returns from the grave for a future movie — just not Future Past, it seems.


  • AirDave

    I like Cyclops. I liked Marsden as Cyclops. Since there was no body, and more importantly, since (SPOILER ALERT) Xavier survived X-Men 3, why couldn’t Scott?

  • Dorie Ann Pope

    I think Marsden did get as Cyclops and I am keeping my fingers crossed they do bring him back in a future movie.

  • Kabuce

    All they need to do to bring back Cyclops is introduce Sinister, and reveal that Cyclops has been held captive with his DNA being experimented on… they could say the same for Jean, and that X3’s Jean was a clone, or Phoenix manifestation.

  • Jimmy

    My understanding was that Cyclops was killed off because Marsden had to leave to star in Superman Returns. What else could they do? Would have been a bit weird if Cyclops went on a holiday while Jean Grey was massacring dozens of people.

    Personally I always found Cyclops in the comics and movies particularly to be pretty dull. I didn’t miss him.

  • AnneBridget

    I’m sad I hope he is just pulling our legs. I always assumed that the Jean that died in X3 was the body created by Phoenix and that the real Jean Grey saved him on time and both are healing in a cocoon in the lake. Which is sort of what happened in the original comics. Of course the new continuity allowing Jean and Scott to survive somehow is also acceptable.

  • EddieBreeg

    Someone knows their X-Men, Phoenix Rising and Inferno story arcs…

  • Bernie Surita

    X-Men motto on returning from the dead: “I got better.”

  • CP

    Could be misdirection, too. He was spotted on a flight to Canada with Halle Berry. Official word is that he was “visitng friends on the set”. Maybe he filmed a post-credit scene?

  • Garsiv

    Movies nowadays (escpecially comic book movies) always has some kind of twist in their story, be it someone showing up that you thought would not appear, or a plot reveal you thought could not or would not happen. I expect James Marsden’s Cyclops, and even Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey to show up on DOFP.

  • Nelson

    Brett Ratner didn’t kill Cyclops…CYCLOPS killed Cyclops! So that he can play Richard White in that piece of shit SUPERMAN RETURNS!

  • Perry Constantine

    Uhh, no. It wasn’t Marsden’s choice to kill off Cyclops, it was Fox’s choice because they were being pissy little children and were upset with Marsden for deciding to stay with Superman Returns. And can you blame him? He was given more to do in that single movie than Fox gave him in three movies combined.

  • Zachary Pennington

    Marsden did alright, considering he had the most thankless task in movies, not being able to use his eyes while acting.

  • stephenmonteith

    I think he’s right. There will be tons of mutants and storylines in play for this movie. I’d like to see an end credits scene where he “wakes up” at Alkali Lake, back from the dead with his eyes opening up and a blast heading straight into the camera.

  • Wolf

    Jean Gray/Dark Phoenix never dies…That’s the “Phoenix” part of being reborn from her “ashes”…
    Cyclops was actually never seen dead/killed in contrary to Xavier…but then again Xavier can be “revived” through his twin brother’s body who is kept alive by machines just for the purpose of transfering to it if anything happened to his own body…
    Being a main character,I think they did it on purpose to make him vanish with no trace instead of showing him dead.That way they have the chance of bringing him back in the story with little to no effort.Well,we’ll have to wait for the next films to see what actually happens!

  • King The-Lonely Ruler

    Mainly because Dark Phoenix killed people by disintegrating them, and Xavier transferred his mind into that guy’s body. Scott doesn’t have that luxury, but I hope he makes it back.

  • R.Sienicki

    I liked “Last Stand” and I don’t get it why people hate it so much. Also I really didn’t like Cyclops character (in movies and in comics) so I was really glad when they killed him at the beginning of third movie.

  • DeepC

    You obviously never read Astonishing X-men, Cyclops proves that he is the leader of the team once and for all and he does it in superb style, thanks to Joss Whedon.

  • Matthew

    Same here, man. Why all the hate for “Last Stand?” It’s my favourite of the three…but then I also liked the Wolverine origins movie and that gets beat to hell too, despite $83million a the opening box office.

  • wahyudil

    every fanboys knew … Cyclops is Xavier’s successor … so No Cyclops = no X-Men

  • William_Spike

    Not to mention the extreme direction he has taken since the Messiah Complex and AvX. I am a die hard Wolverine fan for 20 years now but just like Logan I do respect Cyclops as a very strong character. But I also hate his guts for killing Xavier and becoming such an asshole haha

  • Todd Horkey

    There should be a solo Cyclops movie, when Jean died in the real books he went on a walkabout which could be epic. He faced down Master Mold also, a super Senintel. Waste of a chance there.


    Cyclops is way too important to the xmen to leave him out of movies. He is the only one who can keep it together. Fox sucks at making super hero movies because they have no respect for the source material. Why don’t we leave Captain America out of the Avengers while we are at it. Even that actually would not be as bad as leaving Cyclops out of the x films.

    The two biggest cultural success’s were the Avengers and the first spiderman. Both of those movies dared to be faithful to the source material, instead of the “nah man fuck that shit I got a cooler idea” that winds up making super hero movies shitty

  • Jimmy

    I have read all those comics. And Cyclops is still a bland, two dimensional character. His John Byrne costume is striking and I love it, but he’s still a boring character.

  • Jimmy

    Extreme direction.

    I’m surprised they didn’t cut of his hand, give him a hook, and have him run around with a beard and a bad attitude. Usually changing a character into a “badass” when they’ve been white bread for so long is a desperate move to revitalise a bland character.

    But like I said, I like Cyclops – but he’s essentially a good looking, bland character.

  • Jimmy

    Fanboys hate X3 but the reality is, and Hugh Jackman confirmed this in a recent interview, that most of the public like X3 the best out of the franchise. He said the studio had thoroughly researched it. True story.

  • Happily LS

    I read that it was studio politics. They didn’t like that he was starring in a competing film, Superman, and killed him off. That’d also be the reason for his incredibly lame death. I didn’t even realize that he was supposed to have died the first time I saw it.

    Studios do that stuff all the time (coughquicksilvercough).

  • John

    To be fair though, Jackman more than anyone in the X-franchise has reason to vigorously defend crap.

  • CTCFirebird

    If he was Cyclops in the movies, then he should come back as Cyclops. Bring him back Bryan Singer!

  • Cablenathan

    I would quite like to see Cyclops make an appearance in X-Force…

  • William_Spike

    was that a poor attempt at bashing Aquaman? Dude, read the New 52. Aquaman has become a pretty cool and badass character since Johns began writing him. And he doesnt need beard, long hair and hook to do it….

    And you dont get the Cyclops character. He is a pretty complex character, especially since Jeans death.

    But well guy like you probably thinks Superman or Captain America are “bland” characters either just because they have high moral standards….

  • ratedrnightwing

    No Cyclops no ticket for me

  • sladewilson

    Weak. Cyclops is one of the most important X-Men ever.

  • Bill Walko

    I don’t get why people find Cyclops lame. To me, Dick Grayson is to Titans what Scott Summers is to X-Men. They share a lot of similar characteristics… poor Scott is always marginalized because of the “cooler” Wolverine.

  • Armando Ortega Cisneros

    You know, I was (or still am) hoping that other things happened at Alkali Lake and Cyclops is actually captured maybe by Mr. Sinister, along with the real Jean Grey. After all, Sinister wanted Cyclops and Jean to have a child (I don´t remember exactly why, something along the lines of the child being a very powerful mutant).

    It would be thrilling if that were the case, simply because now we could brush it off as an uneventful film. Heck, maybe we can get a REAL Dark Phoenix film at last.

  • Armando Ortega Cisneros

    OMG, I posted the same thing a few moments ago and then I stumbled upon yours. My hat goes off to you!! :D

  • Armando Ortega Cisneros

    Please, God, make this happen! :D

  • Armando Ortega Cisneros

    Well, I don´t hate it that much, for example. I enjoyed it, actually, but was dissapointed with the direction the story went. Before Ratner, Singer was actually planning something cool with The Phoenix.

    If you watch the first two films, you can see there was actually a build up: Jean being a weak mutant at first, she interacts with Magneto´s machine at the end and it looks like it affected her somehow. In the second film it is revealed that she has started having nightmares and her telepathy is faulty. She starts displaying fiery auras everytime she uses telekinesis and then she dies, but a voice over hints at the Phoenix at the end of the film.

    For all intents and purposes (and to the best of my knowledge) X3 was going to be about primarly about the Dark Phoenix, which is a very interesting storyline in the comics. But Fox did not wanted to give Singer more money to do the film, he quit the film to direct Superman Returns instead and Ratner got to direct it. Then Fox went to add the “Cure” storyline (which is a thought provoking premise, btw) and mix it somehow with the Phoenix storyline. Ratner even tried to get the sentinels, but all we got was a severed head in the danger room.

    There were a lot of decisions that weren´t actually THAT bad, but still… it didn´t feel a lot like the first two X films did. I for one did not liked that they killed Cyclops, “killed” Xavier, stripped out Rogue from her powers (although did made sense within the story). It felt so incomplete at the end and we did not actually got an X4. Also, it felt more comic bookish, whereas the first two had this sense of “heighten reality” to it (maybe just my humble opinion).

    Maybe this helps a little? :/

  • scottsummer

    What’s next Fox?
    Making Cable the future son of Wolverine and Jean?
    A cyclops clone army that slaughter one by one by Wolverine?
    or Wolverine taking a piss at Cyclop’s grave while Prof X laughing in the background?

  • Greg Emch

    Exactly, Armando. The third film had too much going on, didn’t have the same slick feel as the first two and totally trashed the Dark Phoenix storyline. Apparently, Singer would have still done the film but he wanted them to wait a year (to finish that awful Superman flick) and Fox said no. So instead, we got a standard big budget action flick when we could have gotten something much more impressive. Singer’s X3 would have been epic.
    Check it out here:

  • Armando Ortega Cisneros

    Hi, thanks for sharing the link. It was a very interesting read. And yes, that sounds way better than The Last Stand. Up to the release of that film I read everything about it that I could find. I was very excited about the Phoenix, she has this air of danger and mystery about her and was anxious to see how they were going to capture that in a film and make it not overly “comic bookish”, but retain that sense of realism that the first two films had.

    Reading the article you shared kinda makes me feels sad, like I would like to make my way into an alternate dimension where this movie actually exists lol.

    So, they where going to make Cyclops an even better character, the Danger Room got a backstory, Jean/Phoenix´s storyline would have been front and center, would have had the slick feel that the first two films had and the story was way more meaningful and coherent… I´m looking for a portal to open up somewhere in my vicinity right now. (I can dream, right?).

    Anyways, I could rant about Ratner and FOX, but… I´ll instead hope that Days of Future Past is a step in the right direction. And with Singer returning to the fachise, I´m completely certain that thas is going to be the case.

    Thank you

  • SupaHype

    I dont even know what to say. Cyclops resurrection was literally the largest driving force to see this movie. Hes like the freaking elephant in the room for all of these xmen movies. Leader of the freakin team, but somehow they always seem to skip him in the movies…


  • Ernest

    Cyclops is the most loved super hero in the x-men franchise, you can’t just kill him off like that -_-. Jean grey on the other hand is fine, she’s the pheonix. She’s going reborn at some point in the series. They could have taken out

  • J

    It’s why I hate studios and big business. Fox whines because Marsden did another movie. Grow the hell up. Cyclops was always my favorite X-Man (along with Iceman–the REAL Iceman, not the movie ‘woe is me’ kid version) and his treatment was nauseating. He’s only a bland character to bland readers who think Wolverine IS the X-Men. Kill off Storm instead (please!) I never liked Storm, she was simply the black female mutant Thor, but weaker and less interesting. Plus I don’t like Halle Berry. Cyclops had damn well better return in Age of Apocalypse, along with Phoenix (but the version from X-Men and X2).

  • J123

    They will bring jeab and cyclops back somehow, but the the next x-men movie which Apocalypse will come out too. Lets now forget Mr Sinister.. Just something to think about!!

  • Bradley Michael


  • FGNJeffsdomain

    SPOILER: Cyclops did appear at the end of future past and i do believe it was Marsden