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‘Thor: The Dark World’ Director Teases Death is Coming in Marvel Sequel


Everyone’s favorite bleach-blond thunder god doesn’t have too much to worry about as far as his own survival is concerned — but the jury’s out on the rest of the Thor cast.

At D23 Expo, Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor spoke with Empire about his reputation as a “grim reaper” of fan-favorite characters, having overseen the deaths of pivotal players on Game of Thrones, The Sopranos and beyond. Based on his latest comments, it sounds like the Thor sequel will keep Taylor’s reputation on track.

“There are a few people who don’t make it out alive here,” he teased. “There could be some surprises!”

Just don’t worry too much about Thor himself. Taylor confirmed the Marvel superhero won’t shuffle off into the great beyond: “I just get called in to murder people’s favorite characters, so I’m surprised Thor survived this one.”

Even with all the death and destruction, Dark World promises to have moments of lightness, according to star Tom Hiddleston.

“The Marvel team likes their movies to be fun,” said the Loki actor. “Especially with Thor, they want to have this enormous, heavy, epic dimension, gods and monsters, worlds collide, but they also want to keep it fun and make sure the audience is having a good time.”

Thor: The Dark World opens Nov. 8.


  • humandivine

    do NOT kill Sif.

  • dekko

    My Theory: Jane Foster bites the big one, setting us up for Thor to go to Hel and battle Hela in the third film to rescue her.

  • Stephen

    Loki is not in Avengers 2 so I assume he “dies” (in quotations because I think they’ll fake us out with this one, and he comes back in the third Thor movie to help his brother and father fight Surtur…book it! and jane foster I think goes on to valhalla, because I’ve heard rumors that she didn’t want to come back for the sequel

  • ValeriaKementari

    we all knew Frigga is a goner… but who else? Selvig? Sounds likely. Loki faking his deaht? Again? Also most likely

  • Amanda

    One of the Warrior’s Three is gonna die. It’ll probably be Volstagg because we’re supposed to be seeing his family in this one.

  • ChowYunPhat

    It’s Jane. Natalie Portman wants out of the films.

  • LightningBug

    Odin is toast. You heard it here first folks.

  • Happily LS

    Why would he need to die to not appear in Avengers 2? He’s not an Avenger, he was the villain.

  • omgitsbrien

    Well it’s her or Natalie Portman, and seeing how they tease Jane in jeopardy in the trailer… I’m betting it’s Sif.

    Maybe Odin.

    But Asgardians never stay dead.

  • omgitsbrien

    They wouldn’t save that for a third film, they’d just make it the third act of the Dark World.

  • omgitsbrien

    It would be a logical explanation as to *why* he’s not bothering Earth anymore, but I think Marvel would have a hard time letting a guy like Hiddleston go. He brings so much to that character.

  • gary pope

    Aww man, he’s gonna kill Heimdall. The brother always get’s it first.

  • raiden

    Yeah that’s what I thought too.

  • MD92468

    Two possibilities come to mind that would make sense in the story arc: Sif sacrifices herself to save Jane because she loves Thor, and/or Loki sacrifices himself to save Asgard, finally becoming “worthy” and completing his journey back to nobility. The trailer shows him fighting Malekith, so this is plausible.

  • singlelady200

    I hope that Odin will die. I really hate this character. I love Antony Hopkins as actor, it is not about him personally but I hate Odin character