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Simon Pegg Taunts Fans, Stirs Rumors With Ant-Man Photo

simon pegg ant-manTaking a page from Vin Diesel’s playbook, The World’s End star Simon Pegg sent the Internet into tizzy last night when he tweeted photos from his recent visit to the Marvel offices, including one shot of himself posing in front of a mural and pointing to Ant-Man.

And just like that, the web exploded with theories about the actor’s possible involvement in Ant-Man, the long-brewing film from his frequent collaborator Edgar Wright.

A few hours after igniting the fire, Pegg returned with, “FFS the Internet, all I did was point at the central character in my dear friend’s next movie, because I’m excited for him. #iamantman” followed quickly by, “Oh wait, I fucked up that hashtag. It was supposed to be #iamnotantman.” Pegg then tried to deflect with a joke: “Why is no one talking about the real news sweeping the Internet?! RT @Variety Edgar Wright to helm Thundercats for @20thcenturyfox.”

This isn’t the first time Pegg has used his Twitter account to drum up geek controversy. In June the Hot Fuzz star teased his audience about returning to Spaced.

Considering the long friendship between Wright and Pegg going back to the days of Spaced, and the fact that Pegg has appeared in most of Wright’s films, people are going to talk about the actor’s possible involvement in the project until the finished film is on the big screen.

Ant-Man is set to open Nov. 6, 2015.


  • dekko

    I’d be ok with Pegg as Ant-Man (Pym or Lang)

  • Steve

    Obviously, the whole thing’s a joke. This is what Simon Pegg does with his fans on Twitter. Although it wouldn’t be out of place if he was in the movie, as Ant-Man or not, he was just messing around.

  • Immanuel

    If this movie was about Hank Pym, I think he’d potentially be a good one. He does have some range from what I’ve seen.

  • Dave

    Dude, why would he just “mess around”? I think that this could be legit!

  • Monosocratic

    After thinking about the Vin Diesel aspect of this, I’m pegging Diesel for the voice of Ultron (Iron Giant, anyone?), and I think that Simon Pegg could easily be Pym.

  • Steve

    It wouldn’t be the first time. The Spaced thing a couple of months back was a joke. He purposely put the picture up mimicking the Vin Diesel thing, knowing everyone would go crazy, then feigned annoyance that everyone went crazy. The hashtag #iamantman was done on purpose, then he pretended it was a mistake. He does it for a joke because he knows everyone will take it seriously.

    People have been asking him if he’s going to be in it since Edgar Wright was announced as director. I’d say it’s possible he has some sort of part in it, but this by no means guarantees it.

  • Chuck777

    Pegg could pull off Lang or Pym very easily.