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Dwayne Johnson Reveals Impressive Set of ‘Hercules: The Thracian Wars’

hercules the thracian war set

Brett Ratner is going all out with his adaptation of Hercules: The Thracian Wars, as demonstrated by these behind-the-scenes photos tweeted by star Dwayne Johnson. “The most amazing set I’ve ever stepped foot on,” he wrote. “Honored to play this role.”

Based on the 2008 Radical Studios miniseries Hercules: The Thracian Wars by Steve Moore and Admira Wijaya, the MGM/Paramount Pictures film reimagines the mythological Hercules as a human character instead of a godling. The film also stars Ian McShane (Deadwood, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Rufus Sewell (Dark City, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), Joseph Fiennes (Flashforward, Shakespeare in Love) and John Hurt (V for Vendetta, Alien).

Everyone knows the legend of Hercules and his twelve labors. Our story begins after the labors, and after the legend…

Haunted by a sin from his past, Hercules has become a mercenary. Along with five faithful companions, he travels ancient Greece selling his services for gold and using his legendary reputation to intimidate enemies. But when the benevolent ruler of Thrace and his daughter seek Hercules’ help to defeat a savage and terrifying warlord, Hercules finds that in order for good to triumph and justice to prevail… he must again become the hero he once was… he must embrace his own myth… he must be Hercules.

Hercules opens July 25, 2014.


  • Orphan

    I can’t believe Ralph Fiennes portrayal as Hades from the Titan films was left out considering it’s a sword and sandals just like the Hercules movie. This one doesn’t even have the Harryhausen pedigree to keep it afloat and will probably sink even faster than the Titans. Dwayne Johnson is the last guy I’d pick for Hercules. He isn’t even coming off a recent hot franchise hit like Diesel is with Fast and Furious moving into Riddick.

  • clarkk41

    Not coming off a hot franchise? Do you realize that his projects have grossed 1.3 billion dollars since Feb? In the Forbes 100 top celebrities list he is ranked #25 putting him over names like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck and Will Smith. Mind you, your boy, Vin Diesel isn’t even on that list so put a little more thought into one of these posts before sending it out.