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Could Matt Damon Be ‘Bourne’ Again?

bourne ultimatum

Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass may be getting back into the Bourne business.

Twitch reports that Universal Pictures is negotiating with the actor and the filmmaker to return to the lucrative Bourne franchise. According to the website, Damon is said to only be interested in reprising his role as CIA assassin Jason Bourne if Greengrass will agree to direct again.

When Damon left the series following 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum, Universal responded with The Bourne Legacy, a spinoff designed to keep the franchise alive until the actor returned. Starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, the 2012 film grossed $276 million worldwide, leading the studio to hire a screenwriter for a sequel. So where does this apparent development leave Renner & Co.?

Twitch contends “it’s not an either/or scenario” for the two actors; Universal would be happy to juggle both Bourne and Cross, with a crossover always a possibility.


  • Kabuce

    Crossover? Does every studio want a “Cinematic Universe” now?

    Not a bad idea, but still…

  • Rollo Tomassi

    I would say its more akin to their Fast & Furious franchise where Diesel, Walker, and the rest weren’t in every film, but eventually came back together for the last few films. The same happened with The Jurassic Park movies.
    They could even introduce a third “Treadstone” agent (maybe a woman) and be cycling through all the characters, with Bourne being a small supporting character in the films he’s not headlining.

  • Casey

    I would be open to Bourne in a supporting role under Cross, or the cycling of characters. I liked Renner a lot in Legacy and thought it was a great action movie that unfortunately had near impossible predecessors to love up to. Renner ended up being a god send and the main sell for me to stay invested in one of my fave franchises. I dunno if I could handle another straight up Bourne movie; he was kind of a one-note, goal oriented character that I lost interest in pretty quickly after Ultimatum. Kind of like an item on a grocery checklist that i crossed off. Having Bourne “weave” across story lines in smaller roles may make things flow better across any new stories. Legacy made the Bourne universe HUGE; I don’t want to regress to the “who am I?!” wheel of regret that was Jason Bourne for three movies.

    This would create a hell of a lotta drama for Universal tho; if this is true, they now have two stars that they would both want to keep. I can hear the cash cow mooing in pain already!