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‘Avengers’ Animatics Reveal Glimpse of Wasp, Possibly Hint of ‘Age of Ultron’


Joss Whedon confirmed long ago that early drafts of the script for The Avengers featured the Wasp, in large part because it was uncertain whether Scarlett Johansson would be reprising her role as Black Widow in the ensemble film. Ultimately, however, the writer/director realized there were problems with the script. “There was a very Wasp-y draft that I wrote – but it was way too Wasp-y,” he admitted last December. “Because I was like, ‘She adorable! I’m just going to write her!’”

But fans may be surprised to discover just how far into the process Janet Van Dyne remained in The Avengers.

Newly released animatics (essentially, animated storyboards with dialogue) from the $1.5 billion blockbuster by artist Federico D’Alessandro include a glimpse of the Wasp in her miniature form among the other Avengers in the climactic battle of New York City.

More intriguing still is another scene involving Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and a somewhat-sinister J.A.R.V.I.S., which ComicBookMovie suggests might offer a preview of what Whedon has planned for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Watch all those scenes and two others below.

(via ComicBookMovie)


  • BSmithy

    Wasp and Hank Pym should have been in the first film anyway!

  • CudaBiro

    I don’t get it. If the script was too Wasp-y, why not just scale back her role slightly rather than remove her?

  • oblivious247

    As if there’s any pleasing any of you anyway. Quite possibly the most unreasonable group of fans I’ve ever been a part of. Pathetic.

  • Royston Lodge

    So, does this mean the strategy of using standalone movies to introduce new characters has been thrown out the window?

  • Royston Lodge

    They should have their own, standalone film first, sez me, but the Ant-Man movie is gonna focus on Scott Lang instead. What a waste of an opportunity.

  • Royston Lodge

    It’d be funny if Wasp was black and jewish. Right?

  • Matt H.

    Hank Pym isnt going to be in the Avengers 2 movie! They are writing the script as if Tony Stark created Ultron.

    Sorry no Pym.

  • The Moish

    Boy, that CGI Stark-face looking back-and-forth in the helmet is creeeepy…

  • Jaymie Shermack

    It’s actually been confirmed that Hank Pym will be the focus with Scott Lang possibly being there too.

  • Royston Lodge

    Don’t confuse me with facts.

  • Luke


  • Jeromey

    I just watched Avengers and figured that with the major attack on Tony’s home and the damage to his suits that there would be a logical introduction to JARVIS becoming corrupt and having to think for himself rather than follow Tony all the time, and this would lead to Ultron being created. Say that a backup of JARVIS is saved and is still a “good” JARVIS but there is a corrupted version that escaped into the internet that is assembling itself into Ultron’s AI.

  • Jede

    Edgar Wright confirmed that Hank Pym AND Scott Lang will be the main focus of the movie. With at some point in the movie, we’ll see them double team. Though if Janet Pym (The Wasp) is included it’ll be a triple team.

  • Jede

    Since Hank Pym isn’t going to be in The Avengers, AGAIN! I very much hope that Janet van Dyne is in and STAYS in the sequel’s script. Though Hank Pym is being made to have nothing to do with Ultron, at least it’s referenced on the helmet and so is Janet’s first Wasp Suit on the Ant-Man Suit.

    If any of you look closely and know her first suit well, you’ll notice it through the design and the placements of red and black on the suit.

  • Roman Cruz

    wow, these animatics used the armor shutdown gimmick way too much.

  • KaineMorrison


  • Kineticc

    You forgot Sonic fans.

  • oblivious247

    Not a sonic fan.

  • Happily LS

    You’d have to ask Joss, but, I’d expect there were just too many characters already, without adding new elements. I’m already wondering how he’ll add Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver without it feeling overstuffed.

  • Happily LS

    Har har. Took me a minute =p

  • 666metalupyourass